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Standing holding the stick upright in front of you feeling the earth below supporting you and the sky above with all that it offers, the wind the sun, the rain the stars.
Our biological father, his father and our mother's father, their fathers and their fathers on and on can become hundreds and thousands and millions of men through the centuries.
Using the old premise that the human body is the meeting place for the energies of heaven and earth stand with the stick held up high overhead, like lifting an offering up to heaven. When full of the sun bend over touching the stick to the ground in front of you feeling the earth beneath from all fours. Holding the stick behind your back with both hands pull (curl) one arm while holding on and stretching the other one.
On the floor, with the stick behind your neck, do crunches, leg raises, scissors, twists etc. Sitting on the floor, legs raised in front of you, with the stick behind your neck, try walking on your butt. In the basic stance, imagine your stick is a paint roller, go up and down like painting a square on a wall, then turn sideways with the stick vertical and roll back and forth. Pretend you are a tent pole and a triangular shape tent is going out to each side of you on the ground. Also termed as cervical spondylosis, arthritis of the upper cervical spine results from a slow and steady degeneration of cervical vertebrae, followed by the destruction of cartilage that absorbs shock and protects the spine discs, joints and bones from being worn out due to the daily wear and tear that they undergo.
As we age, the cervical spine gradually breaks down and loses it functionality, thereby making cervical arthritis a common phenomenon in middle-aged and elderly people.
Although, the rate of incidence of cervical spondylosis is higher in men than in women, the symptoms of cervical arthritis are more or less similar in both the genders. The damage that occurs in the neck joint due to the degeneration of spinal discs leads to chronic neck pain, which is the most prominent sign of cervical arthritis.
While most people experience persistent neck pain, some people experience sudden flare-ups, even during the period of inactivity due to inexplicable reasons. The loss of cerebrospinal fluid, which plays a pivotal role in lubricating the vertebral column, leads to the formation of rough surfaces between the small facet joints and the spinal discs that separate the vertebrae from each other.
Hence, the flexibility of the upper portion of the spine is lost, thereby limiting the range of motion of the neck.
The narrowing of the space between the vertebral column causes compression of the nerves that innervate the neck through the spinal cord. Inflammation and irritation of the spinal nerves leads to involuntary contraction of the muscles or muscle spasms in the neck, shoulder and upper arms. In the advanced stages of cervical arthritis, dizziness is often accompanied by a feeling of spinning or loss of balance. It is caused by the compression of nerves and dilation of blood vessels, which not only places a lot of pressure on the spinal cord, but also obstructs the flow of blood to the brain, thus leading to the lack of co-ordination, dizziness, gait disturbances, weakness and clumsiness of the hands and feet. Cervical radiculopathy is caused due to the pinching and pressing of spinal nerves by bone spurs, as they exit leave the bones of the vertebral column. This leads to irritation and the sensation of pins and needles pricking in the arms or hands.
Other less common symptoms include difficulty in swallowing or dysphagia, a persistent ringing sound in the ears termed as tinnitus, pseudoangina or a chest pain similar to heart stroke and the inability to walk with ease due to the pain and weakness in feet and legs. The aforementioned symptoms worsen in the morning and at the end of the day, but are most often relieved by adequate amount of rest.
Warm upA  a€? Holding the stick in front of you at waist level, feet at shoulder width apart, take three deep breaths and center yourself.A  Take another three deep breaths sliding your hands together at the waist holding the stick to the stomach with the hands flat against each other, left hand on top, thumbs touching your belly.
When up at the chest, breathe in deeply while bringing the elbows back behind, breathe out while pushing the stick forward forcefully several times.
The thighs, the pubic bone, the stomach, the chest as high as you can reach with both hands curled down in front of you, also the sides of the rib cage and down the waist to the outside of the leg, really rub up and down as you bend sideways rub the side of the ribcage that is up.
Also bend way forward and backward and side to side or squat in whatever way that feels really good.A  Include rubbing down the outside of the legs with the stick facing forward like a lance and up the inside of the legs like riding a hobby horse.
Holding the stick is touching wood which people have always done for good luck, this is because trees used to be sacred.
The fingers all point out and up to heaven gathering energy, the stick rests on the thumbs. Start facing north holding the stick high as in receiving water, receiving blessings, and getting your bearings from the north star.
Step behind yourself again and face north raising the stick high over head holding it in the web of thumb and fingers.
Imagine a playing card with four diamonds or spades or whatever in front of you, hit the center of your stick on each one of the four corners.
Take your stick out of the basic stance and put one end on the ground beside you and then slant the stick up to a point over your pointed head, do the same on the other side making a teepee shape. If you are going to integrate walking into your exercise program, you should dress for the occasion clothing and accessories for walking vary in certain ways from the best clothing for other activities. The cerebrospinal fluid found between the discs of the spinal cord is lost and the space between the vertebrae called foramen narrows down, rendering it stiff and dysfunctional.

Read on to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of cervical arthritis that can help you begin your treatment during the early stages for getting back on the road of recovery at a faster rate. Even though, the neck serves as the point of origin from which the pain emanates, this pain does not stay restricted to the neck. Due to the permanent state of contraction that the neck muscles undergo, the neck pain gets exacerbated when one tries to move.
Neck stiffness is most often experienced after a night’s rest or even after a short period of rest or inactivity. This in turn, places extra pressure on the nerve roots, thus leading to the inflammation and destruction of nerve fibers.  Pinching of these crucial nerves results in muscle weakness, loss of sensation or numbness, burning, tingling in the hands and feet and a shooting, electric pain down the neck, arms, forearms, hands, fingers, legs and feet.
This makes the neck tender to touch and leads to the inability to turn the head completely or bend the neck, which could become very problematic while driving. Headaches often begin at the back of the head just above the neck and spread towards the top of the forehead.
If left untreated, the pressure on the spinal nerves builds ups and leads to weakness and loss of sensation in the hands. In addition, abnormal reflexes and incontinence or the lack of control over bowel and bladder movement are often experienced in the advanced stages of cervical arthritis.
Even though, cervical arthritis affects people over the age of 50, due to the natural process of aging, it is not uncommon in the younger generations, who have experienced back injuries due to road accidents and sports injuries. Take the stick and tap your upper trapezius muscles on the top of each shoulder several times. Hold the stick with one hand facing up and the other facing down bring it at an angle up to your chest and rub your chest muscles with the down facing hand on its side, switch to other side of the chest. Step and turn at will facing all directions around about gathering and sending energy to all your,A  stick brothers young and old around the globe. Our bodies, our DNA, our eyes, ears, hair, liver, the shape of our little toe came down through the centuries from villagers, lake dwellers and cave dwellers with bows and arrows and spears.
Think of all the good things that come from heaven, the rain, the sun, moon and planets, the clouds and wind, the birds, the stars all in order, the north star that gives us our bearings in finding our way across land and sea. Step behind yourself with the left foot so that you can turn left to the west and go down on all fours like a wise old bear about to climb into its cave for a long wintera€™s sleep.
Imagine yourself in a box, push the stick out in front of you, turn to push it out beside and behind you like you were hitting the sides of a box. It doesna€™t try to be an exact copy of the letter and in some cases like the a€?Na€?, the slanted part goes twice in two directions behind the back so technically it looks like an a€?Xa€? behind the back but its just done that way to make for a symmetrical movement and keep a rhythm going. Besides affecting the different areas of the neck such as the middle portion of the neck, the pain also spreads to other body parts and is most often manifested in the ears, the back or side of the head, central part of the head located behind the eye, base of the skull, shoulder blades, arms and the upper chest. Also, standing as opposed to lying flat on a surface, worsens the pain due to the gravitational pull experienced by the spine. This condition occurring in about 5-10% of patients suffering from cervical arthritis is often termed as cervical myelopathy.
This uneven contact between two roughened surfaces leads to a cracking or a popping sound, which can be a major source of pain and discomfort in patients suffering from cervical arthritis. Hence, it is extremely important to stay vigilant about the appearance of any of the aforementioned symptoms to rule out the possibility of developing cervical arthritis earlier in life.
Take another three deep breaths feeling the energy fill your belly and solar plexus with the a€?ina€™ breath and express energy and love out in all directions including out the top of the head with good spirits on the a€?outa€™ breath. Do the same for the neck muscles each side.A  Hold the stick up under your chin and with comfortable resistanceA  work the neck muscles a€?chin downsa€?. Enjoy your journey around the body with your stick, always breathing more and more deeply and making whatever natural sounds that feel good with the stretches and movements.
Start rolling the top of the stick between your hands like a fire starting stick, feel energy being generated. The order, peace, measurement of time that comes from observing the movements of the heavenly bodies. How to Choose the Proper Workout ClothesThe kind of clothes you wear when exercising depends a good deal on what kind of exercise you are doing, the weather so if you’re exercising indoors or out. Neck pain can often interfere with sleep as the neck muscles relax during the night and fail to provide enough support to the spine. The in breath receives all the energy of the earth and the out-breath expresses it, shines it out in gladness. Lift the stick up, hands together to the forehead putting the heel of the hands on the eyes, breathe in energy into the eyes.
Feel being alive and in orbitA  and being in good partnership with the earth and other men in this exercise. When heat and energy gets going satisfactorily stop and breathe deeply with your left hand on your lower abdomen just below the navel and your right hand on top sandwiching the stick in. Begin to get up, step behind yourself again, take a deep breath and curl over with as much force as you can creating much heat and noise. Your individual preferences and budget may also determine what kind of clothes you wear when working out.

During the ninth deep breath bring the stick around your waist to your back holding it withA  hands on each side palms forward. Bounce and rub the stick on the top of the head, rubbing the fontanel on top then holding the stick with your fingers and rubbing the sides of your head with your palms. Bring your tongue up to the roof of your mouth where it is hard, move it back to where it is soft to close a circuit in the energy pathway.
Bring the stick behind the head and hard against the back of your neck, squeezing your arms tightly and sealing the blue color into the center of your neck. Put the stick behind your head and rock and rotate from side to side starting to really go for it rubbing the base of the skull.
Breathe in deeply and feel the energy go down to your belly, breathe out and have the energy go up your spine to the top of your head. As you stretch farther and farther back remember all the times your ancestors were throwing a spear to kill animals, intruders, strangers, enemies.
Now breathe in and stand up lifting the stick like a powerful weightlifter about to do a press, a strongman willing to lift the heaviest weight, curl the stick back tightly elbows in front moving up. For example, wear running or walking shoes for all those activities and basketball shoes if that is your sport. Hold the stick with the left hand high over your head, put it behind your left shoulder like putting an arrow in a quiver, grab with the right hand down at waist level and really rock and rub on your left upper shoulder muscles, then rub laterally across the shoulder blade. When the breath expels out forcefully from the squeezing bring the stick around to the front, bring the elbows back with the stick square against your solar plexus.
If you’re not sure which kind of exercise you will be doing or else you plan to do several kinds of work outs, wear cross-training sneakers.
With the past behind you go into the future pushing the stick forward with the intention to heal, teach, help, and do no harm. Here we fill the the solar plexus with the strong gold light of the sun breathing in deeply.
Grab the stick that is behind you with the inside of your elbows, hands in front of you, keeping the stick as high up to your shoulder blades as possible. Breathe out pushing the stick forward and breathe in pulling the stick back strong against the solar plexus.
While thumping the breastbone breathe deeply in the color green, fill up with the color green, starting in the chest and spreading out all over and around the body until you become filled with green. Wear light-colored clothing in summer to help keep cool and darker-colored clothes for working out during the cold months to stay warm. Rock back and forth and rub up and down gradually working down until you are back to where you began with the stick behind your back at waist level.
If you stand across from another man doing the same thing or a group of men in a circle, have the sticks touch like a toast to each other's good health and a pledge in peace to do no harm to each other, other beings, or the living earth. Imagine yourself in a bright green grass meadow, surrounded by green trees, shrubs, vines and ferns.
Stretchy long pants or shorts work nicely for exercise, as well as T-shirts, tank tops or sweatshirts. Lift the stick up in front of you by the little finger of both hands until it is held high overhead where it receives the life giving WATER of the sky, the rain and snow.
If at all possible, wear socks that are seamless, as seams can rub and irritate the feet during a work out.
Feel like a tree deeply rooted in the earth reaching up to heaven all around with branches and leaves in the sun, the rain and the wind. Some socks possess a bit of extra padding within the heel and toe area, where irritation is likely to occur.UndergarmentsWhen choosing fitness clothing, men often forget about undergarments. This is a big mistake since the right undergarments will ensure that you may have a safer and more effective workout.
Consider wearing compression shorts to prevent your inner legs from rubbing together and causing thigh chafing. Sports Bras for RunnersSports Bras for RunnersSaucony Motion Sensor Bra: This sports bra is ideal for medium-curvy women looking for support without feeling too constricted. The criss-cross straps provide comfortable support and also the fabric is breathable so sweat is wicked from your body. This really is relatively easy in the summer dress lightly in moisture-wicking materials and loose, comfortable sizes. Walking generates body heat when you exercise, so you won’t need just as much clothing 15 minutes into your workout while you do when you first step outside. End with holding the stick high above by the little fingers, breathing in and out a current of white light filling and pouring up and out of you like a fountain of water.
Bring the hands against the face and down the body to the ground as if washing in the water of the white light fountain.

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