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There are 2 clinics for coaches that I attend on a yearly basis: The Glazier Football Clinic and the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic. Another one of the wonderful things that is also a byproduct of clinics are the deals you can get on equipment. With the Staff Season Pass, at just $439, all of your coaches can go to all of our clinics. The exclusive vendor discounts on coaching equipment and technology can quickly pay for any of the Season Passes. My experience with Glazier Clinics began in 2003 as a speaker and I can honestly say the format of the clinics is second to none.
I've been attending Coaching Clinics for the past 25 years and without question the Glazier clinics offer some of the best clinicians and lineups I've been around. Mainly because I am lucky enough to live in Vegas where everyone wants to have a clinic, but also because they have the best selection of topics and presenters. Usually a good mix of offense, defense, special teams, training and leadership effectiveness are offered.

Most companies, Riddell, Russell Athletic, Gilman Gear, and Under Armor to name a few, usually provide clinic deals and pricing.
I’ve always thought clinics were a waste of time but your ideas make me rethink this. Only a select few of the hundreds of speaker applicants are chosen to instruct you and your staff. It is set up in a way that makes it easy for coaches of all levels to walk away with the tools necessary to win football games.
Clinics can be a valuable resource to you as a coach, if you really understand the true advantages of attending a clinic.
Sessions are 40-50 minutes long and the presenters use PowerPoint, overheads and even sometimes you to demonstrate what their topic is about. If you attend an out of town clinic, especially in an area of the country you might want to live, make sure you network with your peers.
I see what you mean that the usefulness goes beyond just the information you get and the networking opportunity can be the real value.

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Most coaches will provide attendees with access to their presentation (some for a fee), but there is no recording or filming at these clinics.
Don’t be that coach that bee-lines to the bathroom or runs to get coffee without talking and meeting new coaches.
With the popularity of HUDL it is, now more than ever, easier to share game and practice films, cut-ups and scouting information. During the season, follow their team and send them congratulatory emails or condolences on losses.

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football coaching clinics washington state

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