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Become a nationally certified Aquafit Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training Instructor or Personal Trainer.
Canadian Fitness Education Services is committed to meet your fitness education and career development needs as an aquatic fitness, group fitness or weight training instructor or personal trainer. CFES certification has been created as an alternative choice for aquatic and group fitness instructors, person trainers, fitness educators and allied professionals to join together in the development of comprehensive, academically credible and practical fitness leadership certification standards and career credentialing.
Shop the CFES Webstore -- Click here to browse through the pages of fitness instructor and personal trainer products, resources, teaching tools etc.
CFES Aquafit Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training Instructor, Personal Trainer Courses, Resources, Certification. Earn an accredited Personal Trainer Certification with our digital learning experience, ACE Academy Elite.
Learn how to confidently teach any class format and motivate your community to get moving as an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor.
Become the go-to professional in your community and better serve special populations by focusing your expertise in a specific area.

Develop science-based expertise that can help you lead people to change with the only accredited Health Coach Certification. Gain the expertise to provide practical, relevant nutrition advice to your clients while staying within your scope of practice. Develop the practical, hands-on skills needed to guide people toward behavior change in one-on-one, group and virtual settings. Watch our ACE experts discuss exercise theory, business strategy and a host of other topics for FREE now, and pay for the continuing education quiz later. Develop skills in assessment, anatomy, corrective exercise and program design to help clients plagued by muscle and joint pain.
Learn the six traditional Pilates principles and how they combine to form the basis of all Pilates movements. When clients have lived most of their life either overweight or on an unhealthy track, the same strategies you use to design exercise programs for other clients may not apply. Sign up to receive relevant, science-based health and fitness information and other resources.

Personal Trainer Education a business unit of GMP Fitness, founded by CEO Gina Marie Piazza, an educational leader in the sports, health and fitness industry.
Personal trainer certification organizations may require renewals every 1-2 years for certified personal trainers. Learn more about the personal trainer certification associations that approve our professional fitness education courses. The NGA is a 501(c)(3) NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization that dedicates all resources and experience to the natural athlete and to teaching and training individuals to become the most professional certified personal fitness trainers in the world.

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fitness trainer certification online free

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