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Futsal is the fastest-growing sport in the UK, an exciting small-sided game of indoor football developed in South America and played by the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Iniesta. Futsal encourages young players to become more agile, faster, stronger, and have better balance. Futsal is fast-paced and players will touch the ball many more times during a game which means they will practice skills in more situations than in traditional football.
Futsal does not compete with 11-a-side football but serves to support it as an excellent opportunity to improve skills and develop football ability whether indoors or translated on the outdoor football pitch. Many of the worlds top footballers played Futsal and credit it with supporting their football development including Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane, Xavi and Fabregas. The origins of Futsal are traced back to Uruguay and Brazil in the 1930’s and called Futebol de salao (translated from the Portuguese as “Hall football”). As the game spread throughout the world FIFA took over as the governing body in 1989changingFutebol de Sala to the officially recognised “Futsal.” Under Fifa’s control new rules were introduced aimed at improving the technical aspects of the game and to develop players of all levels to their potential. Today Futsal is the fastest growing sport in the UK, played widely around the world and will feature for the first time in the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

We believe the syllabus we have created is fun, challenging and innovative to enhance the development and progression for all of the players.
The game maximizes touches on the ball for all players which ultimately fulfils learning opportunities and development.
It also helps youngsters become more comfortable with the ball and gives more opportunity to practice the skills of passing, dribbling, turning, shooting and ball control.
Futsal places a large emphasis on technical skills and ability and also encourages players to think quicker when under pressure in tight spaces. Although if young players can succeed on these skill areas first with a smaller ball, the technical habits will already be in place for when they player with a bigger ball. The sport spread from South America and in 1971 the International Federation for Futebol de Sala (FIFUSA) was officially formed in Brazil. Futsal courses are open to Boys & Girls of all abilities who wish to take advantage of futsal and the benefits it opens up to young players and their development.
Each programme is capped at 16 players to maximize learning opportunities and to strengthen the Player to Coach relationship.

Futsal is played with a smaller, heavier ball therefore encourages football to be played on the floor at a high tempo. The speed of thought process must be quick, therefore will also help improve a player’s decision-making. The first FIFUSA world Championships were held in Brazil with the hosts winning and fielding recognised stars from their 11-a-side game that had been brought up playing the sport with the likes of Pele, Rivelino, Falcao and Zico demonstrating their futsal skills.
Each programme delivers a 6 week coaching syllabus, with each week focusing on a different objective for the players to achieve.

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futsal coaching course 2013

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