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Not every alternate way to refer to a product has been set up yet (though we're working on this). With our innovative football training videos, kids and adults as well as players and coaches can systematically teach and train football.
Since April 2010 Olympic Athlete Tim Lobinger has also been supporting us and since July 2010 professional football player (German Bundesliga) Michael Rensing too.
The football training videos are designed to enable kids, players and coaches to a€?simply play better footballa€?.
This also includes mastering football-specific moves perfectly, such as dribbling, passing and shooting as well as advancing explosiveness through improving coordination and agility. If a drill has to be set up several times, due to lack of goals, the goalkeeper should concentrate on one scorer as the scorersa€™ number of repetitions is crucial. Increase the drills from a€?slowa€? to a€?competition intensitya€?, so from a€?easya€? to a€?difficulta€?. If only a few kids make mistakes, take them out of the drill and explain it to these players again. In order to improve the technique of the kids, you should forbid them to shoot the ball away untargeted, regardless in what kind of situation.
The kids should learn, to shield the ball also in their own penalty box and to solve the situation technically. You should vary the length of the individual training elements according to the learning target. It is important here that the kids perform the coordination drills on the ball of their foot, so to speak on their toes. After the kids have mastered the movement, they should perform the drill as quickly as possible. The players should learn the skill to react to unexpected situations as quickly as possible. The speed of the game should be as quick as possible in order to improve the playersa€™ technical, coordinative and fitness skills. Pitch size: the smaller the field, the higher the technical requirements as well as the demands on the one-on-one behavior. Reward stepovers, one-twos and other tricks which were trained previously in the technique and shot at the goal drills: goals after stepovers count threefold.
On a large pitch for the age group of the 11-13 year olds the positions should be set for several players as the tactical requirements for the positions are high here and it takes longer to learn them.
The defensive and offensive positions should not be changed until they have been learned from a tactical view.
Starting from the age group of 13-15 the positions with diverse requirement profiles of the respective players should be assigned permanently and also be trained according to the specific position.
Someone who does not demand the ball will receive fewer passes and will not make quick progress. All drills can also be used for all age groups starting from the age of 7 and also for grown-ups. When you learn to apply the trick in the right game situation, it will be extremely efficient and will be a great advantage to you and your team. Moreover, constant practice of the tricks leads to the improvement of your coordinative skills whereby your basic agility will be automatically increased.
The more you practice the tricks, the better your technique will become which in turn boosts your self-confidence.
This on the other hand will motivate you to train more in order to become an even better player.
However, keep in mind that football is a team sport and that you also have to pass the ball to your team-mates. First you should practice the trick while standing in order to get a better feeling for movement. Therefore, you should systematically apply the tricks in your spare time, at training as well as in a match.
After having performed your trick, it is important that you sprint as fast as possible towards the ball and finish. You should also keep this in mind while practicing: only someone who trains competitively will also be able to deliver the tricks in a match. After having performed a trick, it is very important that you bring the ball in the optimal shooting position.
On this DVD you will find tricks with which you can dribble both left and right past your opponent.
Great players are able to dribble both left and right past the opponent and kick the ball perfectly with both feet. We have demonstrated these tricks on the wing directly at the edge of the penalty box, as they are very typical for this position in a match and lead to the finish.
These tricks belong to the standard repertoire of every football player, because they can be applied in almost all game situations. You should mainly apply these tricks inside or at the edge of the penalty box, if you cannot find a following midfielder to pass to. It is important here that you have the ambition to practice as much as possible until you are really able to master the trick.
We were thinking before recording the newest football tricks for you: what distinguishes the best and most popular players of todaya€™s football world?

As these players are increasingly doubled by the opponent or are even challenged by three players it requires a greater and more creative trick repertoire to solve such difficult game situations.
Even for the other players, football specific movements and tricks become more and more important. Make sure that you apply the tricks effectively in order to gain an advantage for your team without putting your opponent in a bad light. On this DVD you will find tricks with which you can dribble both left and right past your opponent.In order to shoot at the goal quickly, you should be able to kick with both feet.
Inclusive: Slow-motion pictures, freeze images, speaker and booklet with instructions and training aid.
In modern football agility is a performance limiting factor of increasingly great importance. A quick acceleration to a one-two, after a stepover or a won one-on-one a€“ the first meters are crucial! This DVD is topped off with a bonus program including drills for the stabilization of the torso.
If the upper body is out of kilter when quickly changing direction, then an opponent with well-trained torso muscles will have enough time to race off. If the upper body does not have sufficient stability while sprinting, the player runs slower as the upper body swings back and forth unevenly.
With two training sessions a week integrate at least once a week agility drills into the regular training.
Train the drills in combination with a quick as possible control of the ball or other techniques.
After a short learning and getting-used-to phase, demand an as fast as possible speed while performing the drills. That is why the players do not only have to be physically, but also mentally fully relaxed. Conclusion: agility training is not only sensible beginning at an age of about 6 years, but absolutely recommendable for all kinds of sports where agility is a performance determining factor. Covering almost 29 hours, the DVD set offers insights, ideas, and information on all facets of the game from the annual clinic of one of the leading coaches associations in the nation.
So far hundreds of football drills have been produced in HD quality and have been published successfully on a series of DVDs. Therefore, we have created the a€?DVD Football Coacha€? which enables you to put together a complete training program in a very short time. If this is not possible, due to lack of time, the kids should be occupied with the ball, while you are setting up. If there is only one goal available, set up the drill double at a goal and divide the kids into two groups. Since many coaches only have one goal available, we have set up the drills on one goal while filming the DVD. The kids should complete a high as possible number of repetitions in particular with regard of technique. It is important that you always refer to the real game and constantly prompt the kids to put into practice what they have learned in the game.
The kids can only try out their tricks against slightly weaker opponents without the fear of losing. Competing with a stronger opponent should only take place after having completed a technical training. If a player is set at the defense position he will solely learn the set-up to view the opponent.
Of course, this weakens your team as the best defender also plays in an attacking position and therefore, one or the other goal cannot be avoided.
This significantly reduces the speed of game and therefore slows down the development of the kids. This way the ball possessor spots the unmarked man much faster and can therefore evade the opponenta€™s pressure better and quicker. You will automatically play better and gain more recognition from your team-mates, parents or coaches.
Therefore, your passion for football will increase and as a result you will be able to play football up to an old age; this is good for your health.
If you are not yet able to master this perfectly, you can train to play with both feet by applying the tricks.
But when you have learned it by practicing over and over again, you will soon have far more fun playing football. This usually happens on the wings of the opposing half or at a counterattack in the center. Additionally, you can perform the tricks when shielding the ball after a throw-in or when being boxed in at the corner flag.
They usually master the 1 versus 1 in their sleep and this way help their team; by winning offensive one-on-ones they can enable their team to be in a superior number on the pitch at any time. As modern football is increasingly more tactical and the opponent makes the spaces even tighter because of extreme shifting towards the ball, the technical demands on the football players becomes greater.
The skill to perform dribbling, shots at the goal, feints and changes of direction at a maximum speed under the highest pressure from the opponent is a basic requirement for playing football successfully. The torso muscles have a supporting and stabilizing effect when accelerating, sprinting with or without a ball or when quickly changing direction.

10 seconds) of the following muscles: thigh front and back, calf, adductors and hip flexor. When integrating into the normal training the further training program would follow at this point and then the cool down. The idea for the production of the DVDFootballCoach DVDs arose from our own coaching experience. In the main menu you will find 10 warm-up drills, 10 coordination drills, 10 technique drills as well as 10 game variations which you can combine with each other as you like.
A healthy mixture of a solo effort and passing the ball should be found, because football is a team sport. Once again, we have compiled 10 new and effective training drills for you to each component consisting of warm-up, coordination, technique and game variations. It is crucial that you avoid putting pressure on the kids and expecting them to a€?win by all means.a€? Therefore, you should register your team slightly weaker at the association. Self-confidence increases with every successful trick or one-two and also motivates the kids.
The kids should only play football under complete competition conditions at the age of approx.
This way playing with the back to the opponent is neglected, so that he may be determined as a defender forever in his personal football game. If you do not succeed to do all the variations within training time, then you can use the remaining ones for the next training session. It is important that you do the tricks exactly as shown on DVD, as incorrect, ineffective movement patterns are very hard to correct later on.
According to sport scientific findings it takes approximately 5000 repetitions until a trick can be impeccably mastered at full speed.
When standing in front of the goal, the optimal shooting position is at a 45-degree angle from both of your sides. Exactly at this moment you shake him off with this trick and run on your own in front of the goal. They have to perform tricks and feints as quickly as possible in order to take the decisive advantage over their opponenta€™s reaction.
A player with a good repertoire of tricks can free himself much better out of tight situations. Without body tension the shot at the goal has no power and you get pushed away at a one-on-one.
To avoid injuries and to activate the individual muscles, a specific warm-up has to be carried out. It has both diagrams and supporting game film.Football Coaching DVDs 2012 Washington Redskins Game Film RG3 at Quarterback! Apart from conveying pleasure and fun, coaching football is also about the development and continuation of social skills to interact in a group, such as teamwork, sense of responsibility and fairness. The following points should be considered in order to put the training programs optimally into practise. In order to put the drills even more effective into practice, you should consider the following points.
This way the kids improve quicker, especially in the field of technique and coordinative skills. Today, however, players have to be very flexible and versatile to play in different positions. Breaks have to be integrated between the drills, as the muscles can overacidify compared to the muscles of kids. For these reasons you should practice all tricks of volume 1 and 2 until you master them in your sleep. This break is important, so that the players can train with the utmost speed in the next repetitions again. This is counterproductive for agility training because the muscles have to be under tension. Goals can only be achieved when one of the players has performed a trick, or: goals that are scored after a trick are rated threefold. When the kids have been completely trained technically, they should gradually compete with stronger kids. What goes on in a complex brain process is simple: your players will not become quicker in this case but slower. When they receive the ball they are not one hundred percent prepared for it, therefore the loss of possession is bound to occur.
After having performed the drill, the players should return to the starting point and should not be on a continuous run. The more vehement the ball is demanded the better one is prepared for the possession of the ball and the better the ball can played on.

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