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Roberts Printing & Florida Lottery team up and drive results with a hit variable data print promotion! HomeBlogRoberts Printing & Florida Lottery team up and drive results with a hit variable data print promotion! Roberts Printing teamed up with the Florida Lottery and printed a variable coupon card promotion that they kicked off at a Tampa Bay Lightning Game in February, and will also be featured at the Lightning game on March 22nd. Roberts Printing was thrilled to take part of such a successful promotion for such a great cause. About Roberts PrintingRoberts Printing has been proudly serving the Tampa Bay Florida area for over 45 years. The March 18, 2014 Mega Millions winning numbers are 11, 19, 24, 33, 51, the Mega Ball is 7, and the Megaplier is X 3. The Washington Post on March 19 reported, "the two winners will split the $400 million jackpot so they’ll each get about $200 million. How much do Florida and Maryland Mega Millions jackpot lottery winners pay for state and federal taxes? Donna DiegelLottery ExaminerDonna Diegel is a published author, freelance writer, pastry chef, recipe developer, former caterer and party planner.
E3 2016 organizers, ESA, reveal E3 Live for gamers, takes place June 14-16While E3 has always had a public facing presence, the show has traditionally been something that's for industry professionals. Osceola children's center gets $5,000 from Nicole Ganguzza foundationKissimmeeNicole Ganguzza and her husband Brendan pose during their wedding.
Lethal Lotterya€™s theme song plays over the arenaa€™s speaker system as the crowd is going nuts!
Kirk MacClaya€™s music plays over the speakers as he comes out strutting and jiving as only he does.
Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we have a phenomenal show for you including THREE title matches, two number one contender matches, and also the semi-finals and finals toa€¦.
JIM ROSS: Ladies and Gentlemen, wea€™re kicking things off tonight at Lethal Lottery III with a real David v.
JIM ROSS: I think you forget who wea€™re talking about here Braina€¦ Frodo has beaten the best of the best in the XWF. The Show is stunned as the little guy stays grappling his leg, working his way behind him, he sends a hard boot right to the back of The Showa€™s calf followed by a series of fists to each kidney. The Show tries turning around and grabbing Frodo, but the little guysa€™ size is playing as an advantage right now, as he keeps running circles around The Show, busting him in the stomach with gut punches here and there. Frodo runs the ropes and hits a flying clothesline, The Show is still standing, Frodo runs them again and connects again with another flying clothesline, The Show is a bit more wobbly but is still on his feet. Show grabs Frodo by the throat and lifts Frodo off of the mat, setting up for a big chokeslam. Frodo seizes the opportunity and scales the turnbuckle again, as The Show stands to his feet Frodo flips him the middle finger and jumps off, crashing into Showa€™s head with a flying shining wizard! Frodo is standing above a fallen 'Show', when suddenly 'Dark Horse' hits and someone wearing black comes down to the ring and bangs a waffle iron upside Frodo's head.
Frodo's hand is raised in victory as he continues to look down at Reeve or The Show with a sense of disdain! Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for unlimited falls with a 20 minute time limit and is under EXTREME RULES! The eerie, industrial beat of Throat Full of Glass begins to play, as smoke slowly rises from the stage. The lights Of the Arena Go Dark As The song-" Heart Of Fire" Plays through the arena, as a wall of fire consumes the stage.
Golden pyros begin to explode along the stage and down the runway as 'The Nightmare', now illuminated with a white-hot spot light is the only thing that can be seen in the arena as he makes his slow descent to the ring. A bloody casket with purple skulls lowers from the rafters suddenly the wire snaps and it crashes into the ring. JIM ROSS:: George seems happy with his handiwork, hea€™s dropped the chair and moved on, heading towards Cross and McBridea€¦ wait, Lucius Fyre nails him with a left hook out of nowhere! JIM ROSS:: Dylan George just executed a scintillating, running, double handed choke-bomb right on top of those chairs! JIM ROSS:: Dylan George did not like that at all, and he is making McBride pay for it now! Jim Ross: Hero Xtreme 7.9 ducks under the main eventer's arm and he crashes right into the rookie Priest and knocks him out of the ring! The announce booth is obliterated as SAM drops the body of Hero Xtreme through with a crushing move. Priest flies from the top turnbuckle and takes out both Karl Cross and Dylan George with a high cross body! JOEY STYLES: TBX quickly off the ropes, and he drops Priest with a flying shoulder tackle! Joey Styles: Michael gets back into his batting stance and goes for another swing, but Hero Xtreme 7.9 jumps on him and drives his palm into the Irishman's forehead! Jim Ross: McBride cries out in agony until he is dumped over the top rope and out of the ring. Karl Cross has just superplexed Thunderbolt X from outside on the apron, sending TBX crashing right through the brand new table set up for the commentators.
Dylan George whips Michel McBride into the ropes, which sends Karl Cross flying onto the floor and into the ring barrier, right next to JR.
JIM ROSS:: TBX just shoved Karl Cross off of the turnbuckle and sent him flying onto that pile of chairs! JIM ROSS:: SAM heard the commotion, and now hea€™s turning his attention back to Heroa€¦ OH GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!
The Light of the arena all go out as a Bolt of Chain Lighting hits the stage as red light, lights up the arena, as "Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood)" the Theme of Scythe comes on and the X-tron lights up showing Images of Demonic images of Scythe flash through the screens and the arena fills up with fog (purple blue color) of smoke and Then Torches start to flame and light up one by one down the ramp way on both sides of the ramp as Scythe is lowered Down from the Rafters with his head looking up and arms out to the side as he slowly descends to the top of the ramp, when he Touches the ramps he is unhooked and begins to make his way down the ramp to the ring, when he get to the ring he slides in and hisses and stands up and looks up into the darkness and holds out his hands as he spits a bunch of blood out of and from his mouth, and then he roars out as the ring post Explode into flames. The lights Of the Arena Go Dark As The song-"Faithless" Plays through the arena, as the lights come back Up in Black and Blue Lighting, then there is an explosion of flames that shoots up from the stage in a ring as it starts to die down it Begins to rain blood and standing there is Chris "The Fallen Angel" looking down as the ring of fire goes out, He Then looks up and out towards the crowd and starts heading to the ring as a small wall of flames shots up from the ramp, when Chris "The Fallen Angel" enters the ring he spins around with his arm and hands out as there is a quick explosion of Fire around the ring, after the fire dies down Chris runs to a corner turn-buckle and climbs up to the Top and stands there throwing his arms out as an upside down cross explodes in flames over center of the ring. The arenas lights go red and "Let's Get Retarded" by Black Eyed Peas blares out of the P.A System. Symphony of Destruction starts to play, and smoke pours into the arena, giving an ominous feeling. JIM ROSS: Well Brain, this is a match Ia€™m extremely excited for, the winners of this tag team bout will be crowned the new number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship.
JIM ROSS: A tough draw indeed, but both of these teams are very talented and both teams have the ability to knock off Corvus and Justin Sanea€¦ Corvus of course will be in action later tonight, defending his Intercontinental Championship against Mastermind and the former champ Sebastian Duke.

JOEY STYLES: But right now leta€™s get you locked in on whata€™s sure to be another amazing match here at Lethal Lottery III that's had so many amazing moments tonight already! Maverick is out on the apron, giving some encouraging words to Scully who has a glazed over look on his face and a bit of drool dripping from his mouth. The bell rings as the two charge one another, meeting in the center of the ring and locking horns, Scullya€™s retard strength gets him the upper hand for a moment though as he slides Scythe into a tight headlock, wrenching back a few times.
Maverick is holding his arm out, pleading for the tag, but ita€™s too late, Scythe rushes Scully and wraps his arms around Scullya€™s waist.
Fallen Angel and Scythe seem to be in control as Angel lifts Scully from the mat, but out of nowhere Scully rakes Angel in the eye, sending his opponent staggering back for a moment.
Scythe gets out onto the apron as Maverick begins to drag his way over to Scully, and Angel starts stirring his bloodied way over to Scythe.
Scythe lifts up Mavericka€™s arm and sends several strong kicks to his ribs before picking him up off the mat and slamming him right back down with crucifix power bomb.
Scythe runs up to the top of the turnbuckle then twists his body while flipping into a moonsault, this will be it! Scully runs over to Scythe and grabs him by his long hair, twisting it around his hand, jerking him up and holding onto his hair while beating him in his face several times with his palm. Scully climbs the top rope and launches off into a corckscrew shooting star press he calls a€?Untouchablea€™! Maverick jumps down from the apron and runs around the opposite side of the ring where Scythe is now standing, but Maverick floors him right back on his back with a strong running clothesline.
Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Steel Cage Match for the Hart Championship! As the opening riff of "Blacklist" by Exodus brings the crowd to life the lights strobe red and black.
The high pitched wail of Dee Snider pierces the air as the Twisted Sister classic pumps through the PA system. Bobby Heenan: I can speak from experience, and man does it hurt having your face smashed against the cage like that. If you're feeling lucky, then you may want to purchase a ticket for the Mega Millions lottery jackpot, which currently stands at $49 million. The overall odds of winning any prize are about 1-in-15, but the odds of winning the jackpot are about 1-in-259 million. The road to "WWE Money in the Bank" continued in Virginia with the latest "WWE SmackDown" taping.
WATCH: Barcelona Wins La Liga Title With Suarez Hat-Trick, But Whata€™s Next for Messi and Company? The $400 million Mega Millions jackpot was the third-largest jackpot in Mega Millions history, and the sixth-largest lottery prize in U.S. The two Mega Millions jackpot winners will split the $400 million lottery jackpot, so already the jackpot is cut in half. There were two $1 million Mega Millions winners in Florida and New York, and one each in Illinois, Maryland and Texas. You can find Donna writing for Providence Holidays, Providence Food, Rhode Island Restaurant, Food Media, Paula Deen, and Martha Stewart.
Look after your passengers, keep your train operational, and make sure you can always reach the next station. Hear the beloved 8-bit Nintendo Game Theme beautifully arranged and performed by Sonya Belousova in a video by Tom Grey.
But Frodo starts to counter, elbowing Show in the face repeatedly causing Show to stagger near the ropes still holding Frodo.
Then the centre of the wall of fire drops and Priest comes out onto the stage with his back to the crowd and his hand up and out to the sides looking up into the darkness of the rafters as the arena fills with smoke fog, then he turns around still looking up, he then looks at the crowd howling out, then he starts to walk towards the ring as flames light the way down to the ramp to the ring area.
Slowly he climbs into the ring and is now standing dead-center with the spot light still lighting his freakish frame. The casket explodes into confetti and then Hero Xtreme 7.9's music starts playing and a bunch of poultry walk out onto the ramp. Cohen turns to face Hero Xtreme 7.9 when two lightning bolts come out of the Xtreme Hero's hands and shock Cohen's nipples. After about 40 seconds The Scull Meister finally steps out on to stage with his XWF Retarded Championship belt around his waist.
That means theya€™ll be taking on two of my favorites, the duo representing Defiance, Justin Sane and Corvus!
Maverick jerks Scully back around toward him, slapping him in the face a few timesa€¦ Scully looks over to their opponents corner, he begins flexing and growling a bit.
But Scythe is strong too, he pushes Scully in the back causing him to run into the ropes, as Scully rebounds Scythe grabs him and slams him to the mat with an arm drag.
Scully is now on the attack, he stomps Scythe a few times then grabs his leg and locks in an ankle lock.
He lifts Scully up and drops him on the back of his head with a German Suplex, but he doesna€™t let go, lifting him and dropping him again, then one more time! Scully powers out, but before he can get to his feet Scythe jerks him up by his hair and leads him over to his corner, tagging in Fallen Angel. Scully capitalizes, using the last of his energy to lift Angel up and slam him down with a sit down power bomb! Angela€™s to his feet with his head is still rattling and before he can turn around to notice Maverick rushing him, lifting him up and impressively spinning him around before dropping him on his knee with a sickening Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker! Angel somehow makes the tag to Scythe first and the vampire demon makes his way over to Maverick before he can reach Scully.
Scully thrusts Scythea€™s head between his legs, lifts him then drops him directly on his neck with a scary looking piledriver. At the last second Fallen Angel makes save, kicking Scully in the back of the head who rolls out of the ring.
He methodically begins to approach Fallen Angel whos getting up to his feet, but Maverick catches him from behind and german suplexs Angel onto the concrete floor! Flames erupt from the stage and Cain steps thrugh them, bouncing from foot to foot at the top of the ramp, then he roars and pounds his chest three times as the flames once again erupt behind. As two big pyro towers shoot off on either side of the stage, "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane spins out of the entrance ramp, wearing his favorite t-shirt, a cutoff Faster Pussycat screen print, long silver tights and shining silver boots. They could choose the "Cash Option" and receive a one-time, lump-sum payment of $33 million, or they can choose the "Annual Payout" option, which provides annual payments over a 29-year period, according to the Mega Millions website. Good news for the Florida Mega Millions lottery winner though as there's no state income tax in Florida!

Wednesday's Powerball winning numbers are worth a whopping $80 million annuity, or $45.9 million cash value.
She's a live-aboard sailor, sci-fi addict, and absolutely adores cheesecake, coconut and lime. The Show called Reeve, the seven foot tall brawler from my home state Oklahoma going up against Frodo Smackins! As the bell rings both men are still standing in the center of the ring, jawing inaudible trash talk to one another. Then another mysterious person wearing a hood comes out, whips out her non-existant dick and pisses all over the fallen shell of a man named Frederick Ward. When Priest get to the ring he climbs the steel stairs and up onto the turn buckle and stands on the top ropes as he once again howls out hold his arms out to his side looking up as gold pyrotechnics rain down upon him showering him in gold sparks. He drops to his knees, extending his arms out and begins to roar while another golden shower of pyro falls onto the ring while the lighting slowly is restored to the arena.
After Maverick hops into the ring, he relaxes on a turnbuckle, waiting for the match to start, going on a turnbuckle facing his opponent if entering second, going on a turnbuckle facing the entrance ramp if entering first. Scythe is in the ring, he and his partner Chris Angel look on unimpeded, Scythe glaring over at Scully looking intent on destroying these two.
Not letting go Scythe sends a couple of boots to the face of Scully, then continues to wrench the arm back as Scully shouts in pain. He gets a few good tugs at it before Scythe is able to overpower him, flipping onto his back and booting Scully in the face again, this time busting his lip open. Fallen Angel is clapping as Scythe releases Scully on the third suplex dropping him nastily on his neck.
Scythe hits Scully over the head with his forearm and lays him down on the mat while Fallen Angel climbs the turnbuckle, he launches off and smashes down across Scullya€™s throat with a super leg drop! Scully is spent, Maverick is in his corner clapping, trying to get the fans to join in and encourage Scully to make the tag. Not letting up, Maverick immediately lifts Angel back up and drops him on his head with a power bomb, Maverick doesna€™t let go either, still holding onto his legs he turns Angel over and locks in Pure Perfection!
Slowly Scythe drags Maverick by the leg away from his partner, he's laughing over at Scully then spits at him.
Angel lifts Scythe up and runs him over to the corner, steps out on the apron and tags himself in as Scythe falls to the mat and also rolls out of the ring. He storms down the ramp with purpose, bumping fists with a couple of fans in the front row. The crowd pops as Loverboy struts down the aisle,strumming the air guitar and leaping into the air with a jumping split.
During 1st period a lucky number was drawn and several lucky winners got to claim a FREE $250,000 CASHFALL Scratch-Off ticket. We want to help our customers get the best results they can for every dollar spent on printing. Congratulations to the Florida and Maryland jackpot winners for hitting the $400 million jackpot!
Each lottery winner matched five out of six white Mega Millions winning numbers, but not the gold Mega Ball number for the second-tier prize. Frodo says something that really infuriates The Show, who suddenly rears back his giant fist and smashes it directly into Frodoa€™s temple! With The Show still in the ring Frodo tries to catch his breath, Show recovers first and charges Frodo, but Frodo counters, grabbing the top rope and pulling it down while ducking, causing Show to tumble out of the ring and onto the floor. He then back flips into the ring landing on his feet, as the one last explosion of gold flames around the ring. It's a good thing Hero Xtreme 7.9 doesn't have a butt hole so that shit can't happen to him. McBride takes a wing at Hero Xtreme 7.9 next, but God ducks under it and pulls something out of his pocket? Scully jumps back holding his mouth and begins to breath heavily, hea€™s getting angry as he tastes the blood and begins stamping his feet like a child.
The ref jerks Scythe off of Maverick and forces him into the corner, but with his back turned and Angel to his feet, Scully rushes in with his Retard Championship in hand and blasts Fallen Angel right in the face with it!
From the crowds, a mass of teenage girls come, and stand across the ring, denying entrance to Maverick, and the Lost Soul not in the ring. I have brought one joke of a man to a champion, and I can surely make a champion out of Michael Scully.
As he hops onto the ring apron, he swings around, facing the crowd, and pumps his fist along to the music, singing along and inciting the crowd to do so as well. In addition, 26 lucky winners won the Match 4 + 1, which means they each walked away with $5,000.
The Florida Lottery Mega Millions winning ticket was sold in Brevard County at a Sunoco gas station in Merritt Island, according to NBC Washington News on Wednesday, March 19, while the Maryland Lottery Mega Millions winning ticket was sold somewhere in Charles County, which is located south of Prince George's County. One of the girls hands the Pest a Microphone as he places a foot upon the throat of the man he has toppled. As he steps through the ropes, he steps to the middle of the ring, arms outstretched as sparks rain down onto him. Each $5,000 lottery winner matched four out of five white Mega Millions winning numbers and the gold Mega Ball number.
Add to that the 25 percent federal taxes due, and the Maryland Mega Millions winner will end up with a lot less than the Florida Mega Millions winner. Once at the top he stops and turns around and looks at the crowd and smirks before he steps between the ropes and leans back on the nearest corner and looks at his opponent with a smirk on his face. He walks down the ramp giving the fans the thumbs up, walking up to random adults and children saying 'Friend'.
As the ambience returns to normal, he slaps his head a few times, psyching himself up for the match.
Tickets cost $2 each, and another $1 for the Power Play option which could instantly multiply your prize winnings. The most recent Powerball winning numbers from the March 15 drawing were 2, 5, 34, 51, 58, and the red Powerball number was 9.

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