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UPSC all-India second topper Rukmani Riar did not believe in coaching and cracked the exam in her first attempt.
Kindly share some dos and don'ts for those who want to pursue a career in the civil services.
While Ashodaya deals with the emancipation and empowerment of sex workers, Annapurna identifies and organises developmental activities for women in various slums across Mumbai and Pune.
There were times when I did not feel like studying, but I ensured that whenever I did, I would complete what was on my agenda even if it meant stretching my study time to eight or nine hours.

I visited urban slums in places like Jama Masjid and Yamuna Pushta to rehabilitate and help them.
You may not become a successful bureaucrat or join the civil services, but if you ever get a chance to serve the people in some way, you must not hesitate to take up the opportunity. I ensured that I studied everyday so as not to overburden myself when the exams approached. I believe that if one decides to persevere and come out of that phase, nothing can stop you achieving success," advises Rukmani over the phone from Chandigarh.

I wanted to show everyone that if I was given an opportunity, I would definitely make it worthwhile.

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free coaching of ias in delhi

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