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My sister had a few PC problems a few months ago and dell support had her pay $200+ for 2 support calls.
F#%k apple I honestly used to be a apple dude but with the recent issues, down time and aragonite pimple face geniuses have gotten on my last nerve. The Bitterness of Poor Quality is Remembered Long after the Sweetness of Price is Forgotten!
TB A+ PartnerBelieve nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
I have always used the pre-boot Windows Restore to roll back my computer if I have a problem. I've been a longtime Norton user, even when it wasn't that great, mostly because while using it I've never become infected.
Please read the following: Unsolicited commercial advertisements are absolutely not permitted on this forum. Windows provides backups (system restore and the like), or a 3rd party app like Acronis, that would help prevent future headaches.
Most viruses disable the ability to access Windows Restore from the start menu and I've also noticed they don't allow you to "msconfig" from the run menu to disbale all programs from starting up when booting.
I've also been a real fan of the newer non-bloatware versions (2009+).However, lately it's starting to get plain *annoying*. That is why I always cringe when I hear people say "I am safe, I don't need antivirus" or "I don't have Windows so I am safe". If the drive is on the brink of death to start with then that will kill it for sure.Last virus I got, I bought a new machine and just moved my files.
I find it hard to imagine that BB will not have to restore a working hard drive if it failed under their care. She called up, dell took control of her PC and cleaned up most of the virus but not all of it.

Like running idle scans when the system may not have me in front of it, but is definitely not idle (ie.
On the other hand since she did give them a working PC (and if they could remove the viruses then it was working) and got back a PC with a bad HDD. The inconvenient truth is that most viral infections are caused by user error and can be easily avoided with a little education and a good dose of common sense. I think BB is responsible and should replace it for her.As for the price to remove viruses being too high, that is because you probably never had to do it. Consider sharing the following with teh internetz noobs in your life that need to be protected: 1. Remote Central reserves the right to remove or modify any post that is deemed inappropriate.
Of course dell wants her to purchase more support time.So she takes the computer to BestBuy and hands it over to the geek squad. It does loack down the pc much more but like anything else the more you learn how to work with it the better I like it.
And it kills performance for the first while just after a scan - it pushes all my active programs memory space into the pagefile, so when I go to use the system after it's been idle everything is dead slow until the pagefile is flushed. Obviously it would depend on the virus, but some of them can be relatively impossible to remove. It does loack down the pc much more but like anything else the more you learn how to work with it the better I like it.Socooy, my brother in law sent me his netbook to fix.
Run reputable anti virus software, keep it updated, and pay attention when it tells you something. This person I know (70 year old lady that only uses the PC for e-mail and knitting), asked me if I can help her because her PC was acting funky and there where pop-ups all the time.
The only issue with the computer is that she cant connect to the internet and she has a virus.

Worse, the one that actually pops up when the system is in use and, looking exactly like an advertisement, "reminds" me that I can setup free parental controls with some sort of extra download. I'm told that if you pay for in-home service Dell support is better--probably because the individual is not a Dell employee. Other than that no problems.Pimple face at the geek desk tells her they will call her and let her know whats going on. Sure, I can disable it (or so I noticed after the third time it came up) but it never existed for the first 1.5 years of using the software, so there's no telling when they'll add something else. I can replace the HDD but was wanting to know if there was any software that would get it to boot.
My recommendation with computers, as with our industry, is to find someone with knowledge of computers.
Pimple face on the phone tells her that all the viruses have been removed and now she just needs to purchase a new $80 hard drive because hers is defective. She heads down there and asks to speak to the store manager and explains that she will not be paying for a new hard drive because it was working when she dropped it off. Do NOT download email attachments from strangers, even if it is that cool screen saver you have been looking for. I googled "virus disk error" and found a million hits where people have a similar issue.So $100+ wasted with Dell and $200 with the geeks and now the computer wont boot up at all.

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