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The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery are holding some fantastic events this month for people of all ages to enjoy. On Saturday the 2nd February, from 2-4pm, Claire Evans is holding a workshop focused around collages, so let your creativity take over and create some fabulous pieces of art. The Cut and Paste Collage Workshop is free, however places are limited so be sure to book in advance. For more of a technical approach to art and the development of creative ideas, join Curator Layla Bloom and Christopher P Wood in an in-depth discussion and outlook on how artists come to develop the ideas that they do.
This event will hosted by Dr Lara Eggleton and will be prominently focused on exploring the use of natural, picturesque features to enhance artwork. Using artistic techniques, like specifically placing a certain monument or feature in the fore, middle or background, the artist can purposely draw attention to a certain feature in the piece.
So get yourself and your friends involved on Saturday 23rd of February, from 3-4pm and as ita€™s free entry, with no booking needed, there is no reason for you to miss out.

Leeds-List uses cookies to improve your visit through personalisation, advertising and analytics. We had some excellent superhero and science adventures at The Brewery, Cheltenham for February half term. Lots of you came and made your own microbot, designed your own superhero, tried your hand at scientific experiments, and helped add to our Hero Wall, to tie-in with the much-anticipated release of Disney’s Big Hero 6 this February half term. You can see photos from the workshops and all of the other fantastic superhero entries below! On Wednesday & Thursday we made artwork to go into the Art Maze at Axiom Arts Centre and Springbank Community Centre. The workshop is free with no booking necessary, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to be there on Saturday 9th February, from 3-4pm!
Though the representations of cityscapes and landscapes teach us about cultural influences, they also show the personal perspectives that influenced the artist.

This will then lead into a discussion of how the same techniques were used in the Roman period to enhance their work.
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Simply choose from the alphabet letters to create your own custom word canvas or simply choose one of the pre-made word templates! Wooda€™s pieces and merging them with your own subconscious ideaa€™s, this workshop is ideal for ages 5+ and people who adore spontaneous art whilst getting messy! Suitable for adults both old and young who are interested in how artists can transform a creative idea into, well, a work of art!

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free art workshops nyc jobs

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