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I’m not saying there’s anything inherently wrong with the way we’re usually taught to network. But everyone is different; and for many holistic, heart-centered entrepreneurs, networking as it’s traditionally taught just doesn’t seem to resonate.
Standing in front of a crowded room, nervously sharing about why everyone there should become clients.
Awkwardly striking up conversations with people who just seem to be waiting for a pause to start telling you about their business.
Struggling to squeeze time into our day to dress up and drive the two-hour trip to GET to the nearest networking event. Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and as though everyone else we meet there is so much further along than we are. For the reasons above (along with your stomach tying itself repeatedly in knots!), most holistic practitioners and heart-based entrepreneurs avoid networking. The truth is, connecting with like-minded people is one of the BEST ways to grow your business and attract your ideal clients.
And the good news is, you don’t have to do traditional networking in order to connect with like-minded people. One of the things I’ve done to create a successful, sustainable, thriving business over the years (no matter what I was doing… whether it was as a wellness coach, a business coach or now, as an association leader) is to create connections with like-minded people. Business friendships can become like the family or friends you always wished you had…. Step #1 – discover the secrets of building authentic business friendships: a business friendship is a heartfelt connection between like-minded people who genuinely enjoy supporting each other’s business growth.
Step #2 – know where to find those like-minded business friends: It’s important to connect with communities of like-minded people so you can start forming strong relationships. I hope these first 2 steps help you in healing your “traditional networking wounds” and stepping into building lasting, business friendships.
How to truly understand (and communicate!) the value of who you are and what you offer right now. Where to find aligned people who genuinely want to connect with you and help you make your business successful. The connection secrets that grew her own business to six figures (as well as earned her invitations to collaborate with industry superstars like Jack Canfield, Marcia Wieder and Janet Attwood). The webinar is called “How to Attract All the Clients You Need by Building Business Friendships”. Come along to her “How to Attract All the Clients You Need by Building Business Friendships” training session to see exactly what I mean. Are you a wellness professional, holistic health practitioner, coach or other health-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to learn the business and marketing tools to create lasting success?
You feel so much freedom when you know you can call the shots and take yourself where you want to go….

In just one short strategy session, Suzanne created a major breakthrough for me in my health coaching practice…. I was scared I was going to have to give up on my passion and go back and get a “real” job …. After working with Suzanne and the IAWP, I got crystal clear on who my ideal client is and how I was meant to serve them with my work.
If you want to become educated not only as a wellness coach but also become a successful one, this certification program is a no-fail system. When I started my wellness coaching practice, I was not used to finding clients on my own, as I used to work for large corporations. Before I found the IAWP, I was struggling with finding clients, pricing my services and with my overall business plan.
I met Christian this past winter when he was in Boston for the Superbowl and immediately drawn to him and I still cant believe for the short time we kept in touch via im that i am cut short on getting to know him more. I met Christian in Kabul only shortly before he ran off on leave in February and I had the same response – he was someone special and worth knowing. Christian was my neighbor for many years and also my friend he was funny and charming, and very smart, he will be greatly missed by many. Christian was my first cousin and the only memories I have of him are as a toddler up in Conn.There was a huge age difference between us as I have a daughter 2 years younger then him. Christian was a very good friend of my family’s and he is a big part of the reason why i serve today. Christian Major sounds like someone that should have lived forever and may very well do just that in the hearts and minds of everyone he touched in his all too short life. I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU CHRIS MAJOR FOR DOING WHAT MOST ALL OF US ARE AFRAID TO DO,AND THAT IS TO GO TO WAR, THANK YOU AND YOU’R FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Donate directly to Free Range International and help us bring independent assessments directly from Afghanistan. By helping each other, you can both serve more clients, make more money, and create a bigger difference in the world. Up until now, many heart-based entrepreneurs have found the process of connecting with other people in business a little hit-and-miss.
If this is article resonated with you, I’m going to recommend that you read on to sign up for an amazing free training that will go even deeper.
She’s pioneered a revolutionary new way to network by building one-to-one business friendships in a warm, welcoming, completely safe online setting. I was able to determine how to price and package my programs and create a joint venture partnership to increase client referrals. I am now moving forward with confidence because I have a plan in place with systematic steps that generate revenue in my business now and for the future!
I was in Kabul for a month as a favor to a friend when I wrote the post filling in for a guy I had not met before named Christian Major.

Christian was a friend to everyone he met good natured and relaxed in all situations as only big, fit, highly trained men can be. He had a contagious attitude that made the best of everything and brought out the best in everyone.
Chris was a wonderful guy and his passing is a great loss to many individuals including the country he served and protected. We can only hope that his kindness and joyfull energy passed from him to others will continue to have a ripple effect long after his passing, touching even more hearts as his life story is passed from person to person. Something that lights you up and makes you feel as though you’re serving your potential clients in your highest capacity?
Where do you find these communities and how do you actually get the support you need once you do?
Suzanne Monroe is a Heart-Based Business Mentor and the Founder & CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals, where she has given away over $100,000 in scholarships to holistic practitioners and coaches to create thriving businesses through the IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification Program. I am on the way home for a much needed break and am therefore not in close contact with my buddies back in Kabul so I do not know what the family is planning or where to send my condolences. He will be greatly missed but may we always remember his great personality and amazing spirit. He was always willing to do everything he could to help out any of his friends or teamates!
Getting to know him would have been a pleasure, unfortunately an opportunity missed, but you never know we could still meet somewhere some time.
I instantly became a big fan of his when I saw him interacting with the local beggar kids on our first morning together. As a former SARC Devil Doc, I know of the commitment and sacrifice it took to do exactly what it is that Christian did. He had exceptional language skills, he was a very big and very fit guy, had an infectious smile, great sense of humor and like all the good guys in my line of work a tender heart. I cannot believe that he is gone, we use to talk frequently and somehow we separated when he left for Afghanistan again. I just found out he died today, which is the anniversary of my best friend’s death who died in the war and who knew Major too. Unlike many of us he followed up on his investment ensuring unscrupulous family members did not take the money from his charges and force them to beg in other parts of the city.

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