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FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY Department Of Languages And …The intention behind asking you to listen to 30 minutes of Spanish each week is to provide you with consistent opportunities to listen to Spanish.
Bodhran – Wikipedia, The free EncyclopediaThe bodhran has also found application within the Celtic music of Spain, often accompanying the gaita gallega (Spanish bagpipes).
Expansion In Pre-K Programs Curtailed In RecessionThe expansion in public prekindergarten programs has slowed and even been reversed in some states as school districts cope with shrinking budgets.
It will be like having an awesome class with your own Private Spanish Tutor everywhere: home, school, or office and at anytime. I also teach private Spanish lessons to a very select and very lucky group of students in my Spanish classroom. Click link above to Donate any amount you want, if you like Professor Palacios's Free Online Spanish Lessons Course.
As you study Spanish, it’s smart to take advantage of as many different resources as you can! Open-source courseware means that universities are letting anyone download their courses for free. When you’re ready to relax, try this YouTube channel to start watching La Familia Peluche, one of the most-watched Spanish TV series. Avoid these common mistakes for Spanish language learners by educating yourself before you start making mistakes. False cognates are words that look similar in two languages, but have very different meanings.
The best way to conjugate verbs is the old fashioned way — take out a piece of paper, list your pronouns, and begin writing the different conjugations.
This is another free, online verb conjugation practice site, with tons of verb categories to choose from.
You can practice verb conjugations in sets of 10 here, with a choice of regular or irregular verbs. This is a free language-learning app that focuses on a game-like way of learning, similar to Rosetta Stone.
This is a free application for language learning that follows the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference), which is an international language proficiency scale. This is an overlooked app for language learning, but I use Pinterest for almost all of my teaching materials. This app lets you ask questions to native speakers or people who are practicing speaking Spanish.
Spanish language chatrooms are a great resource for practicing written Spanish in your free time. This website is an all-Spanish option where you’ll find many more native speakers, not necessarily Spanish learners. This website has a great selection of Spanish games for beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers. If you’re studying Mexican Spanish or hoping to travel to Mexico, you must watch La Familia Peluche. This is a very good channel that features videos according to levels done by the CEFR (Common European Framework). While this website doesn’t have the biggest Spanish selection, I wanted to include it anyway. This is one of the best Spanish-learning websites that offers materials in a natural context. Learning Spanish is going to open your world up to an amazing collection of artists and music from so many different countries. Choose from more than 20 music categories and even more radio stations to stream over the Internet.
You can always keep immersing yourself by switching websites you already use to the Spanish version.
If you’re like me, you obsessively check TripAdvisor reviews before booking any vacation.
There’s nothing better than reading authentic Spanish text with beautiful images to keep you interested. As you explore these options for learning Spanish, keep in mind that one website or one method alone is not going to make you a master Spanish speaker. Private instructors can save you hours of frustration by explaining difficult grammar concepts in a way they know you’ll understand. Beyond that, another key to immersing yourself in a language is to have meaningful, everyday experiences in it.
Try to use as many of the different types of resources as you can, on a daily basis, and you’ll be amazed at how fast your vocabulary bank and knowledge expands! Readers, what other resources do you use for Spanish conjugation practice, verb practice, or pronunciation practice? I don’t come from a Spanish-speaking family, nor is my family from a country where Spanish is spoken. Consider changing your phone, computer, tablet, Facebook page, and anything else with a language option to Spanish. For example, every time you look at your phone, you’ll see the date in Spanish, reinforcing the days of the week and months of the year. Seeing a few of the same words over and over again will help the language feel more natural to you, and you’ll find it becomes easier to incorporate them into everyday life with very little effort involved! I recommend beginning with teen literature or popular novels that don’t have a lot of challenging vocabulary.
While you’re sitting at your desk, in your car on your way to work, or at home cooking dinner, put on a podcast in Spanish. For learning conversational Spanish, I recommend Coffee Break Spanish, which focuses on conversations for traveling abroad, like how to order coffee! Before you head out to buy something, look up the things you need to purchase and make a list in Spanish! Whether you write a public blog or a more traditional private journal, writing is a great way to practice Spanish. There are many websites, like iTalki, that connect you to people who are trying to learn English. The following consonants have the same or similar sound as the English consonants: b, ch, d, f, k, l, m, n, p, s, t, w, and x.

You need to pay attention to the following consonants: c, g, h, j, ll, A±, q, r, v, y and z. You won’t get official academic credit, of course, but what a great way to get an MIT education for free!
You can test your Spanish proficiency, watch video courses, play games, and find authentic Spanish news, TV, and radio websites. I really like the lessons and conversations section, which introduces basic vocabulary and language. This website has a lot of free information for Spanish learners, in relation to medicine and healthcare.
This website will give you an overview of conjugation and also generates unique quizzes to practice.
There are several Spanish courses ranging from beginner to advanced, based on the CEFR levels. You can search any topic, vocabulary, or grammar issue and you’ll see beautiful images, charts, and infographics to explain them. Many of these websites work like social networking, where you set up a profile with details about yourself. This is not a substitute for private lessons, since you won’t be getting the error correction and guidance a teacher would give you. This website can help you see how Spanish speakers really communicate and how the language is used in casual conversation. Everyone learns in the same way and even the most dedicated adult appreciates a break from the routine every once in a while! It has games and activities, online books, and printable activities for all learning levels. Online quizzes help you perfect your Spanish in a variety of categories, such as adjectives, article verbs, and pronouns. Many of them are directions-based and aimed at children, but they’re also good for beginners of any age. Pages like the ones below often share helpful information, such as proper ways to use vocabulary words, commonly confused words, and spelling help. Many of them are classic stories and fairy tales by famous writers, such as Hans Christian Anderson. There’s a wide selection of books, including romance, cooking, terror, mystery, and more. This field is growing by the day and includes resources for both teachers and students to use. Think about how fast the newscasters speak in English… yes, it’s the same in Spanish! Music styles vary from country to country, so you might want to try a little of each before you decide which type is your favorite. This strategy will help you learn vocabulary related to topics that you’re likely to talk about. Below are some websites that I use frequently, but if you don’t see any of your choices on the list, just try searching for them. Your friend’s English posts won’t change – but you’ll have the option to translate them into Spanish. The best thing you can do is to work with a private Spanish tutor to help you navigate through all the resources available.
In addition, your lessons will give you the opportunity to speak in Spanish and be corrected on the spot. This happens when you use the language in a real-life context: try writing messages, updating your social media status, making a phone call, or ordering in a restaurant in Spanish. And if you’d like extra help, feel free to contact me through my TakeLessons profile for private lessons, or check out the online group Spanish classes I’m teaching here! She has over five years of teaching experience and holds a Masters degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology, with a specialization as an online educator.
From new vocabulary to strange grammar rules, there’s a lot of places beginners can stumble or get frustrated. I often make people guess what country I’m from, and I’ve heard everything from Spain to Cuba! By including these activities in your everyday life, you can learn and practice Spanish without feeling like it’s homework! This is an easy way to practice Spanish, since you’ll see more of the vocabulary on a daily basis.
I use Wikipedia at least once a day, and I always go for the Spanish version of the website first. Trivia games force you to be quick on your feet as you practice Spanish, as many of them are timed. Netflix and Hulu now offer shows and movies in Spanish, some of which include English subtitles so you can check how much you understand.
The production value is higher than other Latin American countries and the accent is faint.
Singing along to songs will help your pronunciation and helps you begin to think in Spanish.
It could be one aimed at teaching Spanish or a Spanish-language podcast about another topic. If you are a true beginner, SpanishPod101 is another great one. They have all levels of Spanish for any student!
As you find your items in the store and cross it off your list, actively think about the new word and associate it with the item you’ve just picked up. You can write about any topic that you are interested in, which makes your learning experience fun and personalized. I have met friends in Colombia and Chile this way, and we are still Facebook friends to this day! Once you learn the Spanish alphabet, you will be on your way to master Spanish pronunciation.
The World Wide Web offers an infinite number of resources that can help you learn a new language. By studying one irregular verb each day, you’ll increase your proficiency at lightning speed.

In Spanish, you’ll get frustrated at the amount of conjugation you have to learn, but eventually everything will be simplified and you won’t even use pronouns when speaking.
Research shows that learners who read correct grammar are more likely to use it when speaking. I really like this website because you can play a number of games using the same core vocabulary words.
My personal favorites are the videos featuring Spanish spoken by native speakers from different countries. There are short, animated videos that feature basic conversation and show vocabulary in real contexts. Even conversational Spanish learners should take a look – you never know when you’ll be traveling and end up sick or in a medical emergency. Whether you’re taking a break from work or stuck in traffic, you can always find five minutes to practice.
This is great for traveling abroad — just remember, no translation app or website is perfect.
But, if you want to practice information you learned in class, like introducing yourself, this is a good option. Please be aware that using any website to meet other people (even for learning purposes) has risks. I wouldn’t recommend letting children use these alone, since they would be speaking with strangers and all the risks that that entails. The websites below are the best, in my opinion, offering a variety of free games at different levels. They’re also a great place to ask questions in between classes and practice communicating in written Spanish. It’s a great way to listen to pronunciation and work on your reading comprehension skills.
The websites below offer a variety of books, from beginner children’s books to classic novels. By listening to the news in Spanish, you can fine-tune your ears to very difficult listening comprehension.
You can always change your location in your account settings to a Spanish-speaking country to get the Spanish version by default as well.
You can go to any TA site in a Spanish-speaking country (the link here is Mexico) and still sign in with your original ID and password. And all of the buttons and links will be in Spanish, reinforcing your vocabulary a little bit each time you click me gusta. Error correction is essential to learning a language, especially when it comes to pronunciation. Making a personal connection to the language in this way makes it more likely that you will retain the information. For example, conjugation rules take some time to get used to — there’s a reason most Spanish teachers include lots of Spanish conjugation practice in their classes! Next time you need information about your favorite celebrity, look at their page in Spanish and see how much you can understand before switching the language to English!
Pablo Neruda is one of the most famous Spanish-language poets of the 20th century, and he has written beautiful love poems, such as “If You Forget Me” (Si tu me olvidas).
This popular book uses some advanced vocabulary, but mainly tries to use common words in unconventional ways, making it a very satisfying read for a conversational Spanish speaker.
You can send emails or texts, or use Skype to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The downside is that sifting through the junk can take hours on end to find a quality website or resource. It’ll give you a rough equivalent of the words in another language, but often the meaning is not correctly translated.
The visual effects, facial expressions, and body language all help facilitate understanding. In addition to Spanish language classes, you can download English-language courses on Spanish culture and history. This will be very helpful if you travel abroad or engage in conversation with native speakers. For extra practice, when you find a song you enjoy, try looking up the lyrics and singing along. If you don’t see your favorite magazine listed, try searching online for a Spanish version. Repetition helps you understand the rules, and once you’ve got them figured out, the language gets much easier. How did I manage to essentially eradicate my native accent and achieve a level of pronunciation that native speakers themselves envy? I like to read the articles out loud to practice Spanish pronunciation in addition to my reading skills. Typically, accents of Colombia, Argentina, and Chile are harder to understand if you’re just getting started.
Taking a few minutes to practice your Spanish writing is a great way to keep your mind thinking in the language and to pick up on any grammatical issues you may be having.
Lucky for you, I have done the legwork and found 75 of the best online resources to help you improve your Spanish! Keep in mind these groups may not be monitored and you should always exercise caution in who you accept friend requests from or speak to privately.
This is also a great way to stay informed about what is happening in Spanish-speaking countries. Juanes is great for pop music, and for salsa, try listening to Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, and Juan Luis Guerra.
So, it is true of most of the Spanish letters with a few exceptions that we will note later on.

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