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Conducted in person or on the phone, and lasting one hour, each session is tailored to suit your individual strengths and challenges. Bring a song of your choice that speaks to you personally in whatever genre is your passion.
Intonation, volume, and rhythm, and knowing how and when to use them, is as important as the content of what you say.
Lynn works with you to analyze your vocal style and to identify strengths and problem areas.
QUOTE(shai @ May 24th 2016, 3:33 AM) MJ, your team is stucked AF with my favorites, how am i supposed to vote? Vision Vocal Coaching provides simple, practical, and actionable guidance to help you know and feel how singing really works. Creativity, experimentation, and voice science are at the core every product, course, and guide in my product line called My Vocal Vision.
Van Grysperre taught at the University of Southern California, the California Conducting Workshop, SongFest and Angels Vocal Art. Finding the voice that comes from the very depth of our being, our soul, and speaking, creating, working, loving from this place used to be a radical proposition.

Sera Beak tells a beautiful story of her own emergence, overcoming struggles and fears to unleash her soul’s voice. Her authenticity and vulnerability make her message all the more powerful, and she is most definitely an inspiration to us all, both men and women — all of us awakening to our soul’s calling and seeking the freedom, joy and fulfillment that can only come from authentic, creative self-expression. And it’s time to let go of small-minded expectations, conditioning and limited notions of who you are. Or contact me to find out how The Ultimate Connection can support you in making the shift to a much expanded life experience.
Lynn helps you polish your piece so that you can sing it with ease and confidence.Lynn works intuitively using body and vocal techniques,breathing exercises and sound healing to shift blocks and energy for the natural power of the voice to be released. Getting your message across in a powerful, confident, and effortless way can bring you enormous dividends.
She will teach you specific, practical techniques and exercises to develop your voice so that you can realise your full potential as a leader, and influence those who are listening to you.
As a singing coach, I have one purpose – to help my clients enjoy singing as much as possible by achieving their goals.
My vocal vision can help you with everything from warm-ups and general technical improvement to personalized vocal assessment and troubleshooting.

Van Grysperre holds private studios in Pasadena and Long Beach where he coaches a variety of singers: from high school students to Met singers. A success story that’s poignant, full of tenderness, as much as courage and strength. Ladies attending the free event tomorrow will get a chance to meet amazing Women who meet regularly for Cacao Ceremonies and other Women’s Circle meetings in London.
But it all comes back to one idea: simple, approachable, and clear information so that you can stop guessing and start singing. Or ask to go on my mailing list, so you’re sure to hear about upcoming events and special offers.

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