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A project manager has to use every people skill they have to communicate, encourage, and recognize effort and accomplishment. Our project management training products are designed to help from small projects to large projects. To make everyone aware that they must all assume responsibility for accuracy and attention to detail. In The kingdom was lost, an internationally renowned architect fails to spot that the specification for a lift system lacks a crucial zero, and a prestigious project is doomed to failure. Your organization's projects might not be as grandiose, but they can have an equally significant impact on your business if they go wrong. To give those tasked with managing projects the skills to maximize their team's performance. In this video, a manager is organizing an office move, but she's made some common mistakes. Though your job title may not be project manager, chances are you periodically manage a specific project and need to ensure it is successfully completed on time, within budget, and to the agreed specification. Project Management Training DVDs, Project Management Training videos, Project Management Training, project management, project management training videos dvds.
Primavera TrainingOracle Primavera has developed a standard training curriculum for all levels of users. Project Management SolutionsWe have successfully helped hundreds of organizations manage their projects better, cut costs and streamline their practices. Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is the recognized standard for high-performance project management software. Projects Analytics’ mission is to offer Primavera users the most cost effective resources to achieve advanced level skills in planning and scheduling.
Planners, Schedulers, Consultants“Your training sessions have been a great help, very clear instruction of the workings of P6 and your support over the past month has been exceptional and very timely, often within the hour. By using this business document for free, you can take advantage of the free template to design your roadmap with a premium editable slide template.
You can download this company roadmap template to design other roadmap presentations visually, for example to make a goals deployment roadmap in PowerPoint or show the product delivery roadmap in a PowerPoint dashboard template. By using this free agile template you can configure the roadmap goals and many different workstreams for the product tasks. Other applications of this agile roadmap includes Reality Check, Software Development planning using Agile methodologies. You can also download this free scrum template and tools if you are an Agile product owner or are implementing scrum agile in your organization with agile project management tools or performing a Scrum Master training online or offline.

This roadmap template for PowerPoint has editable fields that you can change editing the shapes and text inside the shape. The use of this material is free for self-development, developing others, research, and organizational improvement.
Our Online Training Solutions program is a new five part online training series for Project Management, Project Controls, and Construction Management professionals.
These 90 minutes classes are designed to flow together, building upon the skills obtained from previous classes, or may be taken individually. In this online class you will gain knowledge of identifying and quantifying your total project risk and exposure. Watch the training video to learn how to use Excel formulas for precedents, dependents, and absolute fixed dates. Tips: As you add or hide rows, you may need to manually adjust chart height to line up perfectly with your rows.
As you toggle between options for 'Chart Labels', you may need to manually adjust the width of the Plot Area. Not only does a project manager need to be well organized and detail oriented, but they also need to be a good planner, a good goal setter, but most importantly . Put these skills all together and you have project management that delivers teamwork and a job well-done, on-time, and under-budget. Everyone in the team was at fault, from the office junior, to the chief sub-contractor, they are all guilty of failing to communicate clearly and check detail. The old moral tale that traces the loss of a kingdom to the loss of an insignificant horseshoe nail underscores this new cautionary tale for the modern era.
Bad management skills can be a costly drain on time and money, causing frustration and stress for everyone concerned.
She has failed to define the objectives of the project properly, her team's responsibilities are not agreed and the project is in danger of failing.
She has a special program on her PC which provides invaluable advice to her, to the program's viewers, and helps her learn the key stages of project management. This video explores project management and focuses on why projects fail, lack of planning, motivation undermined, unrealistic schedules, and lack of buy-in from stakeholders. It’s designed to help project-intensive businesses manage their entire project portfolio lifecycle. Since 1985, we have specialized in providing project intensive organizations with the latest training and technology needed to effectively manage projects of all sizes. Fresh out of college, my knowledge of construction built process schedules was green to say the least.

Download the Prince2 Business Case template on this page for free!Download: Prince2 Business Case Sample Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Not what you were looking for? Attain learning points for each leadership and management eModule, and gain a Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma once you have registered with the awarding body (via Accipio), secured enough learning points and passed the assignments.
Logging in online and attending from your office or home alleviates the busy project management professional from being out of the office to attend a two or three day class.
As detail after detail is overlooked, the knock-on effect proves disastrous and it is the combined errors of the team that bring about the ultimate failure.
This program provides a complete solution to the issues, exploring the techniques for project team leaders to better manage their project team, and meet the project's objectives.
With the right project technique and by following appropriate people-management skills, the move is achieved on time and on budget. It also includes the five success factors, including thorough project planning, managing project teams successfully, managing the details, keeping stakeholders happy, and resolving problems. It can be used to organize projects up to 100,000 activities, and it provides unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans.
Projects Analytics can help your organization streamline processes, manage the project lifecycle, reduce costs, and improve company profits. Their team is dedicated to finding, recommending, and assisting with the implementation of tools that meet the needs of their clients. After taking a course and understanding the logic to driving tasks, it opened a world of possibility for my future in the Power Industry, which I was pursuing as a career.
This roadmap timeline in PowerPoint template can be used for strategy planning as well as other business needs including Agile Product Development presentations and Scrum Product Roadmaps. Also, the low price of $49.99 USD per class removes the hassle of corporate approval if individuals wish to further their knowledge on their own. You can now enjoy the benefits of membership access to Primavera Self-Paced Training curriculum, tutorials, tipcasts, and white papers.
In 2008, I was able to take the Advanced class with MSS and again was not disappointed by the knowledge of Mary and her team during the class. Our Certified Oracle University Education Provider Consultants will provide you the most current, detailed training curriculum for your professional education.
One of the great things was that not all of the students in the class were in the same discipline of work.

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