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Indeed, if you're looking at new motorhomes for sale, in our new magazine we've 12 top tips to help you buy your perfect 'van. As part of your research into your next 'van, you'll want to read all our motorhome reviews and watch our video reviews. As it's the time of year when many people get itchy feet and want to get out there in their 'vans, we've brought together some exciting motorhome holiday ideas to inspire your tours this spring, summer and beyond. We've also got a brilliant prize to give away – win a weekend at The Motorhome Show in Shepton Mallet. This is essential reading for anyone in the market for new or used motorhomes, as it reveals the best new and pre-owned 'vans and the best motorhome dealers – and it is voted for by you!

From van conversions to low-profile coachbuilts, we're here to help you decide what type of motorhome you need, what layout suits you and what kit you require. Plus, in the brand new issue of Practical Motorhome magazine, we've a collection of new 'van reviews and secondhand motorhome buyer's guides for you to read. Held between 10 and 12 April 2015 at the Bath and West Showground, there will be lots of new motorhomes to look at as well as many camping accessories. We've also got advice to help you research, test drive and compare different models, whether on dealer forecourts or at a motorhome show, to help you buy your next motorhome with confidence. Where in the world would you love to tour, if money and other mundane practicalities like that were no object?!

And if you win our prize package you'll be able to enjoy the evening's live entertainment too. After all, it's a not insubstantial investment, so you want to be sure you're getting it right. We hear from people that have made their dreams come true, with motorhome hire and fly-drive trips to California and Australia, a journey through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and much more.

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find your dreams come true and i wonder

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