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As entrepreneurship has become the way of career today, more and more people are taking up specialized courses to develop their skills in the field.
One of the most useful entrepreneurship courses available online for free is “How to build a Startup” by Steve Blank, who has written “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” and “The Startup Owner’s Manual”. Another free online course for entrepreneurs is “Startup Engineering”, a 10 week course overseen by Vijay Pande and Balaji Sriviasan of Stanford University.
Gautam Kaul from University of Michigan teaches a free online course on “Introduction to Finance”, which helps entrepreneurs in evaluating the time value concept related to money.

All these free courses are of great use to budding entrepreneurs, who can sharpen their business skills with their help.
While numerous reputed colleges and universities around the world are coming up with such courses, there are some free ones available on the internet too. This 9 lesson class covers topics like identifying customers, marketing products and developing business models.
The course covers the technological aspect of start-ups, including aspects like text editor, reading code, documentation, testing and debugging.

It deals with subjects like selecting the name and trademark for a new business, framing agreements, choosing the type of entity and financing of a start up.

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free it courses in london

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