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For all Research projects leaders, persons in charge of research projects management, from public, private and non-profit sector (Universities, Research centres, public authorities, enterprises including SMEs, associations active in the field, etc.) Why this training?
One day dedicated to the observation of the obligations and best practices for managing a project funded by the HORIZON 2020 for Research and Development of the European Commission. At the end of 2012, the UK National Lottery operator, Camelot (in partnership with the BBC), decided their show needed a new look.
Initial Endemol, producer of the popular lottery show, uses a TriCaster live video production system to provide a great deal of automation, across the board branding, and to simplify the production process.
TriCaster was the clear choice to give us a complete, standalone production operation, with all the features we needed, and more.
You have to be in it to win it, as the saying goes - and the millions who play the UK National Lottery on Wednesday and Saturday, and Euromillions each Tuesday and Friday, wait with huge anticipation for the potentially life-changing numbers to be drawn. At the end of 2012, the UK National Lottery operator Camelot, in partnership with the BBC, which broadcasts the draw, updated the draw presentation formats. The Saturday evening show is televised and incorporates live performances, as well as the main draws. The new online show format, shot at Pinewood Studios, is produced by Initial Endemol using a TriCaster live production system that has introduced a great deal of automation and simplification to the production process, at an affordable cost. For the studio-based Lotto and Thunderball shows, five Panasonic HE60 remote head cameras are pre-set to capture wide shots and close-ups of the lottery machines, and the numbered balls as they are drawn. The results show is uploaded approximately an hour after the draw, and is subsequently embedded into the National Lottery website and social media sites. Chris Jones, Senior Producer, Initial Endemol, explains, “The YouTube feed is a one-off continuous as-live presentation, and we wanted to make it as quick as possible, rather than building a slow process with an edit.
The EuroMillions draws are produced in a rather different way, as the satellite feed is sent from Paris, to all countries that participate in the draw.
Paul Darbyshire, Broadcast Director, Pinewood Studios, says, “The TriCaster does exactly what we employed it to do, quickly and simply.
To read more studies on how end users are taking the television industry by storm with NewTek products, check out NewTek Customer Stories. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Outdoor Work – From construction workers on scaffolding to flagmen helping to direct traffic at highway work zones, outdoor working conditions in the warm spring weather can naturally cause hazards for workers. 2016 is expected to be a strong, steady year of growth in the construction industry, with the 2016 Dodge Construction Outlook predicting that the U.S. In addition, while the outlook is good for the construction industry, businesses are facing a competitive landscape and increasing customer expectations for a quality job to be done on time and on budget with limited resources.  More and more businesses are facing a variety of risks associated with this environment, such as claims of faulty workmanship, design errors or omissions and the use of defective materials and products. Regardless of how well a business is run, mistakes, errors and omissions occur and even unfounded allegations can costs thousands of dollars in defense. If that isn’t enough to give you pause, that figure represents only the direct costs of medical and legal payments. Avoiding crippling worker’s compensation claims begins with developing a workplace safety program, reinforced by ongoing training and hands-on management. Getting started — Developing a comprehensive safety program can seem daunting, but Sinclair Risk & Financial Management can help. Identify trouble areas (and trouble employees) — It’s bad enough if an employee sustains an injury once…but twice? Safety is your responsibility, and operating a safe shop is the only smart way to do business.
It’s that time in your home’s life that fortunately only comes around once every 20 to 25 years or so…roof replacement time! Either way, for projects at this scale you wisely skip the DIY approach and instead find yourself in the market for a contractor. Even though your contractor has proof of insurance and you carry homeowner’s insurance, you could still face a coverage gap and corresponding risk, plus the potential of higher premiums should you have to file a claim on your policy because of a peril related to your roofing project. To close the gap and eliminate all potential pitfalls, make sure your roofer at the very least adds you as an “additional insured” to his general liability policy before you sign the contract.
When you’re added as an additional insured, it means the insurance carrier underwriting the policy extends its coverage to you for a certain term. Another important clause to your additional insured policy is “completed operations” coverage, which essentially means the coverage survives the end of the job. Additional insured clauses are an easy way to protect yourself when contractors are working on your home. Waivers of subrogation are pretty much a must-have in today’s contracting world, and they create a significant condition that bears understanding in full. But if the owner and electrician had agreed to a “waiver of subrogation” as part of their contract for service, the owner’s insurer would not be able to pursue the electrician for damages and would instead carry the full risk exposure.

Naturally, waivers of subrogation often mean higher premiums, especially if a carrier is forced to pay a claim and cannot pursue a negligent third-party for reimbursement. Sometimes contractors working on a particular job all agree to waive subrogation to avoid the uncertainty, hassle, and cost of litigation, and to collectively place the risk on the insurance carrier whose party suffered the loss, regardless of who caused it. Feeling squeamish about giving up your right (and by proxy, the right of your carrier) to sue to recover damages?
Once a project is complete, the owner’s insurance company may still try to pursue architects and contractors to recover damages if issues arise after the fact, even from fire, flood, and other natural disasters. Obviously at this point, it’s in the interest of those third-parties for the waiver of subrogation to survive project completion. More and more companies are instituting wellness programs in the workplace, and it’s no surprise, given that 92% of owners say they are effective, with real, measurable ROI. Wellness programs are about more than just passively encouraging employees to exercise and watch what they eat (though research shows that is a very positive objective)!
A robust, well-rounded  wellness program provides a holistic approach to keeping your employees’ minds and bodies strong and in sync. Starting a wellness program may seem like a big investment in time and resources, but the benefits to your business are significant: reduced workplace injuries, getting injured and ill employees back to work safely and quickly, and creating a more positive working environment, all of which in turn mean greater productivity and a big boost to your bottom line. Employers committed to workplace wellness need to take an active role in their overall Risk Management. With ever climbing health insurance premiums, can you afford not to offer a preventative solution?
Education — A regular series of lectures from health and wellness experts combined with take home literature and online resources is the foundation of any robust wellness program.
Training — Providing training that is geared directly toward your workplace environment is vital for workplace safety. Meditation — Scientific research shows the benefits of regular meditation, including reduced levels of anxiety and depression, along with better concentration skills and increased levels of happiness. Return to Work programs — No matter the amount of prevention, some amount of on-the-job injury will occur. Ultimately, no matter how great your staff may be, they can’t do the work if they’re not on the job because of illness, injury, or mental fatigue. It’s a proven fact that new employees are more likely to be injured on the job than seasoned workers.
If you are hiring young workers this summer follow these safety tips from OSHA to reduce work-related injuries. Observe the obligations related to the signing of this contract and set up administrative and budgetary monitoring tools for your project.
Taking the weekday draws to an online-only format, the focus moved to the televised flagship Saturday evening draw show, historically featuring an entertainment element, as well as the main draws. The challenge was to move the other draw results shows to an on-line format that provides lots of sizzle, a fast turnaround and plenty of branding, all produced reliably, but with minimum staffing and equipment. The clean feed goes directly into Pinewood’s TriCaster and the system concurrently applies a crop to remove the Paris show’s graphics. The production team is very happy with it, as it has enabled them to automate a large part of the process and minimise turnaround times, all within their set budget. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that more than 10,000 severe injuries were caused by workplace conditions in 2015. In fact, more than 100 workers are killed and more than 20,000 are injured in the highway and street construction industry each year, with over half of the fatalities resulting from vehicles and equipment operating around the work zone. Essentially, Errors & Omissions coverage provides protection for you in the event that an error or omission on your part has caused a financial loss for your client. Additionally, even false claims can damage a company’s reputation and impact profitability.  So how do you protect your company and reputation?  Work with a trusted risk management partner that will take the time to understand your business and particular challenges and help put together the right coverage for you.
Indirect costs of training replacement employees, conducting accident investigations, hiring crisis management PR experts, repairing equipment, lost productivity, and low staff morale easily double the pain. We want to reduce your worker’s compensation costs not by just getting you the most affordable premiums, but by making sure accidents are rare or nonexistent in your shop. The machines are working just fine, but employees were not properly educated on how to use them safely.
The Sinclair Risk team includes experts at helping business owners implement a safe workplace and keeping it safe through training and follow-up. The roofer contractor you’ve zeroed in on came with a great recommendation from a friend, supported by an attractive portfolio and sharp online presence. Let’s suppose the roof is complete and the contractor has cleaned up and gone on to his next job. They are commonly used and take almost no time to secure, so make sure you insist on one for your next home improvement project.

This is a standard “covered peril” and per the owner’s insurance policy, the owner’s insurer is obligated to make the owner whole and pay a claim to cover the loss.
Some would argue that minimizing the possibility of legal action and placing risk squarely in the lap of the insurers promotes better business relationships and keeps costs lower…(assuming of course, that nothing happens and premiums don’t skyrocket after a claim). After all, when an insurance carrier subrogates, they are acting as a legal stand-in for the insured, assuming his or her rights. That’s not always clear in some contracts, which can create the risk of unexpected future liability. The clearest way to make sure that’s the case is to include a “completed project insurance clause” that specifies that a waiver of subrogation survives. We can work with you to develop a program that makes sense for your business and workforce.
Actively educating employees (and yourself!) about health and wellness topics should be a regular part of the workweek. Even if you are not a manufacturer, training on “first response” initiatives like CPR, first aid, even the proper use of a fire extinguisher, can help prevent significant injury in an emergency.
Investing in a comprehensive workplace wellness program may be the best investment you make this year.
Giving them clear instructions for every task they are responsible for will cut potential injuries.
Master the administrative and financial management of your project and partnerships, in order to optimise the coordination of your project.
A PC-based graphics system linked to the ball machines and the TriCaster automatically produces a graphic for each ball, and triggers the correct voice-over to announce which ball has been drawn. As Chris says, “This is a great feature of the TriCaster, as it shaves considerable time off our turnaround, and the editor can then easily apply our local branding, graphics and voice-overs before exporting. It’s imperative that employers put controls in place and train employees to protect workers from injury in outdoor settings.  The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health provides guides for many industries. Anytime there’s a repeat claim associated with an employee or particular piece of equipment, you need to laser in, figure out the reason, and correct the problem. If you are named as an additional insured, you’re protected against a lawsuit because his policy coverage for accidents such as this now applies to you as well. The following day, a UPS driver is walking up your driveway to deliver a package and steps on an overlooked roofing nail, causing an injury.
The legal principle of “subrogation” then allows the insurer to literally step into the legal shoes of the owner and pursue the electrician (more likely, the electrician’s insurer) to recover the funds it paid out to the owner.
In fact, wellness programs are a particular passion of mine, specifically in demonstrating how Eastern, Complementary and Non-Traditional medicines affect health and safety, work productivity, and ultimately insurance costs.
While safety training should be an integral part of new employee orientation, it’s equally important to provide refresher courses as part of ongoing employee education.
Considered an organized program of meditation that helps employees learn this simple way to feel better.
According the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 335 young workers died in job-related injuries in 2013.
The training on the rules and obligations related to the management of a project funded under Horizon 2020. An operator vision-mixes the camera feeds and graphics, and then creates a second pass to add additional sound bites before preparing the file for export and upload to YouTube.
The TriCaster has more than proved its worth for this project, and it has shown us that there are lots more things we could do with it down the line.
Everyone gets an extra day off, or a gift card, or a lunch…there are numerous low-cost incentives that will keep your staff focused on the goal. As part of our ongoing commitment to safety in your workplace, we can help with these sensitive audits. However, as part of the contract between you and the roofer, it’s important to include a “waiver of subrogation” clause, which would prevent the contractor’s insurer from pursuing your insurance company (or you) for costs related to any worker’s compensation claim that may be filed. The driver sues, but since this was the fault of the roofing company AND you had additional insured with completed operations coverage, the roofer’s insurance carrier is still yours in this case and will handle the litigation and any payout. When new employees, especially teenagers, understand why they’re being asked to do something, they’re more apt to comply. You’ve seen it before and haven’t thought too much about it, as it seems to be becoming standard boilerplate.

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