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Some of the points on the card will be narrow: you only need one or two sentences to talk about them. Many students try to use the same words as they would in an essay (firstly, however, as a consequence), but these will not improve your score.
You are unlikely to get the same questions in the exam as you practised at home, so flexibility is key! Think about how you would improve their answers, and how you would answer the same question yourself; there are loads of examples on YouTube. When you practise, you will soon notice which are your strong and weak areas; this allows you to target your vocabulary work in the weak areas.
The real key to getting a great score in this part of the IELTS is answering the questions with topic specific vocabulary in a well-structured way.

It is impossible for anyone to create a comprehensive vocabulary list due to the wide range of possible topics. For more advice on recording and remembering vocabulary, take a look at point 2 on our helpful hints blog.

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free online english ielts course

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