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This management resume example is for a professional with job experience as a Restaurant Manager. The job seeker uses a bullet point list as a A profile to highlight experience in restaurant management, operations management and sales. The profile also outlines skills in budgeting, staffing, cost control, customer relationships, vendor management, expense management, purchasing and business planning. Over 20 years of experience in the management of restaurants, retail stores and large business departments. Proven ability to increase employee productivity and quickly resolve problems before they escalate.
Prepare department budgets, track expenses and provide monthly financial reports to executive team. Oversee preparation of food, menus and beverages with full authority over inventory and ordering.
Adhere to regulations of health department and ensure compliance with alcoholic beverage regulations.
Recruit, train, schedule and monitor large groups of over 50 employees including job reviews and appraisals. Ensure employees adhere to policies, procedures and regulations and provide discipline when necessary. Coordinate with management teams to develop strategic plans to increase production, productivity and customer service.
Restaurant Manager Job DescriptionJob description for targeting resume for position as Restaurant Manager. If you are faced with questions that seem to have no answers, or are grappling with how to make your teams see the bigger picture and transcend above their silos, get in touch with us at The Orange Academy.
There are a multitude of external factors that prompt the need for transformation and change within a business and at Rikki Hunt Associates we believe that the process need not be viewed with anxiety but embraced as an exciting process towards improvement.

Our Coaching & Mentoring is completely tailor made to suit your circumstances and pulls on our vast experience in both corporate leadership and company ownership.
Online video marketing is a premium form of advertising that is becoming a key way to build brands. The third and final instalment of our "Behavioural Management" insights has just gone live! In my last Insight "People are King" I spoke about the importance of creating a winning environment. Designed for individuals who are looking for a broader set of skills to help solve organizational performance and learning issues. This program offers skills development in expanding your role as a trainer, facilitating organizational change and applying training business tools.
As you complete this course, you will be encouraged to try on the hats of coach, facilitator, and interviewer.
Put simply, good team performance is the collection of differing personalities working in unison to achieve goals.A  Seems simple!A  But an effective team is a complex organism that requires consistent work and upkeep. The key to greater team performance begins with the understanding of personality styles and moves toward increased emotional intelligence. British Leading The Way In Training Ambitions - October 1, 2015 Work-life Balance Programmes most effective at reducing Staff Stress - October 1, 2015 1bn Working Days Lost Every Year To Multitasking - October 1, 2015 Most Powerful Arab Women 2015 - September 18, 2015 Enterprise Study Growth Supported By Appointment of New CEO - September 18, 2015View all We Need Your Feedback! Just Falafel, the Middle East’s fastest-growing healthy food provider, has made key changes to its executive management team during a period of sustained regional and international growth. Going forward, we will draw on Just Falafel’s greatest resources – the expertise and enthusiasm of our colleagues as well as the commitment of our regional and international franchise partners – to continue the momentum and growth trajectory of Just Falafel in the Middle East as well as the US, Europe and Asia,” said Mohammed Bitar, the company’s founding partner and managing director.??“Our immediate priorities including the streamlining of our operations to optimize resources and efficiency, while concentrating on Just Falafel’s fundamentals of high quality, nutritious street food and excellent service in ideal locations for our growing customer base,” Bitar added. Established in 2007, Just Falafel’s vision is to create specialised centres of excellence in the fast casual dining sector, redefining street food by elevating the status of the falafel from the Middle East to a global phenomenon, while keeping in mind superior quality, taste, and value. The resume can be useful for any manager in food, beverage, travel or hospitality industries.

If you, as a leader, can’t inspire your organization to buy into that bold vision and get your teams to work collaboratively to implement the plans to achieve that vision, will you be doing justice to those who repose faith in you? I have improved so much on my inter-personal skills and I know what it is to think like a leader.
When we went through the leadership program it really helped me learn strategies that can motivate my team and help them achieve their set goals. Once agreed we will use tried and tested techniques to manage the process, ensuring you have the whole company behind the plan, which will result in you achieving the results you set out to.
The classes are practical, using simulations, case studies, and action-prompting exercises to make learning both productive and fun. In this course, you will assume a role and be given a set of organizational issues and challenges, and with your team will explore and look into what is really happening. Skills that have made you successful in the training room will apply to uncovering and solving organizational problems. This course will help you add value to the organization by learning how to apply measurement tools such as cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, and individual development plans. Just Falafel focuses on bringing all ethnic varieties of falafel under one roof, around the Middle East and around the world.? ?As an authentic provider of street food, Just Falafel has received a number of awards and nominations for its achievements. You will conduct a front-end analysis, practice questioning and feedback skills, explore and select proper interventions that align with organizational goals as an internal consultant.
Building on your knowledge of adult learning, the roles will allow you to take your training skills to the next level.
In 2013, it was awarded the number one position in the Dubai SME 100 and “Business of the Year” by the Gulf Capital SME Info Award.

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