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If you want both of these excellent books on blogging, totally free, I only ask you to do two things.
I am trying to develop my blog to use as a platform to help me in my search for a great job when I graduate, and help promote my personal brand to potential employers. I’m in Australia but would be happy to contribute to help these books cross the water =) and would love to continue this by passing on the books when I am finished in this same way.
I think I should win because after I read them I’ll probably share the books with others. I have two blogs that could use some help – one for my mental health counseling private practice where I try to reach out to people who could use help with mental health and wellness tips.
The other blog I write (starting) is for therapists who are trying to improve themselves and their work situation by leaving corporate mental health and going into private practice – I really believe we can improve mental health if we had more therapists working in their own business, than working for others. Finally, I need to share these with my wife – she is just (this week) starting her blog on teaching and literacy coaching after she was let go by her school due to state-wide budget cuts.
My personal blog could use some direction for sure and I’ve recently started blogging for a variety of clients and could definitely use some help there! I feel that learning from books and having a tangible reminder sitting by your bedside or on your shelf to constantly work at your blog is rewarding in its own aspect.
I would love a six figure income from blogging so I can move to southern France with my mistress and live Tim Ferris’ life. How embarrassing to just now realize that I am over 2 yrs too late for your book give away. Online Marketing Inside Out is a book by Brandon Eley and Shayne Tilley, published by SitePoint in May, 2009. To get a research online marketer, it is quite important to know about their particular competition, their particular advantages and disadvantages, and their total online routines. Yahoo and Google alerts may also be very good tools to help keep any a record of your competition.

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I know these books would really help me refine my content whilst allowing me to expand my blog. My friend who has started his own business and I’ve encouraged him to begin using social media tools would be the recipient of at least one of the books. Sure you can sit on your computer all day, browsing blogging sites, but it’s easier when you can carry with you a focused, ad-less, distraction free hunk of knowledge that can plant its ideas into your mind no matter where you are. I am so grateful to have come across his site and in my opinion, there’s really no one out there on his level that shares the secrets of success and writes as captivating & easy to read and follow the way he does!
I love writing and have been following various bloggers to gain valuable information and tips. This website is an extension of that book, with advice and articles about all aspects of online marketing including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, online advertising, public relations and media, website optimization, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, social media and more. Like any additional successful marketing and advertising program, an online marketing and advertising plan furthermore requires complete and complex analysis in the competition to reach your goals to build the specified business online. Usually, aggressive intelligence and also analysis will be assumed inside the research industry as well as the research marketers hardly ever spend whenever learning the particular competition. These kinds of alerts inform you while something adjustments to your aggressive keywords and also once you along with your levels of competition are described on-line. I have learned a lot about a lot when it comes to blogging and yet I still have a long way to go. If i receive these 2 books I will be too busy digesting them to spread the word that your name means broom hill. My vision is to , thru blogging, become an influential Thought Leader in the area of personal and spiritual development with an emphasis on the the sanctity of the individual. I can feel the anticipation of discovery, of learning new things, of being instructed and inspired.

But books, oh books, they never judge me, or sneak out in the middle of the night, stealing my credit cards and silverware. This website is not affiliated with SitePoint, and the opinions expressed here are that of the authors and no one elses.
Pricey crucial part of the business approach and so takes an extremely systematic way of prepare a powerful website marketing program. You can learn several things simply by studying your competition and also grab fresh tricks and also techniques from their website.
So far he has taught me everything from approaching my site from a professional standpoint to monetizing.
I want to know everything I can to get me to the confident level of blogging for my company website and for my own personal branding. Your books would play a big part in my success at reaching other wandering, weary souls and offering them a little light to assist them in their dark night struggles.
A total competition analysis would certainly study in depth just about all areas of every one of your current competitor’s website marketing approach.
If you’ve been thinking of getting into blogging, these would be excellent books to read. Studying your competition will help you realize their approach, their particular strategies, their particular amount of accomplishment, and so forth which can be extremely important the achievements your online strategy.
One good way of researching your competition can be subscribing to their particular e-mail, study their articles and have to find out their particular internet sites.

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