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A lovely spider diagram jpeg noting all the useful formulas required for A Level Mathematics. Resources to test deep understanding of differentiation to solve problems, factor theorem for drawing polynomials and coordinate geometry.
Matchup the equation, differential, specific coordinate, gradient at specific points, stationary points and tangent.
Students use the equations given, together with some of thier own creation, to match to the written transformations.
Four questions based on each of; Pythagoras, standard right-angled trig, sine rule, cosine rule and sine rule for area.
18 questions to thoroughly test students understanding of solving trig equations giving all answers in the correct region and using both degrees and radians.
A progression of binomial expansions to take students from the very straightforward (x+1)3 to (3-2x)5 in easy steps. A couple of questions to highlight finding all terms vs using binomial formula to find just one term.
Info sheet on identifying aspects to look for when deciding which method for integration, followed by six (mostly exam) questions to practise each method.
A template for students to create their own chain, product, quotient questions where chain, product or quotient rule is used within the whole question also of the format, chain, product, quotient.
Nine questions of progressive difficulty for students to develop 'a rule' for differentiating y other methods than brute force expanding out. A set of questions of progressive difficulty to test students conceptual understanding of integration by parts.

A matchup cards activity to check & consolidate understanding of domain vs range and mapping. Some harder functions questions to really test students understanding and ability in sketching diagrams.
A lovely quiz to check pupils understanding of some key concepts from the AQA Core 3 module.
Notes on process for solving first order differential equations together with example question. A set of questions to really check understanding of several vector concepts such as magnitudes of vectors, vector equations of lines, scalar product and closest distance between a point and a line. Dynamic Autograph file for demonstrating how vectors can be added and how to find the magnitude of a vector. Formulas de Movimiento Oblicuo o ParabolicoNeetescuela Cine Educacion Escuela Quimica Menu Formulas de Movimiento Oblicuo o Parabolico MOVIMIENTOS OBLICUOS. Pupils match up questions to answers and then use as support, or just for checking, to solve questions. Print out the graphs onto A4 paper, then print the final 6 slides onto accetate and cut up.
Arranged into those formula that must be remembered and those that are given in the formula book. Includes blank template and a completed example, covers change of limits and re-sub methods. Each set including easy, medium and hard questions (the rows) and polynomial, trigonometrical and exponential questions (the columns).

The Autograph files used are cot, sec and cosec or alt versions with corresponding graphs cot, sec and cosec. Supports students with this topic by providing the steps , and avoiding alebraic mistakes that confuse the key learning outcomes, whilst challenging them to understand the order and making connections between each step. An activity to really reinforce the imprortance of the binomial expansion across several areas of Mathematics. My Yr13 students (single and further maths) really enjoyed recapping their knowledge with this task!
Posee movimiento en las dos direcciones se desplaza tanto en altura como paralelo al eje x. Smaller print version, this one prints all the original graphs onto 2 A4 sides, another page on tracing paper for the graphs. Este movimiento es el que realiza una pelota de tenis al ser golpeada por un jugador, una bala al ser disparada, el movimiento que realiza un nadador al zambullirse en el agua; etc. La velocidad existe tanto en el eje x como el y y es la misma para ambos, dependera del angulo de inclinacion con que es arrojado el objeto.

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