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You can record a series of actions that sets up your spreadsheet to look a certain way or organizes your data in a particular fashion. This macro takes raw sales data from a report and converts it into user-friendly information. Column B contains the date each sale was made, but the date is expressed in the native Microsoft Excel numeric format, meaning that it is just a series of seemingly random numbers. Column C contains the amount of each sale, but the prices are formatted as numbers rather than currency. The goal in this example is to create a macro that converts the Transaction Date data to a standard date format and the Amount to dollars. Choose a location where you want your macro to be stored from the Store macro in: dropdown [B].

Provide a clear description of what your macro does in the Description: field so you (and others) can remember its purpose. Select Column C, then use the tools in the Format Cells dialog box to format the data as currency ($0.00). To run your macro, click the Macros button [E] in the Code group on the Developer tab to launch the Macro dialog box [F].
Now, you can record the actions, save it as a macro, and then make those changes with a single click going forward. Excel Tips & Tricks is written by the Microsoft® Excel® experts at Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack.
You perform the same changes weekly to adjust the format of the sheet to your company’s standards.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You also run a series of custom calculations to help you evaluate the reseller’s performance.
If you always prepare a report by multiplying the items in a certain column by the corresponding items in the next column, you can set up a macro that performs that action each time you need it done with one keystroke. Attend one of our outstanding Excel courses and gain the knowledge you need to use Excel more effectively and efficiently.

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fred pryor seminars vip no

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