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Parents are concerned that their teen is struggling and not sharing their issues with mom, dad or other adult family members. Parents have great communication with their teen, but would like a neutral third party to help navigate some of the more challenging terrain that many teens are faced with today. Parents want their teen to have a confidante that will provide a non-judgmental ear that can help them make the best choices as they move into adulthood.
The best way to find a Life Coach for teens is for parents to make initial content, offer their consent and ask about a free coaching session for their teen to see if the coach and teen will be a good fit. Please note, Life Coaching is not a replacement for mental health or behavioral counseling, it is a great  alternative when there are no mental health or emotional disorders in question. In 37 Journaling secrets for Success Attraction You’ll discover how to… Write your way to millions—creative ideas flow from inside of you and become more crystallized on paper. I’m glad I caught you before you dismissed your efforts to achieve success as just wishful thinking. I’m not talking about just writing your feelings in a notebook or recording your daily activity—though they are both important…What I want to introduce to you is the single most important step to achieving high levels of success and attracting everything you’ve ever desired into your life. Whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, schoolteacher, college student, doctor, lawyer, actress, hairstylist, or high school drop out, if you apply what you will learn in this course you’ll experience high levels of success more than you can imagine! Success Attraction Journaling is the breakthrough practice you need to creatively solve all of your life problems and produce positive results in your life.
By doing something as common as journaling uncommonly well, you will attract success into your life…FASTER & EASIER…IN A MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE WAY!
In 1969 Bruce Lee set his intentions to become the world’s greatest oriental movie start and earn 10 million dollars by 1980.
Before Jenny Mccarthy was a celebrity actress, talk show host, author and model, she wrote her dreams and ideas in her journals. The year I began strategic journaling— and made it a habit, my entire business and life shifted. I went from holding back, playing small and only half-way going for what I really wanted— to getting clear about what I really wanted…stepping my game up…and strategically planning my goals and just going all the way! And as a result of writing in my journal everyday… everything became clearer…I suddenly could see the next level in a whole new way…and I was more than ready to rise to the challenge of achieving my wildest dreams. In case you’ve been following me over the last few years, I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself…the dramatic growth and success of my business has skyrocketed. I’ve been graced with the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs UNLOCK their gifts and abilities and SHIFT their thinking so that they could not only take a big leap in their business but maximize, upsize, and realize their BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.
I can show you how to achieve every dream that you’ve ever thought possible, using your Success Attraction Journal! I’ve opened this course for smart entrepreneurs and leaders who feel connected with me and want to be coached by me.
Before taking the Journaling Course, my business not born and was basically an idea at the back of my mind. Because of the ‘meaty’ life-changing information you’ll get from this course…You’ll be empowered to script your dream life and take strategic action to boost yourself to greater levels of success beyond your wildest dreams….
Time is of the essence… so don’t sabotage your opportunity to quickly advance your life & business by making up a bunch of excuses and waiting to register.
Maybe you’ve been chasing the dream and ferociously working to get ahead and only finding yourself right where you are… Put an end your? struggles and breakthrough to your NEXT BIG LEVEL of SUCCESS! When I started coaching clients online I discovered that I needed help materializing my dreams. Plus you get: Journaling prompt worksheets to stir your creativity and guide you into an effortless writing flow. Plus you get: A BONUS resource list of apps, software and tools to help you script your life. Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions on mastering journaling techniques to manifest your every desire.
Life Leadership Institute - Coaching others in areas of Life, Spiritual, Financial and Executive.

Life coaching is the art and practice of guiding a person from where he is to greater competence and fulfillment that he desires. Spiritual formation coaching helps an individual learn what God is doing, listen to what God is saying, understand the character God wants to form in us, and commit to taking the action steps to walk in obedience to God’s will.
Financial counseling is the process of coaching and training individuals to be good stewards, establish spending plans, live within their means, develop generosity and gratefulness, and be debt free.
Executive coaching is the process of coaching, training and consulting high-capacity leaders personally and professionally to realize their God-given redemptive potential, finish well, and make their ultimate contribution. And even if you do attend the LIVE calls, these audios are a great asset as you can refer to them again and again! Spiritual Spa Treatments are impromptu life coaching tips and strategies that I want to share with you! 2) It saturates your spirit with the Word of God and Spiritual Fitness Principles to ensure a strong spiritual foundation. You fuel my spirit with focus and energy to actively take intended and inspired ACTION towards my goals and life purpose! Having a Life Coach for your teen could mean the difference between struggling and finding answers in the wrong places, or being able to break through challenges and enjoy these fleeting years. It is always a good idea for the parent to share any of their concerns with the coach so the coach is aware of any specific topics to remain sensitive about, or goals that parents hope to see their teen accomplish.
I work with people from all different walks of life to set goals, clarify decision making, improve relationships and overcome specific conflicts. You can manifest your dream life, attract more clients and reach your financial goals in just 15 minutes a day!
I’ll show you the strategy to releasing your creative mind, so that you can invent, explore, improve, and innovate million-dollar product and services.Write your way from Fuzzy to FIRM Thinking—have you ever felt like your head was crowded with ideas thoughts, looming deadlines, projects, payroll, so much stuff that It paralyzes you? This course will show you how to effectively think on paper and finally get the answers you’ve been searching for about…. She uses her journals to clear her mind, create new music and to record ideas, sketches and plans for her very successful clothing line. Even through all of her life obstacles, she has kept a journal and they have been the inspirational source of her nine books. I’ve learned to maximize and monetize my business in a way that has awarded me tremendous profits, while I’m still helping the people I care about. They think too long, and work too hard when everything to make their life and business run much smoother—with faster results…continues to pass them by. I wanted to up my game and attract more clients to me authentically, organize my thoughts and gain clarity about my brand, my market, and achieve what I thought I could achieve. This entire bonus section is full of journal starters, creative activities, a journaling poster (printable) and Success attraction action pages!
Most people have no idea what they want, with this course; you’ll become clear on what you want so that you can attract more of what you want. When you being to journalize about your products and services, you’ll begin to get a ton of new ideas that flood your mind, as well as people and resources show up once you’ve written an plan to produce in your business. On this training, I go into the specifics of what you can expect, how to remove mental blocks and a fast-action technique to manifest quickly.
THE SPIRITUAL SPA is an *EXCLUSIVE* members-only group for men and women who are driven and committed to their success. As a spiritual spa member, you receive immediate access to the SPA AUDIO VAULT which is my entire collection of archived Wednesday Night Success Calls. These calls are content-rich trainings with detailed, step-by-step, proven strategies, skill sets and case studies to help guarantee your success! I know you’re busy and may not have time to make all of our live PRIVATE *MEMBERS ONLY* Spa Training Calls.
The SPA ADIVCE VAULT is the Q & A section of the spa where I post and personally answer member questions to benefit the group! 1) It crystalizes a complete neuro-network reconfiguration in your brain – on the conscious and subconscious levels.

I do so many things in my life and have a strong desire to have a powerful impact in the Kingdom of God. In other words, securing the services of a Life Coach could be the best choice you could make for your teen.
Expect more from life - Claim your FREE life coach session now and make today the day you define a more direct path to the brighter and happier future you deserve. She became the first black female journalist and the youngest working TV journalist at only 19 years old…and a Media mogul by the time she was 40 years old.
She and her husband Eric Johnson take the first hour of every day to write freely about whatever comes to mind. She candidly shares her life ups and downs, including how her son overcame autism in her writings. I’m also able to work from home, see my children during the day and live a more free and authentic life than ever before. Let me share with you a clean & concise way of setting your goals and achieving them…so you can boost your profits and start attracting the clients you’ve been wanting.
And discover the top five journaling strategies to redirect your life and bring your dreams and goals into manifestation. They are posted for the general public for a limited time, then permenantly moved over to the Password Protected Members Only Area, where you have access to them at your convenience.
Every month, I lead a powerful *PRIVATE* 75-minute advanced training exclusively for my Spiritual Spa members. So, I record every call, and send you the audio usually within 48 hours, at no extra charge! I prepared three questions in advance (health & fitness and business) since I only had 10 minutes, and I was able to get all of my questions answered. I regularly make quick bullet points that I want to communicate so my achievements may be in the apex of the power curve! The conversations, the constant chatter often interferes with your ability to confidently achieve your goals. Now a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, Jenny recently wrote, “Whether it’s a blog, a diary entry or even a song, it’s so therapeutic to be able to record your thoughts and opinions.
And Stacia helped me to pen my thoughts in an organized manner and I begin to attract everything I wanted into my life.
And as a spiritual spa member, you enjoy a variety of amenities to support and empower you to get to the next level in ALL areas of your life!
Khama is very skilled in speaking Sincere, Laser Targeted, empowering words that spurred me on in my targeted goals. Personally, I travel all over the world and I am continually inspired to support and encourage people from a variety of backgrounds!
Most importantly, I’ll show you how to break down the fear barriers that may be stopping you from journalizing. The course taught me how to meditate and see with my minds eye so that my dreams can become my reality. She has helped me record my successful life right as it is unfolding and see what clarity of purpose this brings.
From taking this course, I increased my prayer life by asking God questions and waiting for answers with expectancy. Stacia and I truly and grateful for your sharing your journaling experiences and show us how we can win at life and business by journaling.
I was able to write my very own products in less than 30 days because I learned so much about penning my thoughts.
I recommend this course to business owners who want to think on a bigger level and identity their dream life work.

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