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Florida: Florida isn’t a “traditional power” but, with eight conference titles and three national titles since 1990, Spurrier and Meyer made it one for today’s kids.
Oklahoma: The Sooners aren’t swinging as big of a belt-buckle as Texas, but they have the funding, support and recruiting capability to rival any other program.
Penn State: There’s no practical experience with this job’s appeal, since the job hasn’t opened externally since 1950. Next Five: LSU (can bring enough talent to win 11 games without a functional quarterback), Notre Dame (problem has been coaching hires not national appeal) , Georgia (right coach could own Georgia recruiting), Michigan (helmet, tradition, revenue, new facilities), Oregon (what other school allows kids to wear neon spats?).
If the punishment comes as expected, Ohio State still may be a national title contender in 7-10 years. Mike Napoli was not blessed with great speed but he makes up for it with savvy base running and trick slides. The PHIT Act Allows Tax Deductions for Golf and Other Athletic Expenses, But Will It Have a Practical Impact? Congress has a new bill in front of them that could allow you to write off your golf habit, and other sports-related expenses. FOOTBALL COACHING JOBSNeeded, classifieds division ii oct college football home- coachingfootball. There have already been plenty of surprises - both positive and negative - in the college football season so far with teams overachieving or underachieving their preseason expectations.
Kelly's tenure at Notre Dame has been very up and down, but what he's done this year can't go unnoticed. Texas A&M barely made a bowl game last year, but after a season-opening win over Arizona State and strong performances against lesser competition, the Aggies are ranked 14th in the country.

The Wildcats won just five games last year and were expected to be near the bottom of the Big Ten again in 2015, but that hasn't been the case. There were many questions surrounding this Ole Miss team after their late-season collapse last year, but they've answered them all and then some. You have pressure to beat Texas, but doing so, especially in the new Big 12 without a title game, will be a printed ticket to at least a BCS bid. But, the program has tradition, turns enormous profits every year and, functioning at full capacity, would own the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Pennsylvania. Guys like Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are obviously the two top coaches in the country, but both Alabama and Ohio State have been somewhat disappointing to this point in the season. The Irish are ranked sixth in the country despite starting the guy who was their third string QB in spring practice (DeShone Kizer), and eight key contributors are currently out with injuries. Quarterback Kyle Allen has emerged as a fringe Heisman contender and the defense is playing as well as they ever have under Sumlin.
Northwestern opened the season with an impressive victory over Stanford and followed with wins over Eastern Illinois and Duke, and now are ranked No. Freeze led the Rebels past Alabama for the second straight season, and they're now the favorites to win the SEC as the No.
They have the nation’s richest athletic department, and this is before the new TV deals kick in. They bring in a lot of revenue and, as the eight-figure coaching staff can attest, they are willing to spend it on football. It’s not quite the carte blanche Texas or Alabama is, but can recruit to be just as competitive every year, running any type of system.

Despite all that, Notre Dame is undefeated and poised to make a run at the College Football Playoff. Picture the damage they could do with a vibrant coach and a multiple-page offensive playbook.
Their defense appears to be as good as any in the country, and they should play a factor in a Big Ten West division that's very much up for grabs.
Oh, and they’ll pay you around $6 million per year for your trouble and give you money to bring in the nation’s top assistants. Alabama comes with tremendous pressure and expectations, but the resources to meet and surpass them.
3 on my list as well, if not for the impending sanctions, which I feel will be enough to knock the Buckeyes, temporarily, out of this discussion. To be an elite job, a coach has to feel he could build a title winner within a full cycle of recruiting classes. They could be worse than those levied at USC and we still haven’t seen the full effect of USC’s sanctions.
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