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As We Race Towards the 2015 College Football Season Coaches Hot Seat Members Gathering at Lake Tahoe – Generational Handoff of Coaches Hot Seat On the Agenda This Summer…Watch Out College Head Coaches…Evidently Us Older CHS Members Have Been SOFT On You! Sorry Bastard Nick Saban that evidently believes that in America you cannot write about other people because that would be “unauthorized!” Oh, Nick Saban you Worthless Piece of Crap the Founders of the American Republic fought a war…. Something Nick Saban wouldn’t know SHIT about since he never served a day in the US Military even though Saban was 20 in 1971 right in the middle of the Vietnam War…now that is something we need to look into for Damn sure! Get down on their knees and kiss the Ass of that Pompous Arrogant Ass Nick Saban who evidently was never taught in school about the Declaration of Independence, the Founding of the American Republic and the US Freaking Constitution! Oh, the Younger Coaches Hot Seat Members HATE Lane Kiffin even more than we do which will admit is…SAYING SOMETHING!
Newsflash for Nick Saban from Real World:  Biographies written by people about themselves that purport to tell the “Whole Truth” are uniformly…. There is much more to come about the upcoming Lake Tahoe festivities and as head towards a place that Mark Twain described this way in 1872…. The Final Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Ranking for 2015 will be voted on by Coaches Hot Seat Members in a week or so at Lake Tahoe and then updated, but until below is where we stand and that includes having that Sorry Bastard Nick Saban on the Hot Seat! Sports Illustrated's Boomer Esiason discusses the course of action Notre Dame administration should take in regards to the academic allegations of its football program.

The website, which monitors the probability of coaches being fired by their institutions, lists three SEC coaches at the top of its list. How can Will Muschamp already be on the hot seat at South Carolina without even coaching a game in Columbia?
No question a win at home against Clemson would be huge but he’s on the hot seat because he finished last in the west last year and is a combined 6-10 the last two seasons in conference.
There has never in the history of the sport been a coach who was put on the hot seat with no scandals, a winning record, 3 consecutive bowl appearances and a championship under his belt after 3 years. Formula obviously didn’t figure in upcoming disciplinary actions against or because of certain coaches. I understand he sucked it up at Florida but give the guy time to get his players in there at South Carolina or coach a game for that matter before you start saying he is on the hot seat.
In 12 regular season games, you face five teams (UCLA, Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU) that are ranked higher than you, according to preseason FPI.
Gus Malzahn can go from the top of the list to chilling with Nick Saban again with a 1-0 start and if Ole Mr$ gets whipped by F$U, Freeze will rocket up this list. Malzahn managed survive the derailment of a hype train last year, but I think the room for error is much smaller for Butch this year.

The NCAA, NFL losses, and early season schedule could have him gone from college by November, OR he could have everything work out and cement himself in Ole Miss history this post season. If Auburn misses a bowl game then sure, or even if they have another season like this past one I can see it, but not right now. Even if you assume 8 automatic wins, considering Auburn and UCLA (only 2 places ahead, home game) among them, you still have 4 games against teams that are generally considered superior.
He’d have to miss a bowl game in 2016 to be out and that is HIGHLY unlikely with the talent on hand. Sure, 3 of those are home games, but they are all projected to be significantly better than A&M and you need to go 2-2 against them to guarantee 10 wins.
He beats Clemson and the media gets over it immediately and you’ll not hear it again in 2016.
Not saying 10 wins doesn’t happen, just saying that it might not be a reasonable expectation.

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