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Looking for Financial Modelling course in delhi or Investment Banking course or Advance Excel course? The IB Institute is recognized as the financial education and training leader, offering an accelerated career path for finance professionals and all individuals specially for those who want to make their career in financial modelling or career in investment banking.
Financial Modeling Using Excel, Company Valuation course and Advanced Excel Courses are most popular Investment Banking Courses and is actual requirement of the Industry in the main stream finance profiles. In general, all high-paying finance jobs will require knowledge and skills found in our course for the interview and on the job. Financial and Valuation Modeling requires a solid understanding of accounting and financial statement interaction. Participants are given step by step instructions to build comprehensive models from scratch, the way it is done on the job by the Investment Banker. Learn to define assumptions and make forecast for Income statement, Balance sheet and Cash Flow statements with required item based schedules.
Integrate assumptions and drivers into financial models based on the information available in the Annual report. In Financial modeling, cash flows are only forecasted where as in DCF valuation; those cash flows are used to derive the intrinsic value of the company. So by now the participants would have learned how the Financial Model is designed and Projections are made for the Company.
When the theoretical frame work is laid down, the participants start learning DCF model which includes the calculations of FCFF, WACC, Terminal Value, Levered and un-levered Beta and Intrinsic Value.
Understand differences between Enterprise value & Equity value, relative value & intrinsic value, Un-levered and levered free cash flows, and the implication on Enterprise value and implied share price.
Comparable Company Trading Analysis ('Comps') is the most basic but effective valuation tool used by investment bankers and analyst. The participants are first explained how to select the Peer Group (Comparables) before building the Models for Relative Valuation. Then participants are directed to build superb comps models in Excel from scratch, using real case studies, industry best practices, and sensitivity analyses. This model includes Switches, Output sheet, Valuations sheets, Currency Converter and forecasts.

Calculate and interpret financial and market ratios Common analytical challenges including Calandarization, nonrecurring items, dilutive securities, and classification issues are addressed using industry best practices.
The "Comparable Transaction Analysis" or "Comparable Acquisition Analysis" is based on the premise thatthe value of a company or an asset can be estimated by analyzing the prices paid by purchasers ofownership interests in reported comparable acquisitions. The analysis provides a history of selected transactions either in one particular industry or in one areawhere acquired companies have relatively similar characteristics in terms of economic drivers such asbusiness mix, customer base, distribution channels, industry dynamics, etc.
Transaction multiples define the prices which acquirers are willing to pay for control of the target companyin the context of an acquisition transaction. At Investment Banking Institute, we understand that different Individuals have their own set of requirements and we work closely with our corporate clients to understand and define requirements of the participants and create a customized program that addresses stated goals..
Finance takes the very heart of an organization because it is extremely clear that its income is what keeps it ongoing. Remember Tony Fernandes has good financial background and strong knowledge of aviation to build Air Asia to what it is today.
Perbadanan Tabung Pengajian Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) and Employees Provident Fund(EPF) withdrawal can be arranged.
The Management of Aviation Management College shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the usage of any information obtained from this website. InteliGenes Smart Professional-MIS course is designed to make you a skilled MIS (Management of Information Systems) expert. We offer Placement Oriented Course for Students who just wanted to Decorate their Life and Career . Providing you the best IELTS training we broaden your gateway for your? ?career? ??overseas? .
This course covers Advanced Excel Training, VBA (Macro), Basic & Advanced Financial Modelling using Excel, Company Valuation and Merger & Acquisition. Reading the annual report, Financial Statement analysis, Forecasting, Valuation and financial modeling are an integral part of the day-to-day responsibilities of any professional working in the main stream Finance. Accordingly, IB Institute has developed Crash Course in Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis, which is very important for students with a limited knowledge of accounting or who wants to refresh their accounting concepts in a fast track mode without leaving the important concepts behind.
They are directed to external documents and resources (like Annual Report, Press Release, Quarter filings etc) needed for more information to make the model more accurate.

They should have under stood the Advance Excel, Financial Accounting, various ways to prepare schedule for Financial statements. Valuation is the most important part the investment banking and corporate finance skill set. In this part of the Program, we shall learn to design the real Template for Trading Combs which is actually used various Research companies. By applying transaction multiples to the financial results ofthe company being analyzed, it is possible to determine a range of value.
Understanding the principles of generating cash and managing cash is a whole factor which is required to keep the company well and stable. Because of rapidly increase demand in the market of Data Analytics and Reporting Software , more and more students are enrolling in our organization for the same and we are also enhancing our course modules depends upon the market standards so that student can avail placement o job opportunities from our institute . With the advent of different media in the market, the ways in which brands communicate to their target audience has evolved.
We will post Tips and Tricks for Most Demanded Courses like Advance Excel 2013 , VBA , MIS , Software Development , Website Designing , Website Development , English Speaking and IELTS etc. For example:- Private market valuation, IPO valuation, comparative analysis, identifying potential targets for M&A etc. Diploma in Aviation Finance Management will take students on a course of initiating a solid, monetary-minded background and sound, financial decisions. At InteliGenes, we have always believed in being cutting edge, innovative and updated with technology and solutions to give you the best value and service.
Students who wanna grow their career in IT Domain like Data Analytics , MIS Executive , Software Developer , Website Designer , Website Developer , Data Entry Operator , Computer Operator , Aviation Industry , Graphics Designer  and many Other Profile , Contact US . Primarily, the students of this course will be able to avoid being financially careless and protect their aviation business from falling into disastrous financial traps.
Get 3 Year Degree course IGTDIT (Industry Oriented Course ) with 35% Discount at InteliGenes.

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