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This suite of training has been developed by the Office of Emergency Management, Risk Management Services. Training supports the development of risk management through effective, engaging, relevant training with real-life applications and critical thinking skills. Additional Courses: ICS 200 and 300 are also available for CMT members in supervisory roles. Where the support facilities are not directly related to the core business of a company but form an essential part of the operations, clients are often unsure of how their equipment should be maintained, or unaware of the services available from Total Facilities Management Companies. Support Facility maintenance should operate unnoticed to provide efficiency and a comfortable, safe environment.
The optimisation of facilities and assets both in terms of estate management and cost effective usage. When you bring your Learning Management System online, you can say goodbye to hand-written schedule books and inputting class lists in Outlook and Excel. The other piece of scheduling involves managing instructors and facilitators, and this can sometimes be the worst part of the management function. Some Learning Management Systems may also have a notes or comments feature in relation to facilities, which would allow for more efficient facilities management.
There is one important thing to remember when you are looking at scheduling and reporting: the information and data that the LMS produces is only as good as what data goes into it.
Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.– offers 25+ years of training and talent management helping executives, business owners, and top performing sales executives in taking the leap from the ordinary to extraordinary.
For the prior 4 years, Bryant was the Managing Director and Leadership and Talent Manager for Lengthen Your Stride! Bryant has over 27 years of Senior Management experience encompasses running his own Training and mortgage firm, in New York City.
He strongly believes that the corporate training is not to be static but should 'engage and inspire' students to greater productivity and performance. This 3-day programme is for people working within a Property Environment and specialising in Property Management. After attending this programme, delegates will be able to identify aspects relating to facilities analysis, recognise and coordinate activities with regard to facilities management and be able to monitor and ensure efficient management of facilities.
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PM&PdM) is the first line of defence for your physical assets, whether they are in a manufacturing plant, a university facilities complex, a hospital, a fleet of delivery trucks, a sports arena or a golf course.
Special emphasis is placed on modern approaches to maintenance planning and scheduling such as efficient resource planning, project management, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and computerized systems. Have not heard you commence learning and practicing and friends but also manage charitable giving.

Total Facility Management company have a proactive approach to the operation of support facilities and liaise very closely with client to ensure that the services designed are maintained effectively during their operational life. An important element of our service is helping clients ascertain their needs and ensuring that their expectations are met, whether by their own in-house staff or by out-sourcing. It should however cover all services effectively including plant and equipment, lifts, fire protection systems, catering and environmental facilities. Your LMS manages scheduling and facilities, and provides information and data that is easily accessible, just like reporting and tracking. If your organization only uses a couple of rooms in one location, this may not seem like a great leap forward.
The LMS will probably allow you to set up instructor profiles that show who is qualified in what areas.
If your organization is one of those with multiple locations and rooms, you may frequently use those rooms for other events or meetings in addition to training.
For example, an instructor can leave a note about computer stations that aren’t working or the fact that the LCD projector needs a replacement bulb. So when you or your administrator are inputting data, be sure that it is the latest and most accurate information available. Being a big believer in Technology Enabled Learning, Bryant seeks to create awareness, motivate adoption and engage organizations and people in the changing business of education.
This seminar is designed for anyone who needs to sharpen their electrical troubleshooting skills in order to increase efficiencies and uptime at their industrial plant or building facility. October 14, 2015 by John Rimer As published in the October 2015 edition of Buildings Maintenance & Management magazine. IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) has experienced nearlyA 300% growth in the past five years!
An equally important role is advising clients how changes in economic situation affect the business bottom line and the use of facilities will affect services and how changing regulations and statutory requirements will impact upon those services.
Poor maintenance often reduces staff productivity, thus decreasing their cost efficiency and, in extreme cases, producing dramatic increases in staff turnover. Let’s look at how you can use the LMS to become efficient in scheduling and facilities management.
From these profiles, you or your administrator can plug instructors in to the classroom schedule as it develops-or as it changes, which is usually a given. If you filter this schedule through training and development, either the administrator or other department admins can have access to room availability immediately.
Attendees in this course will not be playing with trainers built for a classroom but, instead, they will be working with real world industrial components found in their facility.

July 10, 2015 by John Rimer Earn one of the most sought-after facility management credentials in the industry this summer in Spokane!
Your maintenance planner training covers all aspects of maintenance planning and scheduling systems and explains how to produce great task productivity and maintenance work quality.
Concern about ‘health, safety and environment issues’ has highlighted the need for effective maintenance management. The LMS can most likely hold information about each of the training rooms, its equipment, its seating capacity, and even its classroom style, i.e. The instructors can record their attendance and grades, and this by default creates a record that the instructor has taught the class. The LMS can also track who is using what rooms and for what purposes, which can be helpful if another area is using training rooms on a regular basis. When you consider the abilities of the LMS from this angle, you can also imagine how you may be able to save organizational funds through effective facilities use. Bryant’s business career has been based on his results-oriented style of empowering the individual.
Customized Facility Staff Training & DevelopmentAs a Facility Manager or Director, you are only as strong as the team that you build around you. As support services become more sophisticated, so the need for a planned and coordinated approach becomes imperative. From this data, you can pull reports on instructor usage to see which ones are in the classrooms, for what lengths of time, and as a percentage of their time.
As most of us know, new initiatives come around whether we are ready or not, so if you have one that is classroom based, you can plan facilities easily and from one computer, instead of using multiple methods. The comprehensive content gives you best practice maintenance planning and scheduling training.
Anyone in the organization that has access to this feature can see the training room availability and plan accordingly.
You can use this information to manage instructor scheduling and have the same information at your fingertips when and if scheduling and availability changes. And more than just a "hands-on" training course, we have analyzed the job of the maintenance technician and provide training on some of the more commonly performed electrical troubleshooting tasks. They will be using CAT III industrial meters to troubleshoot - just as they should in their facility.

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