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You are ready to step into the spotlight and use your voice, through speaking at big events (both online and off). Public speaking is a great way to share your message with hundreds, if not thousands, of your ideal clients. Regina D’Alesio is a lifelong storyteller with a passion for helping others share their stories with impact.
Regina spent her early career as an associate television producer for cable networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel and the Weather Channel. IGC provides a very nice office space but the most important part to me is that it is a place to get inspired.
The 2010 Census and many recent studies reveal that women control $1 trillion, or 60% of US wealth. We love to host this event a few times a year to connect with new members in a small group format.
Learn how to make sense of your website analytics as a marketing tool – grow your web traffic — and your business. Managing Expectations:In the New Year, as we set our own goals, we also need to manage the goals and expectations of our clients.
If you ever go to a class on using social media or the web and leave inspired until you sit down to do the work, then this workshop is for you. Not just because it is colorful, pretty and filled critical business and life activities written on post-it notes.
Entrepreneurs are so focused on delivering an amazing product or service, that they often lose sight of why they started a business in the first place. We live with uncertainty all around us — the economy, international security, natural disasters and more. Automating downloads from your financial institutions (bank and credit card companies) and payroll processor (Paychex, ADP, etc. Are you looking for time and space to focus on getting one discrete project done, done, done? SEO (search engine optimization), is not rocket science, but there are a few intricacies involved that you should know about before trying to improve your site’s SEO, or hire anyone to do that for you.
Smart business owners and entrepreneurs recognize that they are the biggest resource in their business.
Are You A Nerve-Wreck At Speeches Looking For A Way On How To Become Good At Public Speaking Effortlessly? Are you a nerve-wreck at speeches looking for a way on how to become good at public speaking without buying anything or taking any courses? There is no way better to develop good public speaking skills than to just do it over and over again. Listening to great speakers, the best motivational leaders, or buying courses on effective public speaking tips will definitely help. Yes, learning to be an effective communicator and getting good at public speaking is really not rocket science.

First, if you shoot a video with the intent of posting it on YouTube it will have a similar effect on you as when speaking to a live audience because in your mind you know that an unlimited number of people will be watching your videos… How do I know? Second, don’t edit the video because the majority of the time the extra amount of editing will not significantly improve the quality or the effectiveness of your video, whether you are promoting yourself, branding yourself or selling a product. In the training David talks about Richard Dunkan, a great speaker and multi-millionaire who built his business speaking 6 nights out of the week speaking in people’s houses. David recounts one of Richard’s stories when he mentioned that every time after a speak he used to vomit outside because of how nervous he felt.
David recounts how he took a drug dealer he wanted to sponsor into his business and the drug dealer was just amazed at how easy Richard took over the room when he spoke and how clear his style of speaking was. If you enjoyed my post on how to become good at public speaking then share and leave your comment on your experience at public speaking below. You know events are a perfect spot to meet your ideal clients in droves….if you could only figure out how to navigate this road to becoming a sought-after public speaker. Whether you want to host a teleconference for your community or you are looking to deliver a keynote in front of thousands, having the tools and strategy in place can help you get booked to speak and to speak more frequently. In her work as a presentation consultant, she helps entrepreneurs and corporate executives uncover their personal stories, craft signature talks and grow their businesses.
Moving into the corporate space as a conference and event producer she worked with speakers from top companies including Zappos, American Heart Association, Nordstrom, McDonald’s and more.
This gathering will be a great opportunity for us to introduce you to some other great new IGC members, learn more about what is going on with you and your business, share information about upcoming programs and happenings IGC, and discuss the best ways you can take advantage of your membership. Melea Seward of Chief Amusement Designer will show some examples of people taking trends, news, and pop culture to help their brand gain new notoriety and attention. We will discuss, through selected topics, different ways in which to serve our clients, educate ourselves and maintain our sanity. As a small business owner, you must create the best coaching programs, write the most compelling books or produce the tastiest cupcakes to serve your customers and delight your clients. When you run your own company, you have the added stress of bringing in new business while juggling to actually do the work with commitments to family and self-care.
But if you don’t manage them well, they can derail your productivity, eat away at your confidence, and become major obstacles to success.
We will review how to utilize your balance sheet and profit and loss statements (P&L), in order to keep up-to-date and accurate financials. It will demystify the three key statements every business owner should know: The Net Income Statement, The Cash Flow Statement and the Balance Sheet. Identifying reasonable limits is essential to preventing burnout–which is the gap between what is possible and what is expected.
Learn tips and tools for finding the right audience, building your brand as an expert and finding powerful ways to communicate with the press.
I am going over the $15K Formula training that teaches average people how to build a 6 figure business within 90 days or less and the first thing that is taught is to practice.
Richard did a presentation consistently for a long period of time, hence the reason why he developed good public speaking skills.

I am a passionate blogger, internet coach & kite-surfer helping others design a laptop lifestyle.
I shot it multiple times and chased my tail only to realize that it is by taking that first step that we start getting good. You KNOW you can help others…… You want to empower them to be healthier, to make more money, to land new clients, to find romantic love, to land their dream job, and more. While in this role, she coached executives to create compelling speeches, understand the needs of attendees and execute a presentation that is both informative and engaging.
Our meetings will be a combination of related topic exploration and ‘support group.’ Please bring your questions and ideas.
Write a blog post, craft a strategic email, schedule tweets for the future, install new functionality on your site, send an email newsletter, upload an image gallery, etc.
And integrating your personal story in your communications and interactions can help you stand out in the crowd.
If “word-of-mouth” is your main marketing tool, but it doesn’t always bring the clients you want – you know, the ones with budgets to afford your services –you need a Marketing Machine. We’ll use case studies of several small businesses to show how to read these statements and interpret the intelligence they provide. Do you try to set limits around your work and personal life, and then find that you constantly break them? Next, we are going to take a basic look at Google Analytics, the free, and really awesome, website tracking software you should use to analyze traffic and your SEO efforts on your website.
This brief workshop will help you clarify whether the expectations you set for yourself and your business are emotionally or rationally determined.
Intuitively I suggested her to shoot a video every night and post it on YouTube for the world to see. We’ll discuss Panda, it’s impact on you getting found in search engines, as well as how to look at your analytics to make better business decisions. Monica Shah, Business Strategist, and founder of Revenue Breakthrough is dedicated to showing women business owners how to find hidden money in their businesses by shifting their business models, attracting new clients, and finding unique marketing angles. Whether it’s a RT or Facebook like, an introduction or a suggestion of a great vendor – help us help you! You will greet each other, state your intentions, and then side-by-side plug away until you can cross that project off your list once and for all! A Marketing Machine is a simple campaign through which you actively pursue the prospects you choose using the most effective, and least expensive, marketing tools.
Get a step-by-step walk through of how to use the service, best practices for tweeting in your niche, how to find people to follow, and the basics of using twitter to round out your social media strategy.
With analytics, you have information: how many visitors come to your site, where they come from, how long they stay, and more.

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