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If you think of world trade as the exchange of products for money, its real power is the exchange of ideas to create innovative breakthroughs. What we learn is that once human beings started exchanging things, “they stumbled upon divisions of labor in which specialization led to mutually beneficial collective knowledge.” Ideas fed other ideas and new products and services were created. I think you have struck an interesting analogy with world trade as the medium for exchanging ideas.

Many of the ideas and theory that we have today has been derived from centuries of finding solutions by simply becoming innovative. The tools which have been created to resolve solutions to problems will always continue to be enhanced. Human growth development and leadership symbol represented by a human with gradual well-being growing phases showing the concept of education and personal inner strenght.

Dating as far back to 3000 to 2400 BC architects which constructed pyramids in ancient Egypt rolled the blocks of slab made from white limestone taken from quarries across the Nile onto wooden logs to construct these colossal monuments.

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free human development courses online

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