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We are seeking a CSCS Labourer to start on a long term contract in Little Bookham, Leatherhead ASAP.
We are seeking a number of Industrial Cleaners for a contract based in Newcastle upon Tyne, the job role will include water jetting, cleaning windows and polishing floors using a variety of cleaning materials.
We are seeking a number of Industrial Cleaners for a contract based in a variety of locations throughout London, the job role will include water jetting, cleaning windows and polishing floors using a variety of cleaning materials. All candidates must have their own, valid CSCS card and PPE, as well as having previous experience in this job role.
These time management tips have been designed to help you plan and prioritise your time more effectively.The information below has been prepared and presented by KSL Training and should be used as a starting point to help you think about which tips if implemented, will help you the most in your daily working and personal life. Labourers are required to have CSCS card and also Manual Handling, Working at Heights and Face Fit Certs.
You will also need to consider the policies and procedures of the company you work for, which we cannot take account of here.We are happy for you to retain a copy of these tips for your personal use or bookmark the page. They have either been designed and used by us, or designed by other training colleagues we have worked with in the past. Due to the high demand for labourers on this job DKM recruitment are offering a FREE 3 day training course for these Certificates.

If you are interested in this training course please contact Fay or Steph on 01912111463 for more information. The concept works on the premise that:80% of what we achieve takes 20% of our time80% of what we achieve takes 20% of our effortWe therefore need to focus on the important 20% of our job role and ensure our core activities relate to achieving the business objectives.
If you are someone motivated by ticking off tasks you have completed, this type of list may work for you. However, you must be careful that some form of prioritisation is awarded to these tasks to ensure you achieve the most important things for the business.
You will also need to schedule time into the diary management system you use to achieve the high priority tasks. To help, categories are allocated to each of the tasks – see below.Task Categories ABC or HMLWhen scheduling tasks to be undertaken within a diary or planner, some people find it helpful to categorise their lists of things to do into different categories.
It is important if using these categories that you quantify what these A, B and C categories mean, e.g.
High, Medium and Low, and some like to use colour to see at a glance what needs completing with the highest of priority. Regular scheduling and review of your job objectives with your manager will ensure that you remain constantly in touch with the business.

Also allow time for planning at either the beginning or end of the day (for the next day).Avoid back-to-back meetings If meetings are scheduled next to one another, it is unlikely that you would be sufficient fresh, focused and planned for the second or third meeting of the day without a sufficient break.
This will help alleviate any feelings of being overwhelmed and, of course, make you more efficient.Use peak concentration times Recognise that there will be certain times of the day when your levels of concentration are higher.
Please adapt it to suit your typical working week and add your personal time off to make it truly effective for you. Once you have completed an example working week for yourself, you can store the template and re-use each week. We hope these time management tips are helpful to you in prioritising and planning your time more effectively.

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free management training uk ealing

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