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This free course is available through the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) in conjunction with the Center of Disease Control (CDC). If you have any other websites that you suggest, please email a link to one of the commissioners.
The statistics are daunting: 80% illustrate the uphill battle every new business owner faces when opening their doors or turning on the website.
In the world of investing, if we were to read that we have an 80% chance of losing our investment, we wouldn’t give that investment a second thought. That can happen when owners have better information and are equipped with better knowledge and tools to develop their teams and sales and operational systems. Some of the best business minds in the world believe that emotion has no place in business decisions.

The top reasons businesses fail are lack of knowledge, lack of a plan, the lack of accountability to a plan and lack of cash or capital. That doesn’t mean that a company will never stray from the vision, but it’s far less likely than when you have no vision at all.
If you’re interested in how business coaching could help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, please call or submit your contact information below. Yet the allure of being an entrepreneur, and having ultimate freedom, drives many to ignore the odds. When business owners open their doors with the knowledge needed to succeed, those figures of failure dramatically decrease. Whether or not you believe emotion has no place in business, one truth is hard to argue: business owners sometimes allow their dream of being an entrepreneur to get in the way of being a well informed business professional.

While some expenses can be budgeted, those that the inexperienced business owner didn’t foresee are what can be the downfall of a startup. The ultimate goal for a business coaching organization is to reverse those figures so that 80% succeed. It helps bring back focus when the desire is to diversify or go off into a business or market that isn’t aligned with the original focus and mission.

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