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Schooling is not equivalent to learning, a fact that is becoming all too obvious in the modern workplace. College graduates are often dismayed that, after spending four years attending classes, they lack the practical knowledge necessary for real-world success.
When employers require college degrees, it sends the message that schools have a monopoly over learning.
Ideally, a college degree would be a simple representation of a person’s learning and ability. A recent book, Punished by Rewards, discussed how elementary and secondary students were harmed by the implementation of rewards-based motivation systems.
A college degree is the ultimate form of extrinsic motivation for adult learners, and it can destroy a person’s love of learning. A college degree is the carrot schools use to entice people to pay $40,000+ to sit in classes and follow a pre-designed curriculum. When students “work toward” a degree, they become more focused more on the outcome than the process.
If we stop relying on the college degree, employers will still want a way to evaluate applicants. Hough, from the Smart Money article, believes that a knowledge transcript could be used as a degree alternative.
Perhaps a knowledge transcript could list other accomplishments: projects a person has completed, articles they’ve written, volunteer work they’ve done.
The college degree has become less about learning and more about signaling certain features to potential employers (and other people of relevance who are interested in the qualities that a college degree is supposed to provide).
But ultimately employers need a signaling mechanisms because they can’t know everything about a potential employee. I also think that you have unnecessarily disparaged the need and usefulness of extrinsic motivations. In the end, I think that probably the best way is rather than have a knowledge transcript, which could be misleading, is to have employers who are genuinely interested in having employees with a foundation of knowledge (like an architectural firm for instance), complete a certification test, which could either be company specific, or profession specific (like a test for all pharmicists, stock brokers, or clothing manufacturers). Please do keep commenting; discussion and disagreement helps me (and hopefully others) clarify and re-consider our views.
Likewise for the knowledge transcript, if the testing was done 10 years prior to the job interview, you would have to wonder at it’s relevance. I’m soon to graduate high school and am thinking about pursuing a certification progam instead of a degree.

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Employers commonly weed out job applicants by requiring a degree, making it necessary for potential workers to attend school and put themselves thousands of dollars in debt for knowledge they could have acquired elsewhere. Unfortunately, it’s morphed into something much more enticing and harmful to a student’s psyche. Students know that the degree can help them get better jobs, make more money, and find respect with their peers. Basically, anyone who wanted to prove their knowledge could take an affordable national test and list it on the transcript. A portfolio-based system would be more individualized and harder for employers to evaluate quickly. For example, let’s say that someone takes a math class because they need it to earn an college degree. The colleges have also dumbed down the curriculum so that anybody can get a college degree. The knowledge transcript is a good idea, as are the career certification exams which another poster suggested. They offer free content to students and the public alike; from subjects like Arabic to Graphic Design to Philosophy and much more.
While FRCC’s courses are offered to the public for free, other individual institutions are able to make their content exclusively accessible to their enrolled students through password protected interfaces.
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In fact, most learning happens outside the walls of academia – in the workplace, the home, and the community. Like the completion of a degree, the completion of a test is not necessarily the best proof of authentic learning. A person who is controlled by extrinsic motivation wants to have something: a sticker, a prize, a degree.
Yet I think the world could do with a few more deep thinkers and a few less business people. Experience is key in obtaining a job now days, and i don’t want to spend two years of my life sitting in a class room just like high school all over again before learning about the profession that I want to pursue. People who learn on their own tend to be better learners, and there need to be more credit-by-exam programs so that self-learners can document their knowledge. Some people are good test takers, some people are capable of extensive short-term memorization, and some highly-knowledgeable people have neither of these skills. If employers want the best for their money, taking the extra time to consider the whole person will be worth the effort. A person learning because of intrinsic motivation wants to be able to do something: write for the joy of writing, study econ to be able to manage stocks, etc.
Of Course, Who would want it any different, but on the other hand, and their is another hand, those who have the knowledge already without being told, should likewise get a chance. CLEP exams are already one good option in this regard, but it would be good if there was a wider variety available. And if I want to go back and get a degree, then i can do so with experience already on my resume.
How can anything New Under the Sun evolve, if the mill keeps turning out the same things, to the same Degree?
If I was hiring someone I would care more about what experience and the knowledge they bring to the table. What’s the point of going to college, giving up years of your time, and ending up not even working where you want because you have no experience? Getting a degree, in my opinion, has become a trend in society that people aim for because they care about prestige.

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