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Everyone has heard of overtraining and how it breaks down the bodies ability to recover resulting in actual muscle loss and a host of other negative effects. Pro-Athletes laugh at the thought of a plan that revolves around counting calories, starving themselves, or spending time on a treadmill or stair climber. The fittest and most dominant pro athletes always know what they’re going to do and why they’re going to do it. Athlean-X is the elite training program designed by one of the most sought after celebrity fitness trainers in professional sports; Jeff Cavaliere. In addition to being a celebrated strength coach, Jeff is also a certified physical therapist who has dedicated his life to studying the mechanics of the human body. One of the hallmark features of the AthLEAN-X Training System is the specific balance between intense, “results yielding” workouts and the often over looked, but equally important, rest and recovery. Personal Trainer Finds AthLEAN-X To Have the Most Unique and "Results Getting" Exercises He Has Ever Seen! What I like about ATHLEAN X is that the exercises are comfortable, varied, short and most importantly effective..
FEATURING OUR “GUY FRIENDLY” X-FACTOR MEAL PLANYou’ll never have to measure food or count a calorie. Imagine UNLIMITED ab workouts available to you at ANY difficulty level and on a moments notice? Get the REAL scoop on the supplement industry in this sit-down interview with Jeff Cavaliere.
At 41 years old, pacemaker, and two bulging disk in my back I stand firm that the only thing that holds us back is attitude!
I've tried lots of programs that claim to help you lose fat and build muscle at the same time. I saw more results in the first 4 weeks of ATHLEAN-X than I did in the entire 90 days on the last program I did.

You get the AthLEAN-X 90 Training System downloaded instantly in high quality digital PDF format. You get access to the same award winning program but with the inclusion of step-by-step walkthrough workouts demonstrated by trainer Jeff Cavaliere. The AthLEAN-X Training System™ and the AthLEAN Challenge™ are registered trademarks and not subject to unauthorized copy or use without express written consent. The materials and content contained in this website, products, emails, messages, or consulting are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
So how is it a Pro-Athlete can weight train; practice; then perform at game time without over training? AthLEAN-X is directly comprised of the principles, exercises and techniques that were forged in championship training facilites and proven on the fields, courts and octagons, of professional sports. That is why each workout and exercise in the AthLEAN-X Training System is as safe and effective for his pro athletes, as it is for hard gaining teens, men on the go, and former couch potatoes. As a health professional first and foremost Jeff recognized the need to give his pro athletes plenty of time to recover from their training so that their bodies could heal and recover.
The secret exercises, training schedules and sequences that get my pro athletes in top shape.
No problem, just print out these high quality super convenient versions of the program and and you now can take them anywhere you want to train. The X-factor Muscle Building Meal Plans show you for the FIRST TIME, just how to eat like an athlete to build muscle and incinerate fat!
If you should at any time during the next 90 days, have any questions at all about the program, how to do any exercises, or just need an exercise substitution idea, simply write in and one of our Athlean-Xperts will get back to you with the answers you need to ensure the best results on the program! Coach Jeff Cavaliere (the owner of ATHLEAN-X™ and Sports Performance Factory LLC) and staff have conducted all steps possible to verify the testimonials and reviews that appear on this site.
But what they don’t do is (almost to the point of a religion) is eat empty calories or eat at random times.

Take too much and you overdose, take it on an empty stomach and you could make yourself throw up.
That said, as with all fitness programs, the best results are not uncommonly correlated with the best efforts, discipline, diligence, and so on, and therefore the results depicted and featured cannot be construed as common, typical, expected, normal, or associated with the average user’s experience.
Sounds complicated and yet somehow everyone reading this has probably sucessfully combated a headache!
Neither would the owners of these major league franchises, and they’ve put they’re trust in AthLEAN-X. Print from your home computer or view onscreen or other digital device and take your AthLEAN Training anywhere you need. Results, as always, will vary from individual to individual for these reasons and you are responsible for understanding that atypical outcomes may not reflect your experience.
With all the interviews and practice that they have to do they just don’t have the time (let alone the desire). Using Jeff's advice on diet, rest and training I reduced my body fat percentage and I got my 6 pack in 2 months! Jeff you've proved without a doubt that you don't have to abandon one goal to chase the other.
I absolutely loved the program and talk about it to everybody because everyone comments on how good I look now.

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