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Summer seminars - Quench your thirst for knowledge, Seminars and intensive courses by Senior Scholars. Hifth Course - Al-Haafidhoon wal-Haafidhaat makes easy for you the memorization and understanding of the Qur'aan, Hadeeth and Classical Texts. You always wanted Umrah in Ramadaan, now set your bar higher, We bring you Umrah in Ramadaan and with scholars. If you wish to broadcast lectures in your local community, please subscribe to this list to stay updated. Please Support our projects in spreading the deen of Allaah, may Allaah open the doors of Rizq for you from the heavens and from all blessed corners of earth for you and your noble family. We sincerely appreciate all the support and enthusiasm of the community for our Dawah projects. Let’s help you explore many good qualities you possess which you may utilize to further the cause of Al-Islaam and help spread the authentic and balanced message of Al-Quraan and As-Sunnah.
If you are of those fortunate Muslims who have some free time and are willing to invest in the noble and multitude of rewards bearing projects, then we invite you to lend us your hand and your reward is with Allaah Subhanahu wa ta’Aala. 2 = Print, copy, distribute and post the FLYERS in your Masaajid and community Centers. 4 = Invite your family members and friends and listen to LIVE lectures at a convenient location. A noted name in the field of education in South Korea, ETOOS dived into the Indian market in the year 2011 and since then there has been no looking back.

ETOOS brought a revolution in the market by introducing the concept of online coaching for the students aspiring to seek admission in the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology. Etoosindia has collaborated with the best faculties from Kota to provide online coaching to the aforementioned set of students to help them fulfill their dreams. The videos have been designed and drafted by the top faculties from Kota who carry years of experience in the field and have in-depth knowledge about their respective subjects.
The high quality lectures are engrossing and offer the feel of sitting in a real classroom like environment.
Any technological application which makes use of biological systems or other kind of living organisms for the sake of making products and even modifying the processes is termed as biotechnology. There are different analytical technologies which can be used and in these video tutorials, we are going to explain the same to you. Feel free to explore the different lectures and go through them to polish your expertise in the area.
Thank you for helping make our goal (of bridging the gap -between scholars and YOU) a reality! Specially this project can't be successful without your help so stretch out your hands and say out loudly WE ARE READY TO HELP !!!
ETOOS Education was set up in Kota, to provide classroom coaching to the IIT aspirants and the firm also started IIT JEE coaching online in the same year.
Various discounts and offers are launched from time to time to make these all the more cost-effective.

Our main focus is the biotech and the pharmaceutical industry; however, we will also talk of structural aspects of biomaterials.
You will learn the intricate details of downstream processing along with the techniques of proteomics. Some of you may have already discovered such qualities & skills and some of you may not have realized that you actually have so many skills but you need someone to "awake you up" so here we are !!!
We believe that in order to make the most of the video tutorials and hone the knowledge in this area, you need to be familiar with what the biomaterials are made of. Biomathematics and thermodynamics are offshoots of the same and this is why we have lectures devoted to the same. Indeed every dawah project we work on its blessings flows over everyone that has contributed to its efforts. Learn about enzyme science and engineering and explore the details of how biotechnology can help you make some of the smartest products which you can hope for.

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free lectures online harvard

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