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Are you worried about losing your best talent, maybe even to your competition, over the next several years?
For corporations, we provide an affordable coaching solution without the traditional high costs and headaches of managing multiple contracts and coaches.
Coaching has become the development tool of choice for increased performance, results, employee satisfaction and retention. Corporate, Executive, Membership-Modeled Business, Public Speakers & Personalities Coaching, Professional Coach – Independent Contractor FAQ.
Our interviewing and screening process assures that we can provide just the right coaches for our clients. The practice of executive coaching involves a coaching professional working with a client to reach specific goals in their professional development and career. Any professional athlete that has reached peak performance at their game did not achieve this on their own.
Insight: When you decide to hire an executive coach there is a process that you will be guided through. Empowerment: Once the assessments have been completed and the information interpreted, reviewed and understood, the step by step best practice will be put into place to set you on your path to success. There is no question why coaching has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and Europe, it works!
A coach’s job is not to tell you what to do, or even make suggestions or give advice. Based in Bangkok, Thailand and ready to coach you where ever you are in the world, contact us for more information and guidance on coaching, Take action today! Patssi is best known for her colorful paintings and early performance work with the avant-garde art group ASCO (nausea). Department of Human Resources and ManagementThe mission of the Department of Human Resources and Management (DHRM) is to provide quality corporate governance and human resource management systems; to perform with integrity, innovation, and responsiveness, and deliver excellent customer service to the Commission, its employees, elected and appointed officials and the communities served in the bi-county region. This office facilitates and coordinates the Commission wide human resource functions and creates a central source of human resources expertise for consistency and efficiency.
When we have engagements that require teams of expert coaches, we occasionally have “excess inventory.” This allows us to provide management programs (leadership coaching and development) at very competitive rates. We help companies throughout the whole US, to capture the performance and productivity improvements that come with coaching deeper into the organization. Imagine the positive impact and lasting benefits that can come from supporting your leaders in accomplishing their strategic and operational goals.

Our fully scalable executive coaching programs are continuously available all around the US (full city list here).
With decades of senior level business leadership, years of business coaching experience, extensive training and serious credentials, our executive and business coaches are experts in facilitating successful corporate growth and development.
Our executives are expert coaches, first and foremost, experts in facilitating successful growth and development, even at the highest corporate levels. Our executive coaches help our clients in many different aspect of their professional life. They had a coach who would be there to support, guide and keep them focused on their goals and dreams. It is important that before we start to design goals, we need to find assess your current skills, competences and learning styles.
Once a goal or outcome has been achieved we continually re evaluate the path forward ensuing that your success is prolonged and it becomes a habit. For decades, high performance athletes have reaped the benefits of having a personal coach. For those individuals that have never been coached, it is hard to understand the benefits of having your own coach and justifying the expense.
Moving from a team player to a team leader requires a paradigm shift and entirely new set of skills. The job of a coach is to provide you with support, encouragement, and a framework and process for you to reach your goals or dreams. She received her BFA from Otis Art Institute Los Angeles and was named outstanding alumni in the 1980s.
The Department provides executive and operational leadership through a set of best management practices, recommends policy, and establishes administrative procedures, including internal controls for efficient and effective operations. Over the years, we have built exceptional programs focused on recruiting, developing, and retaining our most valuable asset - our employees.
With that in mind, besides leadership training, development workshops, seminars, and multi-media programs TurnKey Coaching Solutions offers scalable corporate coaching for your middle-level management and executive coaching for your professionals. We custom-design your coaching & training program to meet both your objectives and your budget. In an increasingly competitive global business market, executives have to work even harder to reach or stay at the top of their game. Your Executive Coach and you will undergo on-going, regular coaching sessions to help, support and guide you reach your goals and outcomes.

Over recent years, top executives and those with a true desire to succeed have realized the power and secrets of coaching and have employed coaches to move to new levels of success and achievement.
Moving from a leader in a multinational company to becoming an entrepreneur also requires dramatic change in daily practices and mindset. A coach is there to understand you, to listen without judgment and support you to work through challenges that you face.
In 2005, she was awarded the Latina of excellence in the cultural arts by the congressional Hispanic Caucus. Paul Getty Trust Fund for the Visual Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Brody Arts Fellowship in Visual Arts. She states,"My paintings are snippets of environments that I consider meaningful and symbolic of my personal as well as collective Chicano experience. The Executive Director provides executive functions for the Commission and also oversees the work of DHRM. Our robust quality control ensures your executives and employees are satisfied with their coach and the process. Those executives that understand the power and effectiveness of hiring an executive coach are the ones that lead the game.
You will then receive a DISC analysis to gain insight into your management and leadership style.
These examples and more can be achieved when you have a combination of the following: Clarity of outcomes and goals, focus and direction and the drive and desire to take action.
Anyone that desires to make powerful changes in their life whether big and small can really benefit from having a good coach to support them. This is followed by the VAK analysis so that we can understand your preferred learning style. In most cases, those that really benefit from coaching are those who have already reached a level of success in life or business.
If you are ready to move from where you are today to where you want to be, then you are someone who will benefit from having a coach. These are the people who are ready to move to the next level and need to fine tune their skills, behaviors and life strategies.

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