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The 2nd solar training workshop in Newton, Iowa at the I-GREEN Learning Center is wrapping up today. Before the June workshops, SolPowerPeople will be traveling around the state of Iowa putting on short solar training seminars, and assisting in the delivery of a fire fighter safety workshop.
One Child - One MonthThis attendance sheet is to keep track of a child on an individual basis and requires a parent signature.This would fit the set-up where you keep a separate clip board for every child in your care.

Multiple Children - 7 Days a Week Attendance SheetThis sheet accommodates up to four children who attend daycare 7 days per week.If you have more than four children in your care, you just print out multiple sheets. There was a delicious cookout at lunch time provided for the participants in celebration of Mother’s Day. If you buy something through a link, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

It’s been a great class and has provided 28 electricians with a high quality educational experience, along with 40 Iowa-approved continuing education credits.

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free training school in nyc

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