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Open Source originally grew out of the Free Software movement, which laid out the groundwork and developed methods for collaboration around a common pool of information and resources. Many companies and individuals have built successful businesses on products following this definition, and others simply take open source hardware as inspiration, as a starting point to begin opening aspects of their products and workflows.
Better products: long-lasting due to ease of repair, cheaper due to free-market competition and the ability to build upon existing components, more features thanks to third party extensions, surprising use-cases developed by the community. For existing businesses, Open Source is above all about optimising workflows and products to include the input of the community.
The Open it Agency helps companies and organisations to understand Open Source and find suitable strategies to successfully apply and communicate Open approaches in their projects. The Sharing economy has shown us that together we can find better and smarter ways to use resources through collaboration. It is the Open it Agency’s goal to help organizations to understand openness and find individual opportunities with the greatest potential, and develop strategies to make the most of those opportunities with honesty and integrity. LicenseUnless otherwise noted all content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Trying to manage a project without project management software can turn into a Godzilla-like apocalypse quickly. Even with the best intentions and strategy, a wrong turn can quickly demolish months of work, and a misstep can mean the small-business equivalent of losing San Francisco. Small businesses have a variety of possibilities for organizing their projects from the deep.
Zoho Projects lets you have as many users as you’d like and, apart from a 10 MB limit on storage, doesn’t have any limitations on functionality in the free version. Zoho Projects has a dense list of features and, incredibly, its interface has been compared to the intuitive layout of Facebook. Free users will miss out on Zoho Projects’ document management system because they are limited to 10MB of storage (the paid version offers 5-30GB, depending on the plan).
Bitrix24 is a project management system entirely free for up to 12 users, with an option to upgrade to more for $99 per month.
Users can choose whether to use Bitrix24 in the cloud or self-host on the company’s own server.
Bitrix24 also makes real-time communication a breeze with group chat, videoconferencing, and instant messenger. An Employee Workload Planning tool that lets managers plan certain number of hours for a task and then compare it with the number of actual hours spent by those who the task were assigned to. Small businesses may struggle with the free version of Bitrix24 solely because of its limitation on user profiles—and the jump to $99 per month may be a non-starter if you’re cash-strapped. Trello uses a method called Kanban, a project management system developed by a former Toyota vice president, Taiichi Ohno, which allows users to move cards—representative of tasks—to create a visual representation of where a project is in development.
Trello offers unlimited users and projects, but only offers 10MB of storage on their free version. If a more intuitive project management software option exists than Trello, I’ll dress up as a burrito and beg for free Chipotle.
A quick peek at the alignment of the cards lets users know how far along a project is—and what to work on next.
2-Plan Team makes it easy to coordinate with off-campus teams and track time spent on tasks—and it integrates seamlessly with 2-Plan Desktop. 2-Plan offers a lot of features that can quickly get overwhelming for teams with little time for their extensive manuals. Thankfully, its pro accounts are reasonably priced—businesses only have to pay $15 a month to fully upgrade Work 2-gether. Based on their 140,000 customers and 400,000 users, Asana is one of the most popular project management apps available—and best of all, for up to 15 users, it’s free. Over 10,000 companies start using Asana every single month. Asana allows its users to visualize their goals, track their time, assign priority to their tasks, and get updates on the project right in the program. In addition, over the past year, it’s added an Android app, the ability to convert a task to a project, conversations, and dashboards. I discovered MeisterTask when looking up underground free project management tools, and it’s a great little find. MeisterTask has all the important features: it offers time tracking, issue tracking, and collaboration with both internal and external users. MeisterTask is still a new-ish project management system, so it’s working on a lot of projects that haven’t been launched yet. I would not recommend GanttProject to people who are unfamiliar with project management software.
Orange Scrum offers the best locally-hosted, free project management software for IT teams. Cons: Because Orange Scrum is so versatile, serious coding knowledge is required to make the most of this tool. Freedcamp is great for businesses who want to be able to scale with their project management software; the free version will last your company for a long while, and upgrading is cheap, cheap, cheap. For all of the free options available, many small businesses may want to consider upgrading to paid versions for more users, expanded functionality, and better customer support.
Rachel is a Content Marketing Analyst for Capterra, a free online resource that quickly matches businesses to their software needs. I wanted to share this information about a new freemium BI reporting and data visualization server available from Actuate: the BIRT iHub F-type. Britix24, Asanaand and Producteev are only available on SaaS – Where are the sources ? Only Trello (I like its approach and design), 2Plan and GantProject are real Open Source but they are too limited in PM features to be considered as Top PM tools. Have a look at what Ganib or ProjeQtOr offer for free to get an idea of what should be a PM Tool.
I want to mention a full featured business management software including a rich project management part that is integrated in all other business related processes like CRM, Invoicing, Reporting and Expense Management. A very good one indead (I use it professionnaly) but it is not enough to call it a Project Management Tool. Twenty years of project management left me with an urge to create Jibby, something different.
Running through available tools for managing activities in large and small projects convinced me that we need to reconstruct the way we use computers. By reconstructing, I really mean to identify and merge various system similarities, simplify user interface, enhance reporting, avoid custom solutions, provide connectivity and keep privacy while maintaining flexibility. Jibby is the result of thorough analysis of various systems handling common elements such as Projects, Information, Tasks, Deliverables, Events, Meetings, Documents, Costs, Timesheets, Memos, Blogs, Mails and Contacts.
All Entities can be made public and become a part of a project presentation by applying a domain extention in user settings.
The contact manager is extensive and can fully integrate all Google contacts (and also from other major platforms soon) and synchronise Jibby with those platforms.
There are to many features and variations provided by Jibby on this simple but flexible screen to cover here. I’m taking a Project Management class in college and I found this article very informative.
A fully functional, free, and in many aspects much better than Microsoft Project, project tool is OpenWorkbench.
Hi Rachel, I want to be able to write a task completed in my daily log and have this posted into a project-specific log. I thought you might like to know about another free project management tool called Stepsie. Excellent list Rachel, it does help identifying which one will best suits to specific needs based on pros and cons you described.
Please advise how the top 3 open source PM softwares compare against Microsoft Project or Primavera SureTrak. De mon point de vue, todoyu est l’un des meilleurs webware de gestion de projet gratuit que j’ai eu l’occasion de tester. Free and Open Source Project Management Software: A project management software is a program that can help apply knowledge, techniques, skills, and tools for planning and controlling resources, costs and schedules to meet the requirements of a particular project.
TaskJuggler is a modern and powerful, Free and Open Source Software project management tool. TeamLab is a multifunctional online service for business collaboration, CRM, document and project management. Resources : Assign human resources to work on tasks, see their allocation on the Resource Load chart. ClockingIT is a free Project Management solution, which helps your team stay focused and on top of things. Project HQ is a collaborative open source project management tool, similar to Basecamp and activeCollab.
ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface.
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You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.
We are grateful to announce the launch of “ProjectXimplify” – The simple way to manage your project. I am looking for a tool in php which can be used internally within my team to track projects.
I am hoping that somebody can give me some advice on which project manager program will suit my needs. There are several free, open source and paid project management tools available, but everyone has a unique and specific need.
Actually, you must be very careful in selecting a project and time management tool because it is very difficult to change from one tool to another as transition is complete hassle.

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Selecting an ERP software package and implementing it correctly can be an extremely complex and intimidating process for many business executives and project teams. I am looking for an Free Open Source E-commerce Platform that can be customized to sell all kinds of optical products like prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc,etc. Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications to your email id. Once the project has been purchased, our technical team will be contacting you and giving you the online support. Point of Sales and Inventory System is a powerful windows application which allows to manage sales and inventory records.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As someone commented, I recommend PlantUML for developing applications that need to generate UML diagrams, it has its own language and covers a lot of diagrams. I have seen this question asked in many forums, however the solution presented worked on selected browsers only.
Calling a JavaScript function from codebehind is quiet simple, yet it confuses a lot of developers. Open Source Hardware and Open Design are the most common terms when it comes to applying the open source model to the world of physical objects and services.
In doing this, a company is able to unlock new markets and explore new fields and methods for doing business. It opens up new ways to grow healthy and flourishing companies as well as vibrant, engaged communities. Through Open Source, this collaborative approach also provides a key for companies to do better and more efficient business.
The team of the Open it Agency have years of active experience in the field of Open Source and the Sharing Economy to draw upon. The list has also been updated to reflect changes to these software options’ features over the past year.
Taming this project gone bad can be a horrific task—especially when you have to pay a lot of money to do it.
Its analytics system is absolutely on point; users feel comfortable doing away with traditional spreadsheets for Harvest’s simple platform. For Waterfall enthusiasts, Zoho Projects has incredible Gantt chart options, allowing users to set complicated tasks and milestones. The PM features are outstanding: Bitrix24 offers Gantt charts, layered task options, time tracking and management, and even employee workload planning. It also acts as a DropBox alternative—the free version offers 5GB of cloud storage for easy document sharing—and, for just 25? a month, businesses can add an additional gigabyte.
Luckily, it’s easy to get Trello Gold–just share and get a new user on board, and you’ll jump up to 250MB for a year.
While the front of the card has little more than a task label, the back can be filled with all kinds of information—like who’s working on the task, when it’s due, and what parts of the task have already been completed with a simple checklist. Trello also now offers a calendar function so everyone can collaborate on their projects transparently. There isn’t a good way to look at a project with high detail—for example, it does not offer an option to see task lists broken down by user or due date. On the desktop version alone, project managers can create an animated graphical WBS, craft project milestones, implement top-down and bottom-up planning, and build project control systems. Work 2-Gether is similar to Trello in that it uses the Kanban system, but it also has the ability to expand into a greater workchart. True to the aesthetic and simplicity of the most popular social network, Asana is an intuitive task-management system that works best for teams seeking real-time interaction. It’s been beefing up–last year, its biggest con was that it didn’t have enough features. There is no storage limit, so exchanging files is hardly a burden on the system’s capacity. The boards are completely customizable so that teams can create anything from Kanban to Scrum and various mixed forms.
Communication is a breeze–it’s similar to the conversation system on Trello, except with instant updates.
Reviewers have compared this heavy-hitting application to Microsoft Project—both in terms of features offered and complexity. The management platform allows users to quickly create a structured schedule for any project. If you have tech teeth, you can basically make this free PM software whatever you would like it to be.
Users will never be behind because Freedcamp makes sure to add notifications everywhere when there’s an update (and they’re innocuous, like a Facebook notification, so they don’t get in the way).
ERPAL is a free Drupal distribution and can be customized in business logic and data structure using all existing Drupal modules. It provides requirement tracking, creation of quotes and invoices, time tracking and diagramming using The different attributes apply more to some elements then other but in general they overlap so Jibby handles all elements as identical with the exception of element Type.
A checklist can be created for all Entities and you can use them to monitor the progress or completion of the entity. I tend to work smarter and I like to use templates and tools that can get me to my goal quicker and easier.
I understand how important it is to have a reliable project management system especially in running a business. Perhaps the simplest of them all, since it converts Google Calendar into a project management tool. We cover the complete project lifecycle, from requirement tracking, through quote generation to invoicing. What I’m looking for is project management software but I want to be able to share some details with the clients. In other words, I have a general log of things that I have completed that day, each may be for a different project. Still I think these software are not upto the mark which is required for civil engineering needs. It is totally free for a one user license and you can create your project portal in minutes. It is not open source but free for unlimited users and projects with 50MB free storage for files for now. This week I stumbled upon OpenProject, which is free, open source and has a really nice GUI.
It includes integrated functions such as calendars, charts, budget management, scheduling, and quality management and documentation.Project management software can be implemented as either a desktop or as a web-based application.
A good project management software would include many types of software, including estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems. A quick look inside shows that Collabtive has all the basic features: milestones, task management, time tracking, calendar.
Its primary functions allow users to manage contacts, appointments, projects and to-do lists. From only one interface, it gathers, all the needed tools for software development teams: management and versioning of code, bugs, requirements, documents, reporting, tests etc.
Redmine is based on Ruby on Rails framework and has multiple database support: Postgre SQL, SQLite and MySQL.
Its new approach to project planning and tracking is more flexible and superior to the commonly used Gantt chart editing tools.
It has been developed by Ascensio System SIA, a Latvian company that offers IT-solutions for personal and corporate use. Extensive features like Project Management, Collaboration and Time Tracking makes this application very userful for our project. Project HQ is built on open source technologies like Python, Pylons and SQLAlchemy and is fully database independent. We aim to help project team to manage multiple projects in more organize way that match with daily office work-flow or routine.
We're looking into expanding our feature set with project management, do you maybe know or have a list of project management apps with integrated invoicing. This software is developed in such a way , So the user can do continues transaction fast and efficiently. If the project is unsatisfactory we will refund the full amount which has been paid within 15 days. This is a Point of Sales and Inventory System contains User maintenance, Supplier management, different Categories of the product, Items or products, etc. This visual basic (VB 6.0) Project is used for managing the record of video CD’s in Video Library or Video CDs Shop. UML as you know, includes a set of graphic notation techniques that helps you specify, visualize, and document models of software systems, including their structure and design, in a way that meets all of these requirements.
Comes in very handy when you don't have the luxury of having a tool installed on your machine.
This process enables unique opportunities and new forms of direct and indirect collaboration that can be used by companies to grow their business and enhance their standing with the community. For companies and products suited to open source, there are many opportunities to engage in new collaboration patterns with their environment, customers and business partners. Wherever a business has shared goals with other organizations or the larger community, there is huge potential for innovation and collaboration through Open Source. At the same time Open Source can lead the way towards a more environmentally and socially sustainable economy – another area of great potential for the future! What’s even better is that is has an invoicing system, so you can bill your clients with a click of a button.

You can export your tracked time straight into the system and use it to bill your clients directly. Zoho Projects also offers timesheets and detailed reporting features (and for those who don’t want to make their own reports, it has 50 pre-made templates to choose from!). Work 2-gether, for example, only permits businesses to use two taskboards for free and team size is limited to three. This system can generate Gantt and PERT charts, produce reports in HTML and PDF formats, and offers versatile scheduling and time management tools. The on-premise version costs $0, whereas the cloud version (which is admittedly far more supported) starts at $9 a month. In addition, there is no mobile app as of now, but the company is planning to launch an app for iOS soon.
Smartsheet, for example, offers their Team membership at $39 a month, and Mavenlink offers its basic services for just $4 a month per user. Share them in the comments below! Please let me know your recommendations (I’d love to hear from you!) in the comments below! Developers working with open source BIRT Designer can use BIRT iHub F-Type to deploy applications and reports instead of building their own infrastructure. You can store Tasks under Deliverables or Delivarables under Tasks depending on how you want to approach your projects. The comments are left as a log at each Entity and many assigned users can leave a chatting trail where it belongs.
The center column displays the data you have filtered from your database and the right column holds all the View tools that show your data in various formats.
We will continuously improve the system, add features and simplify user interface for convenience and usability. I opted for a cloud account, since it seem to both require a lot of system resources and the self-hosted version seems to be a pain to install (at least it was at the time I signed up). The advantage of using a desktop-based project management software is that it gives the most responsive and graphically-intense style of interface. It is used either via its native web-interface, making access platform-independent, or by using different supported groupware clients, such as Kontact, Novell Evolution, or Microsoft Outlook. Launched in 2002, phpCollab stands out for sufficient online collaboration tools such as discussions, notifications, support requests. TeamLab combines a set of productivity tools that assists a company team to work as one organism at solving common tasks and achieving results.
The software is functionally elegant and secure without being cumbersome for users, or graphically intensive.
Standing close to ERP software, ]project-open[ performs all basic project management tasks. Though the interface is incredibly simple and clean, all the basic collaboration features are packed. I just require basic functionality like task assignment, notification and report generation. We have adopted it after a long selection period and we are quite happy with that,The software is not free, you have to pay for a non expiring license but we though that an investment on this would be a benefit for the company. Through sharing information and digital resources openly, there is great potential to make gains in innovation, distribution, reputation and marketing, collaboration and increase of efficiency and effectiveness.
The free version is definitely made for solopreneurs though — it only allows one user, four clients, and two projects.
The open-source software also enables project managers to identify problem areas in the workflow so that companies can set goals for improvement. There are some missing features as well, including Gantt charts, task dependencies, recurrence, and subtasks. On the rare occasion Rachel isn't writing, she's reading, hiking, jogging, or spending time with her friends and family.
It saves developers tons of time and it’s completely free to use (data can be upgraded, but the base amount is ideal for small businesses and enterprises that want to try the platform out free).
Furthermore; each user can link his e-mail service from various platforms (G-mail for now) at the bottom of filtered data in center column.
Many articles written along the same lines have almost the same results – not quite, but almost. It is an internet-enabled system for use in projects that require collaboration over the internet. Redmine provides users with Gantt chart, calendar, time tracking features which are essential for project planning. It covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the completion of the project.
It has 4 modules: project management, business collaboration, documents processing and instant messaging.
The software is ideally suited to tracking multiple projects and innumerable small tasks across an organisation of any size.
Project HQ aims to be a buzz word compliant application, making use of Web 2.0 design and technologies like AJAX.
Admin has the right to delete and update all the record, user can just enter the records or transactions. Video CD Library Management System project is helpful for MCA, BCA, B.Tech and diploma students. Depending on your need, sometimes you don’t really need commercial tools to generate UML diagrams.
I want the completed tasks from my daily log to automatically post to a project-specific log.
Infact, it’s so slow that I find it impossible to use for day-to-day project management. It is intended for serious project managers since it has already been successfully used in many projects and scales easily to projects with hundreds of resources and thousands of tasks. Those organizations, such as consulting firms, that rely on a division between firm-side and client-side information will benefit most from use of phpCollab. It assists you during project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planning, risk and communication management.
You can set tasks, milestones, track project activity and generate reports, share bookmarks and wiki pages with your colleagues, keep your teammates up to date with news and even create a poll.
Project HQ attempts to use AJAX in appropriate places, to help the user work efficiently, rather than simply providing flash and getting in the way of usability. Do you know if any of the project management applications do this and which one would be best? TaskJuggler covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the completion of the project.
TaskJuggler is written in Ruby and should be easily installable and usable on all popular operating systems. Finally, other members can be alerted that somebody has already decided to work on this task. Admin can view the income and expenditure of the shop using this software, their stock details can also be seen to the admin using this software.
It has been developed using the Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and can be deployed in any Java EE compliant application server and any relational database running under a variety of different operating systems. Endeavour Software Project Management features support for Use Case management, Iterations, Project Plan, Change Requests, Defect Tracking, Test Cases, Test Plans, Tasks, Document management, Reports and many other process artifacts. Cross-platform.Violet is intended for developers, students, teachers, and authors who need to produce simple UML diagrams quickly. It is intended as a complete desktop replacement for Microsoft Project, being able to do everything that Project does and even open existing native Project files.
Astah Community 6.1 (Previously JUDE)- Based on the concept of "Usable from the moment of installation", the modeling features of astah community have been designed to be simple and user friendly. Check its features here BOUML - BOUML is a free UML 2 tool box allowing you to specify and generate code in C++, Java, Idl,Php and Python.
To enable you to model your project adequately, KPlato offers different types of task dependencies and timing constraints. The usual use case is to define your tasks, estimate the effort needed to perform each task, allocate resources and then let KPlato schedule the tasks according to network and resource availability.Redmine Redmine is web-based project management and bug-tracking tool that is written using Ruby on Rails framework.
It includes calendar and gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines. It is written in the Python programming language and uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Check its features here UMLGraph - UMLGraph allows the declarative specification and drawing of UML class and sequence diagrams.
Trac allows hyperlinking information between a computer bug database, revision control and wiki content. The current features are part of an ongoing effort aiming to provide support for all types UML diagrams.
Dia is roughly inspired by the commercial Windows program 'Visio', though more geared towards informal diagrams for casual use. It strives to provide an Open Source alternative to proprietary tools like Basecamp or ActiveCollab. It allows to work with To-do lists, Milestones, Files, and to track the time worked on specific tasks.If you know of other excellent Free and Open source project management software, you can share them with us via comment.

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