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IELTS is used for testing a candidates’ speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.
The Academic Module analyzes the skills and knowledge of those who are planning to enroll in educational institutions of English-speaking countries.
The General Module is mostly needed to evaluate the general level of the applicant’s English language proficiency. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an international test of English language proficiency for those wishing to study or reside in English-speaking countries.
IELTS results are accepted by most Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, South African and British academic institutions.
IELTS is universal: its results are accepted by colleges, companies and governmental institutions in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and even in some African countries. IELTS is multi-faceted: it allows evaluation of language proficiency to the fullest degree, considering four basic skills, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. Sections 1 and 2 are usually devoted to basic topics: lost luggage, changes in communal services, calls to the police regarding lost objects, renting, etc. Sections 3 and 4 refer to education: conference welcome speeches, museum tours, mini-lectures at university, etc.
The tasks during the Reading section vary depending on the version of the test, be it the Academic or the General Training module. This part of the test comprises 3 tasks (40 questions) that must be completed in 60 minutes.
The second task (about 250 words) is the same for both modules: candidates must write an essay stating their views on some issue or controversy. The candidate has full operational command of the language, understanding long complex texts on various topics. The candidate has operational command of the language, notwithstanding occasional inaccuracies, inappropriateness and misunderstandings in some situations. The candidate has operational command of the language, despite some inaccuracies and mistakes that do not hinder understanding. The candidate has partial operational command of the language, coping with meaning in most situations, but prone to making mistakes.
Usually a 6-7 score is sufficient to enroll in a college or university, although in some cases a 5 score is also acceptable.
Here you can download the documents required for IELTS registration, as well as familiarize yourself with the requirements for filling in the contract and Application Form.
The Application Form shall indicate the title and number of the identity document you intend to provide. The candidate’s name and mailing address shall be written in full, with due attention paid to correctness of the data.
The necessary IELTS module (Academic of General Training) shall be chosen depending on the candidate’s purposes. In case of sending the certificate directly to the receiving organization, the name of the contact person and the address of the organization or agency shall be checked for correctness.

In order to register for the IELTS exam each candidate shall provide 2 similar color photographs with white background, at least 6 months old. The candidate’s features from the chin up to the top of the forehead shall be clearly visible, with both face edges on display.
The training programs developed specifically for IELTS are strictly aimed at passing the exam. In order to pass the IELTS exam with good results, it is recommended to familiarize oneself with the IELTS format through practice tests developed by Lucullus Language School specialists.
Candidates can also take up a special English course conducted by qualified Lucullus Language School teachers, which will serve as training for IELTS. Both standard and express IELTS training courses are personalized, with consideration of the advantages and specific difficulties encountered by every candidate.
The examination takes into account the socio-demographic environment of English language usage. The Academic Module results are required for admission or filling in an application for most of the universities and colleges.
It is primarily intended for those planning to undertake non-academic training (without gaining a degree), secondary education or a professional training course. Furthermore, lately there has been a considerable increase in the number of academic institutions in the USA that accept IELTS. IELTS is the first exam that takes into account the sphere of application of the English language. In the course of the examination candidates have to listen to a text and answer the corresponding questions. It lasts about 15 minutes and takes the form of an interview between the examiner and the candidate. For General Training Writing: write a letter describing a problem and pointing out the ways to solve it. Each part of the test is evaluated on its own (with 9 points as a maximum score), and the final score is the average for all four stages. Fast and fluent speaker, easily choosing words and expressions and effectively using English for academic and professional purposes.
You should also provide a full set of documents before the last day of application for the chosen date. The name indicated in the Application Form shall be later reproduced in the IELTS certificate. Our experienced teachers are well informed about the test structure, types of tasks and evaluation criteria. All necessary educational materials for IELTS (textbooks and IELTS specimen materials, Cambridge) can be purchased at Lucullus Language School.
The duration of the course and intensity of the lessons depends on the candidate’s language proficiency level. Lessons are taught on an individual basis, since this form of training proves to be the most effective way of solving problems, thanks to the teacher giving the candidate their undivided attention.

In this case, we offer a unique possibility to save time and money by passing IELTS pre-testing with our teachers.
But I want to give special recognition to my teacher Mike, and thank him for his patience and his personal approach.
The General Module is often required for getting a work permit, certain types of immigration permits, etc.
IELTS certificate is required for immigration to the UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
The Academic Module is intended for further academic pursuits abroad, while the General Module serves for immigration and employment. Texts for Academic Reading are more complex, involving vocabulary used in academic literature. It is recommended to devote 20 minutes to the first task and 40 minutes to the second one, since the second task is crucial for the score. The candidate can make accurate, detailed, well-constructed and varied speeches on complex topics.
The training course also includes detailed analysis of each of the four sections of the test.
Ideally, the candidate should have started preparing 3 or 4 months in advance, but in most situations candidates start preparing at the last minute.
This personalized approach is the best way to approach intensive IELTS training with a certain deadline. It is also accepted by employers in various countries, including Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Vietnam.
During the first stage, taking about 5 minutes, candidates have to answer questions about themselves, their friends, jobs, hobbies, etc. As a rule, IELTS Writing is the hardest part of the exam for all foreign students, since it requires the most preparation. Punctuality is of vital importance: the program should be finished by the date set for the exam.
All our teachers have excellent training experience, collaborating with IDP in Australia and using authentic IELTS materials ONLY. At the second stage candidates are given a topic card and then have one minute to prepare after which they must speak about the given topic for three minutes. The express training course developed by our teachers lasts for about 16 teaching hours, allowing the candidates to learn about the testing format, as well as study the most difficult aspects of IELTS. Based on pretesting results, candidates are provided with detailed comments and recommendations. The third stage involves a discussion between the examiner and the candidate on a more general topic, which should nonetheless be related to the questions from the second stage.

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