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Alan Krueger, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers said at the Bloomberg Washington Economic Summit, said the U.S. A recent Bloomberg Government study concluded that the rise of online courses promises to revolutionize higher education. Founded by two Stanford computer professors earlier this year, Coursera has partnered with more than 30 top universities to offer nearly 200 online courses free of charge.
Coursera’s online courses have also allowed universities to take lectures out of their face-to-face classes and offer them online instead, so they can make room for more interactive engagement in the classroom. Some universities are still hesitant to join the online education revolution, but a growing number of institutions, such as the universities partnering with Coursera, have embraced online learning, because they want to play a part in shaping its development. While online courses do not offer the same experience as on-campus classes, they have their advantages.
Minnesota Bans Free Online Education Minnesota has decided to crack down on free online education, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.
Purdue Offers 100% Online Master’s Degree >Purdue University today unveiled their first fully online degree program.
The Gujarat Chapter of Code For India, a US-based non-profit organisation of techies from India launched ‘Skill Up India’ – India’s open source, free, online education portal. He said that the big universities, offering their entire courses on open domains, was a “massive trend” and India must take advantage of this.

The portal is planning to set up a review committee to assess the credibility of instructors and the courses they offer, Mehta said. In India, where internet connectivity is still poor, the possibility of SUI reaching open education to the last person seems distant. So far, all the courses on SUI are in English, but Mehta said his team had volunteer engineers who could translate them in Indian languages. Widespread acceptance of online education may restrain rising college costs, and as many as half of U.S. For example, in less than a year, several prestigious universities, including Stanford and Princeton, have begun offering online courses through a consortium called Coursera, a for-profit company backed by $16 million in venture capital.
1.5 million students from around the world have already enrolled in classes through Coursera, and the company’s next step is to explore ways to turn a profit for its investors, such as charging a fee for certifications.
In fact, Coursera has helped people find better jobs by equipping them with specific skills that employers seek. According to National Public Radio, Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller said that in five or 10 years, people are going to wonder why universities ever crammed 500 people into an auditorium to listen to a lecture for an hour and a half. Coursera democratizes education, making it available to people in far-flung areas, such as sub-Saharan Africa, where access to education is limited. Coursera gives adult learners around the world an opportunity to obtain a top-tier education and qualify for better jobs.

Currently in its initial stages, the portal is working on collaborating with institutes such as the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhi Nagar to put up courses.
Institutions can donate courses, individuals can offer courses in any skill, even corporates can put their best practices,” Mehta said. Education should not stop once you get a degree, and Coursera provides a wonderful opportunity to continue your education free of charge. However, Koller believes that brick-and-mortar campuses will still have a place, because certain aspects of the traditional learning experience cannot be replicated online.
It is possible that in 10 to 20 years, companies like Coursera will dramatically change the way that universities operate.
Sitting in India, you can learn exactly what is being taught in the classroom at the University of Michigan, for instance. The log in procedure is easy and frictionless,” Code For India founder and venture capitalist Karl Mehta told a press conference. It is about empowering those who have knowledge to give and those who want to learn,” he said.

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