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US President Barack Obama, left, talks with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the Ujibashi bridge as they visit the Ise Jingu shrine in Ise, Mie prefecture, Japan Thursday, May 26, 2016 , ahead of the first session of the G-7 summit meetings. When US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe make a historic visit to Hiroshima on Friday — the first time a sitting US president has visited the site of the first atomic bomb attack — their words advocating nuclear disarmament will clash with real-world security necessities.
Far from backing up the vision of a world without nuclear bombs that Obama laid out in a 2009 speech that helped secure a Nobel Peace Prize, his near-finished presidency has seen a multibillion-dollar modernization of the US nuclear force.
Despite his own mixed record on nukes, Obama likely sees his Hiroshima visit as a worthwhile expenditure of political capital in order to shore up a global nonproliferation effort that seems at times to be crumbling. Before the most recent of a series of nuclear security summits meant to reduce and protect nuclear material, Obama wrote in March that eliminating all nuclear weapons may not happen in his lifetime. His April 2009 speech in Prague happened within hours of North Korea’s launch of a long-range rocket that outsiders, including the United Nations, called a cover for a test of banned missile technology. Obama secured a deal meant to limit Iran’s nuclear program, if it can be implemented amid mistrust on both sides. But a small group in South Korea, including some conservative members of the ruling party, and some in Japan see the North Korean danger as too grave to rely only on the protection of another country.
This fear has been highlighted by Donald Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican party in the United States.
Japan prides itself on its pacifism and disarmament, but it is only through US nuclear deterrence that the country can live alongside nuclear-armed North Korea, China and Russia, without going nuclear itself. Obama finds himself divided between his anti-nuclear vision and the realities of leading a global power. Obama’s trip to Hiroshima will be filled with images of the horrors of nuclear war, and lofty statements about the need to eliminate those weapons.
Many conservatives in the United States believe a Hiroshima visit will be a failure because it will be seen as an apology. President Benigno Aquino III in San Jose, Tarlac for the launch of the BBMP project, first implemented by his mother former President Corazon Aquino.
TARLAC CITY — President Benigno Aquino III went province-hopping on Thursday and attended the launch and inauguration of three major water and energy projects in Central Luzon. He went to Ipo Dam in Norzagaray, Bulacan in the morning for the unveiling ceremony of the Angat Water Transmission Improvement Project (AWTIP), which involves the construction of a new tunnel that will help improve the Angat reservoir’s 75-year-old raw water transmission system. The current system’s condition poses a serious threat to the security of water for Metro Manila, Rizal, Bulacan and portions of Cavite, according to a Malacanang briefer.
Aquino was given a briefing by Gerardo Esquivel, administrator of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS). In the afternoon, Aquino attended the launch of the Balog-Balog Multi-purpose Project (BBMP) in San Jose, Tarlac. The BBMP is a project of the National Irrigation Administration and involves the construction of the Balog-Balog earth-fill dam at the upper part of Bulsa River. In addition to irrigation, the dam will help in flood control and mitigation, as well as inland fish production.
The solar farm will be connected to a substation of the Cabanatuan Electric Corporation (Celcor) and then to a National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) substation.
The project is being implemented by the First Cabanatuan Renewable Venture Inc., majority of which is owned by Filipino companies Trademaster Resources Corp. The project costs P710 million and is expected to help reduce carbon emissions by 16,500 metric tons yearly or by 330,000 metric tons throughout the life of the project. It also has a community development component, which involves the construction of a renewable energy learning center for students and the electrification of off-grid communities. CITY OF SAN JOSE DEL MONTE, Bulacan—A suspected robber was killed on Thursday dawn by the police following a break-in at the Pabahay 2000 resettlement area in Barangay (village) Muzon. Police recovered an improvised .38 caliber pistol, a grenade and suspected shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride).
Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte faces the media in a late evening press conference which lasted until the wee hours on Thursday. DAVAO CITY, Philippines—The Left has submitted an “impressive” list of nominees to presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte for them to become members of his official family, where at least four of the contenders are women.
In a press briefing which lasted until the wee hours of Thursday, Duterte revealed that National Democatic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) spokesperson Fidel Agcaoili handed him the list when they met last Tuesday.
Duterte refused to divulge the names of the Left’s nominees but said that most of them came from the University of the Philippines. The incoming President has given the Left a free hand in choosing nominees to four departments: Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Department of Labor and Employment. However, Duterte said that he is still thinking if he will yield the DENR to the Left, adding that the country is facing a “very serious” problem with mining.
The Left reportedly nominated Bayan Muna party-list Representative and human rights lawyer Carlos Isagani Zarate for environment secretary. Despite the promise of his transition team to pattern Duterte’s Cabinet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s, the official family of the incoming President remains predominantly male. Duterte has named only one woman so far in his Cabinet: former Immigration chief Andrea Domingo for the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor). The transition team even tapped the help of outgoing Senator Pia Cayetano to advise them on vetting women nominees for the Cabinet. Duterte said that he will not offer “sensitive” posts in the Cabinet to the Left or give positions to “hardcore” leftists. In this July 29, 2015, file photo, French police officers carry a piece of debris from a plane known as a flaperon in Saint-Andre, Reunion Island. SYDNEY — Australian officials say three pieces of debris found washed ashore in Mozambique and the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius will be examined by investigators to see if they came from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester said on Thursday that two of the pieces were found in Mauritius, and one was discovered in Mozambique.
Five pieces of the plane have been recovered in various spots around the Indian Ocean since it vanished. TALAVERA, Nueva Ecija—Motorcycle-riding gunmen killed the Bagong Sicat village chief of Talavera and wounded another man in Penaranda town Thursday morning. Binuya was the second Talavera village official killed during and after the election period. In April, before the local polls, gunmen killed San Pascual village chief Gerald Fermin, who was running for a seat in the Talavera council. A Welsh woman failed to use her Mitsubishi Outlander for two straight days after a battalion of bees swarmed the vehicle on Sunday.
According to reports from Huffington Post and CNN, although the beekeepers were able to collect a massive number of bees during that day, hundreds of them stalked and continued to swarm Howarth’s car on Monday morning. Senator Gringo Honasan, who ran but lost in the vice presidential race, raised this question during the confirmation hearing on Wednesday of Commission on Elections Commissioner Sheriff Abas at the Commission on Appointments’ committee on constitutional commissions and offices.
Honasan said he asked those questions because for better for worse, he said, the Filipinos would have to live with the choices they made.
Abas said the transmission rate to the transparency server “skyrocketed” from 76 percent in 2013 to 96.14 percent in 2016. After sharing a simple feast with culinary bad boy Anthony Bourdain, Obama wrapped up his historic visit by briefly beat-boxing for a female Vietnamese rapper, during a town hall-style meeting in Ho Chi Minh City . Citing a Telegraph report, the President was taking questions during the event, when a young woman introduced herself as a hip hop artist, prior to asking her inquiry.
The young lass introduced herself as Suboi, a local artist dubbed as Vietnam’s ‘Queen of Hip hop’. She gave in to Obama’s request, and serenaded the President in her local tongue, about a song on whether people are really happy if they have lots of money, the report said.
The lively discussion came during the final leg of Obama’s three-day trip to Vietnam, which started on May 22. He is currently in Hiroshima, Japan, to highlight the United States and Japan’s commitment in pursuing world peace.
WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Smokers and polluters in New Zealand will get hit with higher taxes as part of the government’s economic plan. The government on Thursday released its annual budget, forecasting that rising fiscal surpluses in coming years will allow it to begin paying down its public debt. The government plans to hike tobacco taxes by 46 percent over the next four years as it continues an ambitious campaign to eliminate smoking from the South Pacific nation by 2025. The government also announced it would end a subsidy for polluting businesses that it had introduced after the 2008 global financial crisis. So bad is the Philippines’ drug problem that Filipinos overwhelmingly voted into the presidency a man whose main platform centers on stamping out crime, particularly the trade in illegal drugs, within three to six months after assuming office.
The deaths of five people who attended the open-air Closeup Forever Summer Concert at the Mall of Asia on May 21 suggest the pervasiveness of the drug culture and the easy access to highly regulated substances even in very public venues. The five fatalities—aged 18 to 33, one an American—were found unconscious at different places in the concert grounds; they died in hospitals hours later. Expressing regret over the deaths, the concert organizers said they were cooperating with authorities in the investigation and that “very stringent measures and precautions” were in place during the event.
Police have disavowed responsibility for the incident, citing an internal arrangement with organizers about taking charge only of perimeter security. Dancing to and otherwise enthused by the music, some 14,000 young bodies gratefully partook of cold drinks reportedly being passed around. Investigators are looking into reports that the five had taken party drugs that contain a cocktail of shabu, the recreational drug ecstasy, and cialis, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. And the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) must push for an intensive investigation: Should a new police protocol be drafted to make law enforcement more effective even in private and ticketed events?
It seems good news that we are again the fastest growing economy in Asia, and possibly the world, with the 6.9 percent reported annual growth rate of our gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter.
Three world economic and financial giants recently came out calling for a serious review of how economies measure their performance. With all its limitations and shortcomings, GDP remains the most widely used measure for assessing the performance of economies worldwide.
At the aggregate level, growth in GDP says nothing about how output and incomes are distributed. At the individual level, even economists themselves have long questioned the premise that increased income or access to goods and services leads to improved wellbeing or greater happiness. In other words, we humans can increase happiness not just from consuming more goods and services.
A true anecdote from the Kingdom of Bhutan, where its former king had prominently championed the concept of gross national happiness, drives the point home quite clearly. With world-renowned economists now calling for it, we may soon see serious efforts to revisit our standard measures of economic performance, or more importantly, economic wellbeing.
Stiglitz aptly summed up why we need to find a better measure: “What we measure informs what we do.
When the renowned Filipino sculptor Eduardo Castrillo passed away last week at 73, news reports about him included the enumeration of many of his bigger-than-life metal monuments—historical, sociopolitical, religious—that are familiar to the public.
But there was no mention of the one at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani compound in Quezon City, where heroes and martyrs who fought against tyranny during the dark years of the Marcos dictatorship are memorialized.
Soaring to the sky, this 45-foot bronze monument by Castrillo depicts a mother trying, with one hand, to raise from the ground a fallen son, while her other hand is raised to the heavens in defiance. If you were one of those who experienced the excesses of the Marcos regime and the cruelty that defined it, if you lost loved ones—family members, friends, colleagues and comrades—during that despicable era, you would shudder at the memory when you look up and lay your eyes on Castrillo’s work.
The Bantayog complex now includes a P16-million building which houses a small auditorium, library, archives and museum. I wish I had interviewed Castrillo long ago to ask him how he came to depict the defiant mother and her fallen son in that way, what inspired him, what he knew about the persons for whom his piece of art in bronze would be dedicated. What I learned just now is that the Bantayog monument was commissioned by a donor for a seven-digit price. A short distance from the monument to the heroes and martyrs is a black granite wall of remembrance where the first 65 names were etched in 1992. All of them were opposed to the martial law regime of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and considered freedom advocates. The monument, the commemorative wall and other structures at the Bantayog complex are dedicated to the nation’s modern-day martyrs and heroes who fought against all odds to help restore freedom, peace, justice, truth and democracy in the country. Bantayog plans to expand its information activities that would include publishing biographies, dissemination of informative materials, film showings, roving exhibitions and museum tours.
Like many of his bronze creations that reach out to the sky, may Castrillo’s spirit reach out and soar to the heavens.
The centuries-old proverb “For want of a nail” has many variations, but these tell us only one thing: that a seemingly small or unimportant act of omission can lead to grave consequences. If I may draw a parallel to the proverb, President Aquino was unhorsed, his anointed successor Mar Roxas did not make it in the presidential election, and the chance to continue the daang matuwid legacy was lost.
Instead of allowing his spokespersons to react and defend him awkwardly for every public criticism, P-Noy could have done a regular TV “fireside chat” to talk directly to families in the comfort of their homes, to explain significant happenings in clear, intimate language without being misquoted, and without the adulterated bias of irresponsible media reporters and editors.
US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first president to effectively use radio to communicate directly with citizens in their own homes. Direct communication with the people was specially needed to quell damaging rumors on Facebook and other social media concerning sensitive issues that mattered, such as the truth about the “Yolanda” recovery efforts, the truth about the Mamasapano clash, and the truth about the breakdown of MRT trains.
The people’s frustration with the Aquino administration resulted in a mass movement for change.
In the area of public works, Secretary Rogelio Singson was a giant of a man, working quietly and tirelessly in building more than 12,000 kilometers of road infrastructures and breaking down the culture of corruption in public works.
Now that the daang matuwid kingdom is lost, the President is starting to report his remarkable achievements in social and traditional media, and people are wondering why they never knew these things before. The best way to prevent an image crisis is to build, enhance and protect your reputation with honest storytelling from the very start of your public life. From a democratization standpoint, one of the crucial questions on the 2016 presidential election that need to be answered is how an in-your-face authoritarian candidate like Rodrigo Duterte triumphed in a consolidated democracy. The first reality is that Duterte’s real uniqueness is not that he is a political outsider initially unsupported by major political parties and big business. Instead, his uniqueness is that he is the first ever presidential candidate of this country who explicitly threatened to become a dictator if democratic institutions stand in his way once he is elected president. Just to put his uniqueness in perspective, not even Ferdinand Marcos, whether the senior or the junior, ran on such an openly and brazenly prodictatorship platform. And because he won, he will be the first president of this country who can actually claim to have the electoral mandate to end democracy if he finds it necessary to do so.
Taking a dark turn on the democratic ideal of keeping one’s electoral promises, he can stare Philippine democracy in the eye as he puts a gun to its head and rhetorically asks it: Did I not vow that I will close down Congress and set aside the courts and make myself a dictator if things do not go my way? The second reality is that Philippine democracy under Benigno Aquino III is a stable, consolidated democracy. While this administration is by no means an unqualified success story, modest improvements in key economic and governance indicators have been achieved under Mr. These also include technological (the elections were the country’s first social media elections and only the Duterte camp fully understood this fact), cultural (Filipino rebelliousness against incumbents or Filipino gullibility to messiahs), psychological (fascist attraction or Freudian id release), international (global resurgence of authoritarianism), and institutional (president is elected by plurality vote) explanations. Riding on the crest of Duterte’s spectacular surge, these analyses suddenly saw the weaknesses of Philippine politics, economy, society and democracy in a new and much harsher light. But such analyses ignore one of the basic insights of democratic theorizing on elections in a competitive regime: that elections create identities, narratives, paradigms and, yes, zeitgeists, and not just the other way around.
Surprisingly, alternative explanations to Duterte’s striking victory in a consolidated democracy might lie in studying the lessons of the equally dramatic triumph of another candidate in the vice-presidential race: the come-from-(way)-behind victory of Rep.
Gene Lacza Pilapil is an assistant professor of political science at the University of the Philippines Diliman. This has always been one of the major deterrents to investment, foreign and local: an administration that thinks only in six-year terms, and changes the commitments of its predecessor. I’m no expert on this, but if I were Duterte, I’d do three things: 1) Move general aviation and the Air Force to Sangley Point immediately. There are other areas where change is needed, too, and truly opening up the economy by removing the constitutional restrictions on foreign equity is one of them. The bill to create a Department of Information and Communications Technology was one of them, but this has now been signed by Mr.
Social media has changed the way we live, from how we interact with other people and  how we articulate our views in life to how we purchase things. I was 12 when I first made a social media account, not because I needed it, but because my friends had one.
Have you ever had that bizarre feeling of your phone vibrating in your pocket when in fact it’s not?
Social media is a constant stream of information and entertainment that hooks users to keep on scrolling. When I temporarily gave up social media, I learned that I have more free time than I have ever thought. Research shows that young adults who frequently check their social media are most likely to have sleep problems. You may have hundreds or thousands of followers, yet still feel the agonizing buzz of crowded loneliness. During the period of my social media fasting, I realized that meeting friends as opposed to chatting with them online is more expensive. Checking social media becomes unconscious behavior, at least for me, but after my unplugging, I can say that I have fewer cravings.

Julie Ruth Gagarin, 22, is an advertising and public relations graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The reported appointment of Mark Villar, son of former Senate president Manuel Villar and incumbent Sen. Some, if not many, Filipinos think that the decision by presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is “flawed.” Why? Worse, political patronage is a travesty of the “change” that Duterte has promised to pursue under his administration. However, Villar can be much better than the present public works secretary whose projects, like the notorious reblocking, road widening and double asphalt overlay, are not needed. It would better serve the presumptive President-elect if he reconsiders his offer to the young Villar who just won a seat in Congress. Before it’s too late, presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte should listen and take seriously the criticisms hurled by media on his handpicked, would-be Cabinet secretaries. Duterte might suffer the same fate as that of outgoing President Aquino whose loyalty to his friends, relatives and closed associates tarnished his image and further eroded his popularity. The majority of Filipinos are behind Duterte 100 percent and wish him to succeed in office as president of the Philippines. This deal leaves Gokongwei with about a little over 58 million shares or about 0.8 percent stake in JG Summit, which is into snackfood and beverage manufacturing, airline, petrochemicals, property and banking businesses.
SINGAPORE, Singapore — Brent crude passed $50 a barrel for the first time in 2016 on Thursday after data showed a fall in US crude inventories, adding to expectations of a tightening global market.
The gains came as markets digested news that US commercial crude oil inventories fell by 4.2 million barrels in the week to May 20, according to US Department of Energy data. Both pricing standards have been edging close to the $50 mark for a fortnight but a strong US dollar had curtailed gains. A firmer greenback, which has been performing stronger against major currencies, makes dollar-priced commodities like oil more expensive, hampering demand.
Aside from the stronger dollar, major exporter Iran has also vowed to keep up oil production after the lifting of Western sanctions in January, further fueling the supply glut. The global oil market nosedived from above $100 a barrel two years ago to around $27 in early 2016, plagued by a stubborn glut. Prices have since rebounded, aided by the weeks of wildfires in Canada as well as unrest affecting energy infrastructure in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest oil exporter.
Markets are now eyeing a June 2 meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries in Vienna where it is hoped a deal on reducing production can be reached.
Last month, talks in Doha involving OPEC members and other major producers such as Russia failed to reach a deal to cap production. NEW YORK, United States — Oil prices surged to the highest levels this year Wednesday after data showed a fall in US crude inventories that added to expectations of a tightening global market. They have since rebounded, aided by weeks of wildfires in Canada that have curbed oil production and unrest affecting energy infrastructure in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest oil exporter.
Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s stern warning for the two dominant telecommunication companies to shape up has emboldened the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) as it vowed to look into possible uncompetitive business practices in the provision of Internet services. Duterte said Monday that he would open the country to foreign telco players that could provide better service if the existing firms would not do something to improve Internet connection and access.
The PCC chief lamented that he himself suffered from poor Internet service despite high costs shelled out by consumers.
In the drafting of a national competition policy to be led by the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) and the PCC, Balisacan noted that it would help that the incoming President, who will also head the Neda Board, was pushing for more competitive services sectors, including telecommunications. While the scoping study being conducted by the PCC with regards the priority sectors to be investigated by the body for unfair competition has been delayed, Balisacan said Duterte’s pronouncements with regards his administration’s competition policy would boost the implementation of RA 10667, described as the country’s first foray into antitrust regulation.
It would help that government agencies, including the President himself, could lodge a case or complaint to the PCC, Balisacan said. Moving forward, the PCC would investigate uncompetitive sectors, possibly including telecommunications. The value of investment pledges approved by the Board of Investments (BOI) surged by 64 percent to P117.3 billion in the first four months of the year, reflecting the continued confidence of investors in the Philippines. Among the big ticket projects noted in the first four months of the year were the P16.7-billion project registered by Megawide Cebu Airport Corp. Despite the stellar growth, the Department of Trade and Industry will keep its 5 percent investment growth target. A manufacturing resurgence, according to Cristobal, was also evident as the sector has consistently surpassed the growth of services for the past nine quarter. A specter commonly  experienced by the banking industry in congressional investigations is the compulsion of our congressmen and senators  to disclose information relating to bank accounts. Without dealing into specifics such as whether the secrecy of bank deposits covers instances where a bank account is alleged to be fictitious (an issue that only our courts of law can decide under our constitutional system of government), the question is whether or not Congress has the power to compel banks and their officers or employees to disclose to them information relating to “deposits” and “properties and properties in the[ir] custody”  in the course of public hearings in aid of legislation. A perusal of the records of the legislative deliberations indubitably showed Congress was devoid of such power. This state policy was reiterated and made stricter by Congress when it passed the Foreign Currency Deposits Act (R.A. This strict basic policy which, according to one Supreme Court case  remained “unaltered by the legislated exceptions”, was reiterated by Congress when it passed the General Banking Act. In fact, aside from our courts of law in the limited instances provided by law, only the Anti-Money Laundering Council was expressly authorized to conduct inquiries into bank deposits should prevailing circumstances so warrant and only if certain conditions were satisfied. Undoubtedly, neither the Senate nor the House of Representatives (much less the individual senators and representatives) can ask banks and their officers or employees to disclose any information on deposits or money and properties in their custody even in aid of legislation.
Nine suspects allegedly involved in circulating fake money were arrested during raids conducted by monetary authorities from January to March this year. In a statement Wednesday, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said operatives of its Currency Issue and Integrity Office undertook four “successful” anti-counterfeiting operations during the first quarter.
Between 2010 and the first quarter of this year, 61 anti-counterfeiting operations were conducted by the BSP in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. The BSP has police authority to investigate, make arrests, as well as conduct searches and seizures to maintain the currency’s integrity under Republic Act No.
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Whether you are in need of a complete a??life overhaula?? or simply desire to become a better version of who you are already a?? youa??ve come to the right place. Pyongyang is still barreling ahead in its push for nuclear-armed missiles that could reach the US mainland. It could cause huge political and economic damage — crippling sanctions, global condemnation — and jeopardize their alliances with the United States. He has questioned the amount of money the US military is forced to spend to protect its allies, and has suggested that Japan and South Korea should be allowed to develop their own nuclear weapons.
But some argue that for the visit to be successful, it must highlight Asia’s real nuclear dangers.
Irrigation canals and structures will also be built to benefit Tarlac City and the towns of Paniqui, Pura, Ramos, Victoria, Gerona, San Jose, Lapaz, Capas, Concepcion and Tarlac City. The barnacle-encrusted part was the first trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared two years ago. Other debris from the Boeing 777 that vanished two years ago has previously been found in both countries.
While she was away, Tom Moses, 41, a park ranger, saw bees swarming the car’s back window. Kaya lang nga ang iniisip ko naman is with the choices that they have made, we must also assume responsibility for these choices, kaya yung mga binoto natin huwag nating pabayaan, tulungan natin para we can help build a strong nation,” the senator added. The preparation for the elections was [part of] a myriad of challenges enough to topple the strong but not this Commission,” he said in his opening statement. Voters’ registration, he said, also increased from 50 million in 2013 to 54 million this year. Once the taxes are in place, a pack of 20 cigarettes will cost about 30 New Zealand dollars ($20). And indeed, investigators said the massive heart attack that killed two of the concertgoers was due to high blood pressure, kidney failure and dehydration—all indicators of drug overdose.
And yet, according to reports, while some 70 cops were deployed at the venue, no security personnel were visible at the center of the gathering, where the party was said to have been at its wildest.
With such lax security measures, and the young’s famous battle cry “Yolo”—you only live once—it’s not unreasonable to suspect that drug pushers and users had their day (and night) at the concert. Unfortunately, such party drugs are often sold online, making it easier for young people with an internet connection to be on party mode. Can drug-sniffing dogs be deployed at concert venues to allow security personnel proper monitoring?
And shouldn’t they have medical personnel trained to handle drug-related emergencies at the venue? But the body count can only go higher, as a recent PDEA report has indicated that in Metro Manila alone, 92 percent of barangays are drug-infested. In separate sessions at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Erik Brynjolfsson all described GDP as a poor indicator of progress. Where there’s a wide gap between a small rich minority and a large number who are poor, rapid GDP growth could come with increased misery, particularly when the benefits of growth accrue mainly to the former. Economics students are taught that “utility,” economists’ clinical term for “satisfaction” or “happiness,” is directly related to levels of consumption, and that for a rational consumer, more is always better.
We may actually do so from giving more to others as well, drawing joy from the increased joy of others. Many years ago, the Bhutan government reportedly encouraged a prominent and influential farmer to double-crop a high-yielding rice variety.
Among these are the People Power Monument on Edsa, the Bonifacio Monument near Manila City Hall, and the Rajah Sulayman Monument in Malate.
It is a piece of work that rends the heart and pierces the soul—a timeless reminder that freedom is not free, that freedom comes at a price. Yes, upon gazing at it you would, not only because of the painful events it brings back but also because of the stark poetry in the agony it depicts, the beauty in the defiant stance of a mother who must bear an unspeakable loss.
The 1.5-hectare property was donated by the administration of President Corazon Aquino, through Land Bank of the Philippines, the year after the Marcos dictatorship was toppled and Corazon Aquino was swept to the presidency in 1986.
Many names have been added every year since then, bringing to 268 the names on the wall as of 2015. The way they lived and died varied, but they had heroic streaks that made them worthy to be included in the list of names on the Wall of Remembrance.
All “for want of a nail,” or for want of effective communications that told compelling stories about the accomplishments of the Aquino administration. As Edward Bernays, the originator of modern public relations, said, PR is “doing good” and “telling the public” about it. We are a forgiving people, and we would have understood if P-Noy said he was deeply sorry for failures and shortcomings beyond his control. The quality management system of the Department of Public Works and Highways is now certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008 standards. Even presumptive President-elect Rody Duterte has openly acknowledged that the P-Noy administration has done very well in its economic programs. His accomplishments were dismissed and ignored by the electorate during the election campaign. Agatep is chair and CEO of Grupo Agatep, an integrated marketing communications agency, and a two-term president of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines.
It is far from the usual deconsolidated and badly eroded democracies marked by political or economic turmoil that allowed messianic strongmen elsewhere to be elected and to later end or seriously erode their own democracies. Aquino, from economic growth, low inflation, robust antipoverty program and higher employment to better rule of law and anticorruption scores. Aquino in June 2013 that the Social Weather Stations recorded the highest satisfaction rating over how democracy works, at 80 percent. But a number of these analyses are bedeviled by the sense of inevitability of Duterte’s victory that they convey.
These analyses argued that these infirmities explain why only Duterte could win or could have won the four-cornered presidential election. Leni Robredo over Marcos Jr.  For here it can be seen, in all its shining glory, the triumph of political strategy over zeitgeist, of contingency over inevitability, and of democracy over despair. No doubt there will be a short meeting in some departments, on where things stand, so that progress continues. But there are some areas where we don’t want continuity, and the overriding one is the exceedingly slow action of an administration that thinks before it acts, and then thinks again. Well, here’s a good first test to prove he’s not just a “mouth”—his word, not mine (it’s hardly good English).
It’s already the second most densely populated city in Asia, and with Manila Bay on one side and Laguna Bay on the other, it has nowhere to go.
The incoming president can meet the outgoing one and ask for some last-minute actions on things Mr. Aquino to rush a bill through Congress to create the post of Metro Manila governor, to whom all city mayors would report. When I became a teenager, I was not really that preoccupied with it, but gradually, my online time increased every year.
This is the same as wearing eyeglasses for long: Sometimes a person forgets that he or she is wearing them. Whatever your niche is, social media always has something fresh to entice you to spend more time on the screen. When I am writing and I am suddenly at a loss for words, I used to visit Facebook to relax a bit. A predictable night for most teenagers and young adults entails going to bed as early as 9 p.m. This is because our mobile phones produce blue light, which is healthy during the day but becomes a foe at night for it blocks the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps us sleep at night. It’s funny how Facebook recently included the emotion buttons, perhaps to give people the ability to communicate not only their views but also their feelings. Instead of visiting a friend who is sick, we prefer to comment “get well soon” to their statuses.
Remember that because of social media, jobs were created today that never existed in the past 15 years. At the end of the day, social media is not really the problem; how we use it may be the problem. Cynthia Villar, to the Cabinet position of public works secretary has not been well-received.
We are told that the position was not offered to the young Villar, but was asked by his parents.
Our advocacy is for the new President to succeed by appointing the right people to the right positions!!!
If he really has to appoint Mark Villar, then he can give him other positions in, say, the Department of Tourism or the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority. While it is understandable for the presumptive President-elect to appoint persons who helped him during the campaign, it is important that they are appointed to the right positions to make them effective. As a result, President Aquino’s daang matuwid was repudiated in the last presidential election as his presidential candidate, former interior secretary Mar Roxas.
8, 2015, file photo, men work on an oil pump during a sandstorm in the desert oil fields of Sakhir, Bahrain. US benchmark West Texas Intermediate for delivery in July advanced 94 cents to $49.56 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Balisacan said on the sidelines of the public consultation on the implementing guidelines of the Republic Act (RA) No.

The BPO [business process outsourcing] sector is very dependent on a very efficient telco industry,” Balisacan noted.
Sources of growth have become more diversified, showing changes in the structure of the economy.
The manufacturing sector, he said, regained its strong position as it grew by 8.1 percent in the first quarter of 2016, the highest rate posted in the past even quarters. Underpinned by our new industrial policy, investor confidence in manufacturing has heightened as indicated by rising fixed capital formation expenditure,” he explained. The following excerpts from the deliberations conducted by the House of Representatives in respect to the enactment of the Bank Secrecy Act (R.A.
Not only that, but also, it protects the public investors or depositors from any harassment or investigation or inquiry into their bank deposits because the primary object of this bill is to encourage deposits in banks instead of hoarding in private safes of individuals. 1405 readily indicated there was an attempt to include inquiries conducted by Congress in aid of legislation as an exception to the secrecy of bank deposits. On the contrary, Republic Act 1405, as finally passed by Congress,  expressly provided that “all deposits of whatever nature with banks or banking institutions … are hereby considered as of an absolutely confidential nature and may not be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office,” except upon the limited instances provided therein.
This law expressly provided  that “[n]o  director, officer, employee, or agent of any bank shall … [w]ithout order of a court of competent jurisdiction, disclose to any unauthorized person any information relative to the funds or properties in the custody of the bank belonging to private individuals, corporations, or any other entity …” (Section 55.1(b)).
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I combine the principles of spiritual fitness, the laws of quantum physics, the science of neurological reprogramming, and the powerful Word of God a?? to bring about permanent change! As the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons, the United States has a moral obligation to continue to lead the way in eliminating them. The United States and Russia, which have most of the world’s nuclear weapons, often see their geopolitical jockeying for position interfere with disarmament efforts.
If we can talk smoothly when Jose Maria Sison [comes] home in July, I am willing to give lahat ng liderato para mapuwesto sa gobyerno (give all the leaders government posts),” Duterte said. Malaysia’s confirmation on Thursday, May 12, 2016, that other debris found in March 2016 came from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 brings to five the number of parts that have been recovered from the aircraft that vanished two years ago. The Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation are conducting parallel inquiries. The five, it appears, were also under the influence of alcohol, which makes for a fatal brew with drugs in most cases. At the admission desks, concertgoers were told to list their names, ages and e-mail addresses as they presented their tickets, but there was no need for IDs. Monitoring such e-commerce sites should certainly be a priority of drug enforcement agents. How about the deployment of undercover agents, to spot possible drug trade during open-air events, or even just to douse the chutzpah of drug dealers? Would it hurt to have posters warning of the fatal mix of party drugs and alcohol, and loudspeakers blaring the same warning before the start of an event?
Also, the Philippines has the highest abuse rate for shabu in East Asia, according to the latest UN World Drug Report. I have written time and again on the need for caution against reading too much into that number, and for everyone to understand what GDP tells us, and what it doesn’t.
All argued for change in how economic and social development are measured—and it seems the time is finally ripe for this. Both measure the total value of goods and services produced and of total incomes earned in the economy, which are two sides of the same coin. We could also derive satisfaction from doing something enjoyable, such as playing a sport, or even doing our job (hence the word “workaholic”). What were his thoughts and feelings when he saw his creation being hoisted up to its pedestal?
And very few spend time worrying about their image and reputation until they get into trouble. His demeanor and informality during these chats kept him in high public regard throughout his unprecedented four terms as US president. Our economy in 2010 was at $198 billion, but as P-Noy ends his six-year term, our economy has grown to $320 billion, surpassing half of all the presidents of our country for the past 40 years. The opposition parties were one in spreading lies that there was blatant corruption and hopeless incompetence in his governance. Nor that he has an antiestablishment persona of uncouth language and manners that some analysts have romantically labeled as authentic.
It was also in June 2013 that the number of Filipinos saying that “democracy is always preferable to any other kind of government”—whom the democratization literature calls “unconditional democrats”—was at a record high of 65 percent. Aquino himself or his administration; rejection of the post-Edsa “ruling elite democracy,” “oligarchic democracy” or “cacique democracy,” and triumph of the grassroots movement over party machinery) approaches.
This is problematic because he was not the survey front-runner, and even found himself in fourth place behind survey laggard Mar Roxas as late as the March 4-7 SWS survey. Hence, wittingly or unwittingly, they fanned further the man-of-the-hour, zeitgeist narrative of the Duterte camp. And already Rodrigo Duterte spoke well when he aired the assurance that he’ll continue the policies and programs of President Aquino. I’m involved in a project that would put a marker into gas and diesel to stop the smuggling. This is one area where autonomy is not desirable, and the horrendous traffic mess is partly because of this. I found myself checking my phone periodically, such as when waiting for an elevator to arrive, when I’m sitting in a bus, when I get up in the morning, while eating my lunch, and before going to bed. According to a research, nine out of 10 people have exhibited phantom vibration syndrome, in which people mistaken an itch or a muscle spasm as phone vibration. The phantom vibration syndrome may not sound like a big deal to our health, but I find it to be very annoying.
It turns out that I was never busy, that I was just diverted, and my time was channeled into some baloney pursuits. I tell myself that I will just scroll for five minutes, but the truth is, it will become 40 minutes.
It makes the flow of information faster and connects everyone regardless of where they’re from.
The first reaction was on the issue of conflict of interest, given that the Villars are into property development. The question is: Has he built roads, bridges and other public works of high construction quality? The appointment of Mark Villar as public works secretary is not a good start for the Duterte administration. If it’s coming from the practices of industry players then we have to address that frontally—we can impose administrative fines. First the growth of manufacturing has outpaced services in the past four years after more than a decade. I understand that the President can authorize the NBI and other investigating agencies under existing laws to look into all bank deposits of individuals. It gives such power only to the court, and under the specified circumstances.” [House of Representatives Deliberations on H.
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Despite the hot weather and the glitches, they lined up and voted, so I think our elections had been satisfactory),” Abas said.
At this writing, no one in authority has formally announced drug overdose as cause of death. Thus, it must have been fairly easy for minors to get in, or for others to sneak in drugs or spiked drinks under their clothes as only bags were inspected.
Furthermore, GDP ignores how our children’s future may be compromised by our production and consumption activities today.
Psychologists have long known that happiness or wellbeing can be improved not only from “having,” but also from “doing,” “being” and “being related with.” Humans also have an inherent instinct for altruism, or for caring and sharing, even as economics assumes them to be intrinsically selfish. It was hoped that with him serving as an inspiring example, other farmers would emulate him and thus diffuse the improved technology. Did he often come around for quiet moments to find inspiration from the heroes and martyrs? He did the very best that he could, but he stayed quiet about what he was doing and what he stood for. His economic platform made our economy grow by 6.9 percent in the first quarter of 2016—the fastest expansion since the second quarter of 2013. The two ratings remained high in the most recent SWS democracy survey conducted in December 2015, two months before the start of the presidential campaign.
Duterte’s surge in the surveys only happened in the latter half of the campaign, where incidentally this type of analyses started appearing and replacing the earlier ones that said it would be a tight race. He CAN, because all the studies have been endlessly done over the past two decades, or longer.
3) Develop Clark for the long term and its transport link to the National Capital Region, so it fits into my earlier suggested development of a new capital for the country.
It bothers me that Duterte’s initial announcement is that he’ll give the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to a communist. It turns out that social media cleansing is one of the best detox experiences I’ve had, and I’m planning to do it more often. From scrolling through my newsfeed, I will end up in a funny video of cats; I watch it on YouTube and the “recommended” button will entice me to watch more. It has allowed businesses to expand their reach, emerging talents to be discovered, and many more. Which reminds us of the C-5 extension controversy, where Villar the father, then a senator, allegedly used his influence with the Department of Public Works and Highways so that the C-5 Road Extension would pass through his real estate properties and connect to a link road adjacent to more of his commercial land. I upgraded to a higher [priced] subscription, I thought I’d get a better service—I did not,” Balisacan said.
If it’s a cartel issue, there’s also a criminal aspect to that and they could be prosecuted by the Department of Justice,” Balisacan said. Rodolfo said in a briefing Wednesday that the significant growth in investment approvals was driven by infrastructure and energy projects. Although services has been the main growth driver of the economy for the past decades, manufacturing has been contributing substantially since 2013,” Cristobal said. She has been excellent at pin-pointing solutions for my business while still illustrating a high level of compassion and professionalism beyond what was expected.
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But the authorities were astonished when the model farmer chose not to plant in the following year.
He created a communications vacuum that allowed his detractors to form and communicate negative opinions about daang matuwid. Public servants need to embrace the practice of regular, open and honest communications as one of the keys to building a winning personal brand. Cambodia, hardly a progressive nation, did it in three years—not decided in three, but built it in three. We’ll risk a repeat of an environmentalist with no ability to strike a balance (read my environmentalist daughter’s balanced view on this in my April 21 column). Mind you, Duterte has said he’ll issue an executive order to open the administration to public scrutiny, so it’s not so critical. Suddenly, I will be on Twitter, laughing out loud at the tweets of silly trolls, and then I’m in Pinterest pinning some quotes about procrastination. I am releasing my Transformation Program in May, and I have secured clients who are EXCITED to be working with me. If you are not giving yourself enough credit, Khama will tell you and then help you see how you HAVE made significant progress.
In many cases, these other sources of happiness may actually be associated with having less of the things that GDP measures.
The DENR should really be split as it’s hard to encourage and control an activity all in one government agency.
The P40 billion would cover the estimated P37 billion to be lost with introduction of a 25-percent corporate income tax.
When I look at my clock, it’s already midnight and I no longer have the energy to finish my article. I knew all of this was possible before, but working with Khama has really helped me bring it out and put myself out there. Thus, he would rather live leisurely and spiritually—and chose to spend his time in the monastery instead.
Wherever you decide to build an airport, it will work by the very fact that the government will have to ensure that it works. What inspires me even more than Khama’s powerful coaching is her absolutely divine example of what is possible for us when we believe in ourselves and God. He simply but eminently demonstrated that more production and more happiness do not necessarily come together.
Before going to the museum, visitors should head for the Wall of Remembrance and search for names of next of kin, friends, colleagues, comrades—the known and little-known—who fell in the night and also those who did not die in battle but continued the struggle until the breaking of the dawn.
A quick outcome is needed, then file a challenge at the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, if you must. I stood for a moment in the sand and thought of these others, before I could be full of gratitude that I am alive and appreciate every minute of my life. Another thing he can order is an increase in the excise tax on fuels that are half the price they used to be, as Cesar Purisima has suggested.

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