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British Airways unveiled a new corporate identity in 1997 which involved repainting its fleet with around 20 daring tailfin designs by world artists? We have detected that you are using an Internet Explorer browser that is not fully compatible with this site. Current, powered by GE combines GE's capabilities in LED lighting, Solar, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle infrastructures into a sustainable energy ecosystem that benefits customers. The cookie settings on this website are set to allow cookies and a number of social tools are allowed across the site to give you the very best experience.
GE Africa refurbished its Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya with sustainable LED office lighting solutions achieving significant energy saving and creating an aesthetic and elegant office interior.
GE Downlights are perfect for many applications - complete range of future-proof solutions with interchangeable lightsources. The first true alternative to LFLs, Lumination LED Luminaires mark the beginning of a new era in office lighting.
GE LED retrofits offer a quick payback and, with their longer lifetimes, lasting up to 25 times as long as an incandescent lamp.
Lumination™ LED Luminaire panels deliver a uniform light of exceptional CRI quality and lumen output, transforming the working environment. The new lighting system was required to provide an ergonomic solution for the employees, while showing the extensive possibilities and the strong environmental credentials GE Lighting's solutions can offer.

600x600 recessed Lumination™ LED Luminaire panels were chosen to be installed in the ground floor meeting rooms and 2nd floor offices of the GE Africa Nairobi Headquarters.
This means, that light can be directed exactly where it is required, avoiding glare and greatly improving the interior aesthetics.
The LuminationTM and Downlight products were designed to create one reliable and aesthetic product family, resulting in a clean ceiling line, and delivering energy and maintenance cost savings while providing outstanding quality of light.
In addition to the Lumination™ LED Luminaires, the new lighting scenario at GE's Africa Headquarters in Nairobi also features GE Lighting's LFL lamps, CFL Downlights, and LED GU10 lamps. This exclusive building accommodates over 100 GE employees including GE Africa's President & CEO Jay Ireland, his management team, back-office shared services as well as other GE business functions. Given the multiple use of areas, different lighting scenarios had to be created to serve the everyday office life: reception, meeting rooms, offices, corridors and other supporting areas of the building.
Replacing LFL technology with LEDs resulted straight away in energy and maintenance savings, while the higher and more uniform light output of the luminaires required the installation of less lightsources than before.
Microlenses capture the emitted light and distribute it efficiently towards the vertical surface. This project is the perfect example of providing a complete solution, applying different technologies for the best result in light & efficiency, while staying cost effective as well.
Every visitor to the Africa Head Office will now be able to experience the very best we have to offer in innovative lighting solutions,a€? concluded Mr Bou Mitri.

Also, we will be giving out cameras to some of the village children in our targeted schools. We will give them a brief training on how to use the cameras and will ask them to take pictures of their families, homes, friends, food, etc..
We are always happy to adapt this program to better utilize volunteers’ unique skills, all while maintaining focus on the core objectives we have set out to accomplish in our local partnerships for the betterment of those we serve. This allows for greater cultural immersion as the team stays in the village and gets more time to interact with the locals. Moreover, it satisfies a direct economic benefit to the village, as GOA compensates local villagers to take care of the needs of our visiting volunteers (i.e. We train and hire those with certified food handling permits to prepare nutritious meals for our teams. The food is fresh and tastes great!If you have questions about this program, please feel free call us at 801-449-0463.

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facilities management training kenya

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