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As a busy IT professional, you may think you need good leadership skills as much as a fish needs a bicycle.
Even if you don't have supervisory responsibilities, and management doesn't top your list of aspirations, being able to lead offers tangible benefits at all stages of your career. Gone are the days when IT was siloed and workers barely knew what went on in other departments, much less the entire company. Long hours, tall orders and high expectations can generate pressure and lead to burnout, anxiety and apathy.
Information technology is, by its nature, one of the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking industries of all. Regardless of your job title or years of experience, you can and should cultivate good leadership skills. With more than 100 locations worldwide, Robert Half Technology is a leading provider of technology professionals for initiatives ranging from web development and multiplatform systems integration to network security and technical support. To remain engaged on the job and sustain peak performance, your employees need to know their efforts are appreciated and their contributions valued. Although your company may have a sufficient number of individuals currently in leadership positions, what will your managerial ranks look like in five or seven years?
Additionally, they must engage in the never-ending task of self discovery and skill-building. Bob Cooke, dean of the continuing education faculty at Cornell University asked the faculty members of the university what they consider to be the most important traits of a good manager.
Remember that those who work under your supervision are human beings wanting to get through life just as you do.
Yet, developing your competencies as a leader can get you hired quicker, maximize your earning potential and make your day-to-day working life smoother and more rewarding. These days, technology professionals are central to a successful firm's business strategy and to the smooth running of all other areas. For starters, gain a deeper understanding of the company's mission, strategy and challenges by paying attention to all-company meetings, reading memos from the CEO and talking with senior management.
Many CEOs don't fully understand what the IT team does, so they rely on team members' hard and soft skills to keep the department — and the company — informed and running smoothly.
The ability to make decisions, solve problems and communicate with transparency are good leadership skills that can prevent glitches from becoming train wrecks.
Instilling vision and a pioneering spirit can invigorate your co-workers and propel your company forward.

The best place to start is by identifying the competences you want to develop, then looking for opportunities to test them. This is the period when their attitudes about their duties, their colleagues and your company will take shape.Some companies do a good job of making new employees feel welcome and included, while others tend to leave newcomers to learn the ropes by themselves.
You've probably heard much less, however, about the oversights and miscalculations that can send your professional trajectory on a downward path. When you’re young, you may be focused on simply finding a paycheck that covers your bills and living expenses.
They can build trust among their staff by being consistent and fair in their message and behavior, or they can destroy the same by being self centered and insensitive to the needs and concerns of the workforce. They need to become acquainted with their deep inner self so as to not inflict an unconscious agenda onto others.
Supervision is no place for someone looking for a forum to exercise his or her power needs. Let others know that you are not perfect either and that you have good intentions even though you make mistakes. In utilizing someone with highly-developed leadership skills, the organization benefits from higher productivity and the workers benefit from a wholesome environment that promotes a sense of well-being and general happiness.
Not surprisingly, employers today value soft skills — leadership, written and verbal communication, collaboration and problem-solving abilities — as much as technical prowess. Then you'll know where to focus your efforts and how to steer projects to meet company goals.
Knowing how to solve problems at an early stage can mean the difference between a snag and a full-blown crisis, and save valuable time, energy and resources — including your own. If you have good leaderships skills, you will be able to more successfully pitch your innovative ideas, solutions, products and services. Others will likely leave to pursue other opportunities.There will always be turnover, expected and unanticipated. But there are particular actions -- or lack thereof -- that can serve as obstacles on your way to greater career success.
If you’re family-minded, you may seek out a job that either allows you work flexibility to spend time with them or a salary that amply provides for them.
Be fair in addressing  differences of opinion, and always be ready to advocate for those needing your help.
This will enable you to refrain from placing blame and redirect your energy to finding a workable solution.

The more you're able to demonstrate leadership skills, the greater the salary and career opportunities. Seek out conferences, seminars and workshops, and ask your manager whether the company will pay for them. The leadership skills you sharpen today are the ones that will take you to greater professional success tomorrow.
Here are four career management mistakes you should avoid, along with suggestions for solutions that can help turn your career around.1. If you’re creative or ambitious, you may strive to go out on your own and begin your own company or become a freelancer. They are like a coach on an athletic team, determining which blend of people working together is most effective in delivering the desired results. This will enable them to collect the necessary information to make wise choices as they lead. Get together with other innovators and leaders, and benefit from their energy and expertise. He manages his cases and has a high solve rate; however, he has difficulty working with others.
Ignore industry changes.Think you can get by on the knowledge and skills you gained 10 -- or even five -- years ago? If you’re closer to retirement, you may look for a position with less responsibility and instead more of a support role. Senior management recognizes employees who exhibit a can-do and can-lead attitude, and rewards them commensurately.
Do some struggle to adapt to changes and unforeseen events, while others take change in stride and thrive on it?
No matter what your career goal is, there’s likely a position that will help you reach that goal.But interestingly, most workers’ career goals don’t include leadership positions. Does the latter group view change as an opportunity to try new ideas and update obsolete processes? A new CareerBuilder survey asked more than 3,600 workers across salary levels, industries and company sizes about their career goals and aspirations for leadership positions.

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