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The big problem is that we can’t put all the radio buttons into one group in the gridview, although we have set the same group name for them. The result is that we can only select multiple radio buttons, when we want to make a single selection, which is like what we do with checkboxes.
The two codes below will find the radio button which triggered the CheckedChanged event, and then re-select it. In my source code, I use Northwind database and give add an extra function to the radio gridview. With this control, if the parent container implements IDataItemContainer, it will try to use the ID of the container's container to build the group name.
NB: By default, if you set an explicit ID on the RadioButton without setting the value attribute, the value will be set to the ID, which won't work. Paul Abbott: I am looking for a BMX II or III for a non profit NPR station in Columbus Ohio, WCBE.
Use of MDCL technologies requires a waiver of Section 73.1560(a) of the Commission’s Rules, which sets upper and lower limits for an AM station’s operating power.
Several transmitter manufactures offer some some version of MDCL in their newer models with the ability to update some older models. The potential savings is from 20-40%, which for a 10 or 50 KW station, would represent a significant reduction in the power bill. The reduction in AM signal power at certain modulation levels inevitably exacts some penalty upon audio quality.

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. Pope Francis meets with representatives of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). The Holy Father also praised the work of missionaries and church personnel in helping the elderly and suffering on the continent, giving special mention to those who have given aid in the recent Ebola crisis in west Africa. In this article, I will show you how you can use grouped RadioButtons inside a GridView control. All RadioButton controls with the same GroupName value are considered grouped; only one radio button can be selected from a group at a time. When this event is triggered, we just deselect all radio buttons in gridview, and then re-select the required radio button. Since all of the built-in list controls use containers which implement IDataItemContainer, this control will work within them as expected. To avoid this, if the value attribute isn't set, I've explicitly set it to the UniqueID of the control. The FCC announced that starting immediately, stations can employ Modulation Dependent Carrier Level or MDCL technology on AM transmitters. We hereby establish procedures for AM broadcasters to seek a rule waiver in order to use energy-saving MDCL technologies.
Depending on the content of the audio program, MDCL algorithms may introduce some audio distortion or may decrease the signal-to-noise ratio in the receiver.

The radio button reselected is the one which triggered the checkedchanged event in the first instance. If you choose the radio button in the gridview, the web page will popup an always visible panel and show your selection in it. In some cases, smaller stations may be able to get rid of a demand meter, which would also represent a significant savings. In addition, MDCL algorithms may erode coverage slightly at the fringes of the AM station’s protected service area. The browser examines the radio buttons name attributes to determine the radio button groupings.
If you select the outside radio button, all the radio buttons in the gridview will be cleared and that always visible panel will disappear as well. Both the long experience of transmitter manufacturers and broadcasters abroad, and the initial reports from experimental operations in Alaska however, indicate that such adverse effects are generally imperceptible.

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forms of radio communication

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