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The respected author, manager, and founder of Fred Pryor Seminars shares his insights and ideas on "How to Become a Great Leader". Discover the qualities it takes to become a true leader — and utilize them to inspire and coach your team to success! Fred Pryor's unique motivational training methodology and extraordinary drive to help business professionals achieve success have revolutionized the training industry. During this once-in-a-lifetime audio session, Fred will answer questions from today's top managers about leading effectively — particularly in today's challenging work environment. Learn solid leadership lessons from management expert, motivator, and entrepreneur Fred Pryor!

In this exciting interview, Fred will provide highly effective, immediately actionable tips and techniques every manager, supervisor, and team leader needs to solve the problems that plague, confound, and exhaust today's leaders.
Fred's approaches are guaranteed to not only inspire you to be the most effective, dynamic leader you can be, but also to provide the tools you need to achieve your goals and succeed in all of your leadership endeavors! Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the all-time management and motivational greats.
Fred has earned three academic degrees with emphasis in psychology, guidance, and counseling, and he is also a board member of several philanthropic organizations on both the local and national levels.
Turn the challenge of change into a confident charter for the future — for you and your employees!

Who Will BenefitManagers and supervisors, team leaders, project managers, and employees who will soon be in leadership roles.
His leadership and team-building techniques, along with his remarkable business acumen, grew Fred Pryor Seminars from a hometown phenomenon into the nation's premier training organization.
This Signature Series Audio Conference will provide exceptional, insightful tips and techniques that can be used by anyone and everyone in your organization!

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