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For individual courses, the PDF certificate is only $13, the original certificate is $17 (shipping extra), and the PDF & original certificate is $22 (shipping extra). Despite its high fatality rate, construction can be a safe occupation when workers are aware of the hazards, and use an effective Construction Safety Management System (CSMS). OSHA's construction standards require construction employers to have accident prevention programs that provide for frequent and regular inspection of the jobsites, materials, and equipment by competent persons designated by the employers. An effective construction safety management system makes all the difference in preventing injuries and illnesses in the worksite. This course highlights the requirements in the updated standard for excavation and trenching operations, provides methods for protecting employees against cave-ins, and describes safe work practices for employees. A good way to begin the creation of an effective construction safety management system (CSMS) is to determine which standards and rules apply to the work being performed by your company. The Design Phase – The employer designs vision and mission statements, goals, objectives, roles, and responsibilities. The Development Phase – The employer develops policies, plans, programs, processes, procedures and practices. The Deployment Phase – The employer deploys the CSMS to everyone through instruction, training, feedback, CSMS analysis and evaluation, and continuous Improvement.

We’ll discuss each of the three phases and the components of each phase throughout the course.
Hopefully, management in your company will be convinced that the 3D model will work to create a world-class CSMS and culture that is both efficient and effective in preventing and controlling hazards.
OSHA Challenge provides interested employers and workers the opportunity to gain assistance in improving their safety and health management systems. After you have studied all of the course material and taken the module quizzes, you can take the final exam.
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A necessary first step in planning the approach to any trenching or other excavation project is to understand what could go wrong. Ideally, after you identify uncontrolled hazards, you will take steps to eliminate or reduce them to an acceptable risk level. All of the following should be reviewed to more specifically analyze how changes that affect safety occur on the worksite, except _____.
All of the following are good reasons to conduct daily safety inspections on the worksite, except _____. Other benefits include reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, higher productivity, and improved employee morale.
Our experts then talk about total float and the logic that ties activities together. They show participants how to break down a project into activities and tie those activities together using logic.

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free online courses in construction management

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