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Great for typists of all skill levels, you can choose from 3 difficulty levels and 4 speeds (including the “Insane” level for master typists). In this website you will find a variety of easy online typing activities for elementary school kids (mostly suitable for children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade). On the left menu, you can also find tutorials to learn the basics of typing, various tests (timed tests & speed tests) and lessons.
If you type accurately long enough, you can advance to higher levels and unlock new letters which are worth more. To make it fun and challenging, you can buy animals to help you, every animal has its unique powers and abilities. This game enables the student to practice typing of single letters, in a relatively non pressuring environment.The letters to type are bold and easily seen, the student can practice with almost no distractions around, making it also fit to be used with formal and special education as well. This is an arcade spaceship game with a cool and simple concept: Type the letters or the words that appear on the enemy ships, to have them blown into pieces. This is a fun aracde game, in which you have to defend your city which is being bombed with huge bombs.
This is a full scale ninja action typing game, with various enemies, attacks and spells.Your job is to defend the Wind Goddess Temple.
In this game you type sentences in order to rise the sun from night to noon, over beautiful scenes.The game is slow paced, meaning you don't have to keep up with a minimum typing speed in order to succeed, for it favors accuracy over speed. All training resources on this website are free and online, without the need to download and install any further software on your computer, as students can play directly from the browser. Every correct letter will throw a tomato towards that rabbit, until you finish the words and the rabbit is knocked down.If you type a word very fast - an amazing lightning bolt will be shot and electrify the rabbit. If you don't succeed to type a word before it reaches the ground, your snowman will lose a part of it.

Every correct letter typed will rise the sun a bit, and every mistake will descend it backwards.When the sun reaches the center of the sky, you will advance to the next level with a new scene. Die 5 wichtigsten Vorteile, die Sie sofort nach dem Installieren von Better Typing haben werden: 1. 000 Seiten Umfang auf Individualitat prufen lassen und somit eventuell aus dem Internet geklaute Passagen ausfindig machen. Type it incorrectly or skip it, and part of the poor snowman will melt off, until he’s all gone! Type quickly the words shown on them, to have your base send a laser and have it exploded.You can set the difficulty of the game at the beginning, where "Easy" means short and simple words, up to "Hard" which will give you long and complex words. It is very appealing to see how every scene appears gradually out of the darkness of the night into the brightness of the day.
Your job is to launch all letters from A to Z (in what order you choose) successfuly to the top of the screen without having them touch the objects.
Das Programm erlaubt den direkten Import von Dateien in den Formaten DOC, PDF, HTML oder auch TXT und findet beispielsweise auch englischsprachige Plagiate.
Pay attention to capitalization: The letter A for example should be typed while holding the Shift key. For example, in stage 2 they can throw small ninja stars at you, which you demolish by typing the letters that appear on them. It starts easy, with a big blue ball which you can anticipate its movement, but becomes trickier with every level you proceed. Nach dem Installieren von Better Typing werden Sie sofort in der Lage sein, mit 10 Fingern zu tippen, ohne die Tastatur anzusehen.
Sie brauchen nicht mehr: einen Maschinenschreiben-Kurs oder eine Maschinenschreiben-Software, um mit 10 Fingern zu schreiben.

Sometimes a pad will appear with the words "Click Me" - you should click them with the mouse. Die bewahrten Vorteile des Dvorak Tastatur-Layouts sind: gesteigerte Produktivitat (Geschwindigkeit und Genauigkeit) und reduzierte Fingerbewegung.
Phonostar-PlayerMit dem kostenlosen phonostar-Player können Sie Radiosender aus der ganzen Welt empfangen. In dem Spiel mussen Sie vor den Eindringlingen fluchten und versuchen die Balle zu treffen - Sie spielen also wirklich BreakOut! Mit diesem Tipp-Lernspiel werden Sie sehr viel Spa? haben und gleichzeitig die 10-Fingertechnik lernen.
Haben Sie versucht, einen russischen Text oder ein deutsches scharfes '?' mit US-Tastatur zu schreiben ? Create timetables quickly and easily because of simple data entry, the best automatic generation and one click web publishing. Der Text, den Sie schreiben, ist immer in derselben Position auf dem Bildschirm und es ist von derselben Gro?e, trotz der Schriftgro?e im Texteditor, den Sie gerade verwenden.
Wise Timetable is a result of cooperation with schools and universities, designed with great respect for their wishes and needs.

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