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This is an alphabet matching game that helps kids to identify the English alphabets in upper and lower cases. This is a compound word exercise with challenging activities that will help kids to improve compound word vocabulary. This short vowel game is designed to help young children in early reading and writing skills.
This is a vocabulary game to teach kids about adjectives and use of adjectives in a sentence. This is a picture labeling drag and drop exercises to practice and reinforce kids vocabulary. Play free maze puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage through which the player must find a route.

Play this jigsaw game to know about the world's most spectacular natural wonders and man made structures. Grab an array of falling blocks and arrange in a line.Great game for enhancing logical thinking and speed. This is an ideal maths game for teaching subtraction to preschool and kindergarten children.
This is an engrossing educational game for preschool children, in which they learn number sequence. This animal maze puzzle game is designed for kids to teach them about animals' homes and their babies. This is an engrossing educational game designed to teach and test the kids knowledge of shapes and alphabets.

Children have fun as they color the pictures while developing and practicing their subtraction ski..
In this, a child can select an animal of his choice and customize the number of pieces to cr.. The objective of the game to clear a pumpkin field without detonating any of the rotten pumpkins. Children enjoy the fun of the game as they go through a collection of objects; trying to logically sort them out.

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free online learning games pre kindergarten

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