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A research report is a scientific paper which summarizes your research goals, methods and findings. The equivalent research hypothesis: Background rock music can have a positive impact on students’ math performance.
So, that was all you needed to know to write winning laboratory reports and save your time and nerves.
Why not enjoy yourself mixing up some amazing ingredients or carrying out interviews with interesting people? This part tells your readers why you decided to carry out this investigation and why they should care about it. Briefly state what you found (23 students improved their math performance, while 7 students did not show any change in their performance.) Feel free to use tables and graphs.

Learners’ innate abilities, effectiveness of instruction and psychological climate in the classroom are among the most influential of them. However, for all of them you will need to show properly formatted laboratory reports (lab reports) to persuade your teachers that you really did a great job.
For example, you may offer statistical data on math performance of US high school students and conclude that it should be improved. Critically analyze your findings and interpret them, going back to your research question or hypothesis. Manthei and Kelly (2010) concluded that classical and popular music has no effect on academic performance. To save your time and nerves, check this quick guide on how to write a lab report with ease.

The goal of this research is to investigate the impact of rock music on math performance of high school students. Put the title of the experiment, your name (and the names of your classmate(s) if it was a group project), your course, teacher’s name and the date of your experiment. The hypothesis of this study is that background rock music can have a positive impact on the psychological climate in the classroom and on students’ math performance.

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free labor classes nyc

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