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Join leaders from your own community for a Free Leadership Development session and open networking! Although the Asian Pacific Islander American population is increasing each year in the Puget Sound region, we only hold a mere 2-3% of elected and appointed positions.
Attend this half-day training to learn how you can address this lack of parity by stepping up to become a public leader.

APACE envisions a just America that assures social, economic, and political equity for the diverse Asian Pacific Islander American community. We transform our democracy by politically engaging and empowering the diverse APIA community, and holding ourselves and our leaders accountable to progressive values of social, economic, and political justice. About APACEAPACE works for social and economic justice by transforming our democracy through the political empowerment of the broad API community, and by holding ourselves and our leaders accountable to APACE’s values.

Hear from community leaders as they share their stories, learn how to build your resume, and find out what it takes to run for office.

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free leadership training course qld

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