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SoccerKidz was co-founded by ex-professional footballer David Livermore and professional football coach Mark Drane, who between them have vast experience in both playing and coaching football. At SoccerKidz we offer a range of fantastic football courses in the Enfield, London area for boys and girls of all abilities aged between 3.5-14 years. SoccerKidz courses are developed to provide players with the platform to be taught all the fundamental aspects of the game without detracting from fun and enjoyment, which is our main priority. SoccerKidz services create a safe, open and positive learning environment which enables players to become active learners, allowing them ownership of their own problem solving and decision making processes.
We pride ourselves on our football coaching techniques and believe that what we offer reflects our commitment towards youth development offering inspirational and aspirational activities for players at all times. All our football courses and services are directed to the age of the participant and our sessions are challenging but achievable, guaranteeing that each child leaves our environment with raised self esteem and most importantly experiencing fun and enjoyment. All SoccerKidz football coaches are F.A qualified, insured, CRB checked, trained in child protection and Emergency First Aid. SoccerKidz share in a passion for the game that is transferred through to all the players and will ensure all children have a time they’ll never forget.
Football Coaching – London, Enfield, Barnet, Waltham Forest, Haringey, Broxbourne, Epping Forest, East Hertfordshire and Welwyn Hatfield. Anton was on time, very friendly & professional and immediately had the boisterous 7 year olds enthralled.
Tom is the Father of two primary school age boys and a qualified cricket and football coach. Progression is the foundation block around which Kids TRI Sports has been built alongside the company's other three core values of Professional, Passion and Play. Our aim is to provide a professional structure to coaching with a passion for supporting children in participating in sport which will allow them to play, have fun and progress. All of our coaching staff are selected based on their personal commitment to child development through sport backed up with all the necessary coaching badges and legal documentation including CRB, Child Welfare and First Aid.
Football: Keep your head up when dribbling so that you can see what is happening around you!

Agility: Try skipping on the spot and complete 15 skips without getting the rope caught up in your feet! We have a 5 year old boy who lives and breathes cricket due to Tom and Kids Tri Sports.He now wants to play for England and we can't thank Tom enough for his expertise and encouragement towards Jack. A few months ago my son came to Kids Tri Sports to see if he liked cricket as he had never played before and was a little apprehensive. Kids Tri Sports provides great professional coaching and more importantly great enjoyment for the kids of all abilities who take part. Since joining Kids Tri Sports cricket coaching I am amazed at the progress my son has made with his skills. The multi skills club has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn in a fun and engaging way.
The tutors value and actively promote the schools core values, and in turn the children show excellent levels of behaviour, respect, reciprocity and active listening whilst learning. If you would like to be considered for this very special scholarship scheme email the Academy Director. They were totally occupied for the 1.5 hours and I felt that Anton took care to make sure that my son had a great time without obviously showing favouritism.
What Tom has is not only an interest in sport but also a set of values centred around sports development for young children.
To support this, a progression pathway has been developed for each sport to allow parents and children to monitor their own development and understand the key steps to their ongoing improvement. When we arrived to pick him up on the final day he told us to be certain to book the next one. My son had never played cricket in his life but took to Kids Tri Sports' coaching sessions straight away. He looks forward to every coaching session and always comes back home with a new thing he has learned. Every week the children have developed a variety of physical skills including throwing and catching, target practice both as independent work and using team work via team games and relay races.

They smile all the way through, encourage each other and have recommended the club to their friends.
What Tom is committed to is providing structured coaching for youngsters with an emphasis on progression and development of each child.
This will be achieved by supporting the progression of each and every child who takes part in group, club or 1v1 coaching with Kids TRI Sports staff. They not only develop a child's enthusiasm for sport, but also their progression of skills, knowledge and understanding, which present excellent building blocks for future involvement in sport - a message the government wants us to adopt. He not only enjoys the practise but has really developed in ability and confidence and can now bowl and bat when before he simply did not know how to. The group he practises with are a friendly bunch and Tom the coach has boundless energy and really motivates the kids. Kids Tri Sports also want to improve children's participation in competition and are keen to help communities of schools achieve their targets of L2 competition. Tom has an excellent knowledge of the sport and uses this during the sessions for both practical and fun examples and exercises. Well done to Kids Tri Sports and here's to many more coaching sessions packed with fun and content for learning. The sessions are always fun with the group learning through play whilst also being given specific instruction. Tom always gives feedback at the end of each session so that the group can concentrate on areas of improvement, he is also quick to praise good performance awards prizes at the end of each session i.e. As a result of the sessions my son has improved greatly and is now looking to be part of a cricket team. Tom does an excellent job and I have no hesitation in recommending him and Kids Tri Sports as I have already done so with my son's school.

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