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Pro-Ex Sports Tours groups have the unique opportunity to not only train at the Sporting Academy, but also to stay in the on-site accommodation used by the official youth teams. Inaugurated in 2002, this sport academy is the most modern and well-equipped academy in Europe. This is one of the biggest shopping centres in Lisbon and a favourite place to shop amongst locals. Stay on-site, alongside the club’s youth academy players, with daily training from their top coaches on the official training ground, which is shared with the 1st team.

Accommodation has been built within the academy grounds, with a total of 91 modern and spacious ensuite twin rooms, all with balconies.Guests have a choice between two self-service dining halls for their meals. They have never been relegated from the top division, winning the national title 18 times and winning 26 domestic cups.
Groups will also have the opportunity to tour the impressive stadium and will even be able to access tickets to professional Primeira Liga matches. A games room is also provided, and there is even an outdoor swimming pool, WiFi, TVs and a gym.This accommodation is ideally located in a tranquil environment, with a sunny climate and all facilities on-site for football training and matches.

The Sporting Academy is renowned as one of the best in the world, producing the likes of Figo, Nani and Christiano Ronaldo.

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football coaching schools in kent

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